Metal Gear Profiles-The Joy/The Boss Part Two


Strangelove: …Your crossing a suspension bridge. The bridge is wide enough for only one person to pass at a time. A man is approaching from the opposite side. He’s carrying a gun.
The Boss: I shoot him.
Strangelove: Suppose he’s your husband.
The Boss: …I shoot him.
Strangelove: In self defense?
The Boss: To spare him the grief. One must die, and one must live.
1964. Tselinoyarsk, southern USSR.
Operation Virtuous Mission. FOX unit operative Jack, code-named “Naked Snake” for this mission, is sent to rescue the scientist Sokolov from the Russian colonel Volgin, especially as Sokolov, under Volgin’s orders, is developing a new nuclear weapon: The Shagohod. The Boss served as mission support via radio, and was believed to be on a submarine nearby.
The mission mostly went off with only minor problems, at first, such as Snake facing Ocelot and his unit for the first time. But then things went terribly wrong.
 The Boss wasn’t on any submarine-but on a suspension bridge, blocking their escape route. What’s worse, she was defecting to Volgin’s faction in the Soviet Union (Which planned to overthrow the current leadership) and carried two nuclear devices-Davey Crockett missiles-as a ‘gift’ to Volgin. She quickly got the better of Snake, using CQC to disarm him.
She then left with the COBRA unit, Volgin, and Sokolov, as well as the Shagohod.
She threw Snake over the bridge, although he was able to grab her bandana. Badly hurt, he was able to survive the fall. Meanwhile, Volgin used the Davy Crockett to destroy Sokolov’s factory (killing many of his own countrymen). This would seal the Boss’s fate.
As Snake spent the next week recovering, the ramifications of the mission were felt in Washington.  Khruschev of course didn’t like the fact that an American hero had pretty much used an American nuke on a soviet facility (although it was technically Volgin, she was still complicit as she had given him the device). Lydon B. Johnson assured him it wasn’t their doing.  But, to keep nuclear war from happening over the incident, Johnson commanded the FOX unit-and Snake to once again infiltrate Tselinoyarsk, rescue Sokolov, destroy the Shagohod, and Volgin.
And also, to kill her, his former mentor. Operation Snake Eater had begun.

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