Jurassic Park In Review: JP Part V

Grant-after assuring Lex he won’t abandon them like Gennaro did-then climbs the tree to get Tim out of the car that’s landed there. Unfortunately doing so also destabilizes the car’s place, leading to one of the film’s non-Dinosaur related action sequences as Grant and Tim try not to get vertically run over.

Ellie and Muldoon’s rescue party just misses them as they try to find their own way back, but they’re able to find Malcolm and what’s left of Gennaro. We then get this great action scene with the Rex chasing the jeep, with some great CG for the Rex (with an added tree crash to add to the realism that it’s “there”:


and of course this great gag:

After escaping from the Rex, we’re given some quiet time after the past twenty minutes of action. Grant, Lex and Tim settle in a tree near some Brachiosaurs. But of course there’s something that’s far more controversial here-the “Merchandise shot” that was widely panned on release.


It should be noted though that-apart from the shirts these seem mainly to be generic Dinosaur merchandise sort of dressed up for the set ( I remember seeing a lot of this stuff way before the film came out, minus the JP labels of course). Heck, there even appears to be a pink Saber-toothed tiger, or Smilodon there-which isn’t Jurassic, a Dinosaur, or even a prehistoric reptile, although it’s certainly prehistoric….

Here we get a nice scene that shows Hammond musing over some melting ice cream, and still, in part, thinking that he can salvage this mess “next time” (Which ‘sort of’ happens with Jurassic World, although that of course gets screwed up too). Ellie however manages to try to draw Hammond back into reality, and face that Grant, Tim and Lex’s survival is the important thing, and INGEN should’ve respected the power at their disposal like Malcolm said. This is perhaps some of Attenborough’s finest acting in the film, as the showman facade of Hammond crumbles revealing a sad old man, who just wants to give people something amazing and real, a goal “not devoid of merit”.


Next we’re given a nice light-hearted scene with Grant, Lex and Tim waking up to see the Brachiosaurs browsing nearby, with the Brachiosaur sneezing on Lex. After they get out of the Tree-and we get some brief stuff about Lex being a “hacker” (exposition of course for a scene coming up)….


Grant makes the discovery of some Dinosaur eggs-proof that the Dinosaurs are breeding in the wild, thanks to the Frog DNA used to fill the gaps in the code somehow getting them to switch sexes somehow and be able to breed. This discovery is actually made earlier in the novel, and the Visitor’s center compound realizes their colossal error-they calibrated their motion sensors to the total number of Dinosaurs they bred for the park, rather than how many Dinosaurs there actually are. (The motion sensors don’t really play much of a part in the movie at all, although they are brought up early on).


Back in the visitor’s center, the rest of the group debate on how to fix the problem they have. They can either totally shut down the system and reboot it, or put in the ‘lysine contingency’ which would basically starve the animals-Hammond objects to this, although it’s not made quite clear if it’s because it’ll take too long or he still cares for the animals.

Ultimately they agree to shut down the system. Unfortunately, it powers down everything, although they now have to turn everything back on manually in the maintenance shed-something Arnold agrees to do. This’ll be the last you’ll see of Samuel L Jackson, unless you count a prop arm.

Grant and the kids continue to the Visitor’s center, and we get yet another iconic shot as they run across a field of Gallimimus who are evading the T-rex. A demo of this scene was reportedly one of the reasons Speilberg thought CG would be ideal for the film.

While the shot of the Gallimus herd itself is great, I’ve always felt that the T-rex showing up is one of the weaker shots of the film, perhaps because it’s in daylight as opposed to the earlier parts where it was dark. While the daylight works for the Brachiosaurs and Gallimumus, it just seems a bit ‘off’ on the Rex here.


In the next (and probably final) JP review post, I’ll address the film’s ending, and then move on to the sequels.



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