Metal Gear Profiles-The Boss Part IV-The AI Mammal Pod BS IMAGO/Peace Walker Basilisk

“When heavens divide
I will see the choices within my hands…”-Heavens Divide by Donna Burke, Peace Walker soundtrack.


Ten years pass. Big Boss, Zero, and the others from Operation Snake Eater, form the Patriots, based on what they believed was the will of the Boss. However, their views differ. Zero believes she meant total information control. Big Boss believes she meant a haven for soldiers. The last straw is when Zero clones Big Boss, creating the future Solid and Liquid Snake (and a bit later, Solidus Snake)-the Les Infant Terribles.


Snake, leaving FOX and creating his own mercenary force, Militaries San Frontieras-has an unusual client in Costa Rica-one who has the tape recording of the Boss, wondering if somehow his mentor had, in fact, faked her death. In order to figure out the mystery of the tape, he builds up MSF to fight against the Rogue CIA group, Peace Sentinel, and find out what they’re up to, and how the Boss is somehow involved with it.

Turns out that the Sentinel is developing the Peace Walker project, based partially on Metal Gear blueprints-but most importantly, it uses as it’s “brain” an AI based on the Boss’s mind-hence the recording sounding like her. The AI was constructed by Dr. Strangelove, who worked with The Boss during the Mercury Project and is obsessed with what happened to her to make her defect-hence he ‘rebuilt’ her mind, although she made it the brain of a nuclear walking tank (Designed mainly by Dr. Huey Emmerich)


Using her old horse (Which somehow wound up in Costa Rica) to pursue it-although he’s forced to end it’s misery after a nasty fall…


Snake/Big Boss takes on this digital Resurrection of his mentor, given control of this massive and deadly machine, and is able to disable it to keep it from launching a nuke. However, it was still transmitting false targeting data, causing NORAD to get antsy and perhaps start a nuclear war.  However, the Boss’s AI, controlling the “Mammal” part of the Walker, then drowns Peace Walker in Lake Nicouraga, disabling the reptile pod which wasn’t controlled by a human-based AI. Snake saw this symbolically as the Boss betraying him by “putting down her gun”….and vowed not to end up like her, fully embracing the title of Big Boss.



The Mammal Pod was later recovered by Strangelove after the destruction of MSF, and bought to XOF’s base on Afghanistan, where she used it presumabely as data to help with the work on Metal Gear Selanthropus, along with Huey. However, the Pod would also serve as her grave, as Huey sealed her within it. Although it still possessed the ( now somewhat corrupted in data) persona of the Boss, it also recorded Strangelove’s last moments (as well as her body), and is incriminating data in the trial against Huey when it was sent to Mother Base

It’s later wherabouts are unknown, although the breakthroughs made in Peace Walker’s AI would be incorporated into the Patriot’s AI, which would then try to realize a corrupted version of the Boss’s dream. After the Patriots are shut down, Big Boss-returned briefly to life in 2014-realized he finally figured out what she really meant, and saluted her grave one final time, echoing what he had done fifty years before.

Ever since the day I killed The Boss… With my own hands… I… Was already dead. Boss… You were right. It’s not about changing the world. It’s about doing our best to leave the world… The way it is. It’s about respecting the will of others… And believing in your own. Isn’t that… What you fought for? At last… I understand the meaning behind what you did. At last… I understand the truth behind your courage.





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