Jurassic Park In Review: JP part IV

Here we come to one of the most memorable, and iconic scenes of the film. Gennaro flees to the bathroom, causing Lex and Tim to panic (In the book, it’s Park guide Ed Regis who does this, and while he does “go to the bathroom”, let’s just say he doesn’t quite make it to the toilet) Grant and Malcolm-going by Grant’s knowledge that the T-rex can’t see you if you don’t move (Not really based on any science, but an interesting quirk to the Dinosaur anyway). Unfortunately, Tim and Lex don’t know this and try to use a flashlight to signal for help, which attracts the T-rex’s attention. Here we get one of the most ingenious practical to CG transitions in the film. The shot of the T-rex bumping it’s head against Grant and Malcolm’s car is pretty much the practical animatronic, but they use the car’s frame to mask it’s transition to full-body CG as it heads toward Tim and Lex’s car. Unfortunately, I can’t quite find a proper screenshot or gif for this, but it’s at the 54 second mark in this youtube video.

and of course we soon get this classic shot. The T-rex then does a violent attack on the car, with the glass roof the only thing protecting Lex and Tim from the Dinosaur. It’s quite a terrfying scene…

….and even worse when the Rex uses it’s head to flip the car over.

But now it’s time for the adults to come to the rescue by attempting to distract the Rex with flares to draw it away. Grant tries to use just a simple lure, but Malcolm presents himself as somewhat more appetizing bait, allowing Grant time to get the kids.

Maybe he should’ve tried to feed the flare to the T-rex. Worked with him in 1989’s Dead Calm with Billy Zane! (sorry for the image folks!)

Anyway, Malcolm heads to the bathroom, where he’s injured as he’s charged by the Rex and pretty much the rest of the bathroom falls on him, exposing Gennaro (literally), in one of the film’s funniest (and well-deserved) death scenes.

Grant is able to free Lex from the car, although Tim is still stuck. We get perhaps the film’s loudest screams (The one Spielberg compared to Fay Wrays I believe) as the Rex returns in another iconic shot, as the Rex plops it’s foot in the mud. This scene then makes heavy use I believe of the practical animatronic robot as Grant and Lex struggle to say silent and still while the Rex prods the car with Tim on it over a cliff and into a tree, and nearly them as well, although Grant is able to grab unto a rope at the last minute.

The scene then ends with the Rex’s iconic roar.

After that, we’re back at the Visitor’s center, where Ray is trying to figure out what they heck Nedry did to the park with his “Whiterabbit.obj” and that it’ll take a long time to figure it out since there’s over two million lines of code. A terrified Hammond sends Muldoon and Ellie on a rescue mission, and Ray says that without Nedry, they’re pretty much screwed.

Nedry of course is now lost due to earlier messing up a road sign in the storm, and gets the car stuck in some mud (also due to said storm). Trying to get the car unstuck, he runs into a Dilophosaur, who he’s convinced is a cute Dinosaur-as well as the audience.

It should be noted that in the novel-and real life-these guys are much larger, about ten feet tall, and Nedry in the novel is far more alarmed instead of trying to distract it with a game of fetch. Here, it’s about four feet tall, perhaps to further distinguish it from it’s “Big brothers” and give the audience a false sense of security.

Which of course abruptly fades when this happens, and it stars spitting venom at Nedry, eventually blinding, paralyzing and killing him (although partially off-screen-this is a PG-13 film still!).

This of course causes Nedry to drop the shaving cream can of Embryos, which gets quickly covered in mud. Man felt that perhaps this would help lead to the sequel, or sequels, which it never quite did, although the can was later revisited in a recent Jurassic Park PC game. There’s a few reasons for this, I think: as Dodgson said, there’s only enough coolant to preserve the embryos for a day, and I doubt that mud is going to provide any further insulation, and also who would pick it up in that time (The JP game is set pretty much during the events of the film when the can is still viable).


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