Metal Gear Profiles-Dr. Strangelove

An albino British scientist, Dr. Strangelove was an early disciple of Alan Turing, the computer scientist who cracked the enigma machine during World War II, and developed the “Turing Test” as a measure of computer intelligence.


(and I’m pretty sure she’s intentionally meant to look a bit like the character/movie of the same name).

Eventually, she was recruited into NASA where she became acquainted with the Boss when she was part of the Mercury program. Despite meeting each other for a short time, she became somewhat infatuated with her.



Eventually, Strangelove gets involved in the Peace Walker project, and develops an AI based on her idol as the “mammal” brains of the massive walking tank. Her reasons were twofold-she trusted the boss’s mind to handle tough decisions on nuclear retaliation, but also to discover what was going through the Boss’s head during Operation Snake Eater. She also worked on the project with Huey Emmerich, who had a major crush on her, but one that wasn’t quite reciprocated by Strangelove.

Eventually, Cecille Cosmidades stumbled on Strangelove’s experiments in Costa Rica, recording one of the AI tests. After Cecille escaped, this recording would be the catalyst for Big Boss’s investigation into the Peace Walker project.

Eventually the two met, and Strangelove tortured Snake using electroprods for answers.



Eventually she joined Snake’s MSF after Peace Walker submerged itself in Lake Nicouraga, stopping a nuclear strike, convinced that the actions of the AI had cleared the Boss’s name (Big Boss’s reaction was quite different). She later worked with Huey to develop Metal Gear ZEKE for MSF, which was unfortunately stolen briefly by Paz.


She also began a relationship with Huey Emmerich at MSF’s Mother Base as they were restoring the Metal Gear’s AI system.

She was off the base when it and MSF were destroyed, while Huey was forced to work for XOF. After helping develop the initial parts of the Patriot’s AI network for Major Zero (The rest of the work went to SIGINT/Donald Anderson) she eventually ended up reunited with Huey, but in the custody of the rogue Cipher group, XOF. She recovered the Mammal Pod and brought it to XOF’s bases in Afghanistan, where she used it to work on Metal Gear Selanthropus, but she didn’t want to use the AI itself for the new model Metal Gear.

Eventually Strangelove gave birth to Huey’s son, Hal. However, Huey wanted to use Hal as a test pilot for Selanthropus. Strangelove was disgusted by this, and had her son sent away to America. This literally ‘sealed’ her fate, as she was then locked inside the Mammal Pod and suffocated. The Pod, Strangelove’s body, and a recording of her final moments where she expressed anger for Huey, love for the Boss and her son was recorded, and this was used to ultimately condemn Huey to exile from Mother Base for his horrible actions.



Hal of course, would grow up to Hal “Otacon” Emmerich, the friend of Solid Snake and a key player in the saga to come.





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