Movies that inspired Metal Gear: Escape from New York Part II

It’s around this time in the film we’re also introduced to the henchvillain of the film, Ronaldo. But first, here’s some other connections-Big Boss, in “Peace Walker” has what appears to be a snake shaped scar (In fact a fake containing wire for quick escapes). Plissken is also shown to have a snake on his chest-but in this case it’s a tattoo.

Eli-the future Liquid Snake-as he appears in Metal Gear Solid V has some similarities-mainly in clothing-to Ronaldo. Eli-although very petulant and arrogant-isn’t nearly as bizarre and messed up as Ronaldo is, though.

In both New York and Shadow Moses, “Snake” comes across an old war buddy, but one with uncertain loyalties and motives-In Plissken’s case, Herman “Brain” Hellman, and in Solid’s case, Grey Fox, who has been resurrected as a cyborg Ninja. In both cases, they give Snake critical information about land mines, and both die towards the end-Hellman as a victim of a land mine, Grey Fox from getting squished by Metal Gear REX

Snake Plissken’s mission-to rescue the president-also has some similarities to Raiden’s mission in Metal Gear Solid 2. Both the movie and the game are set in New York, although in MGS2’s case, it’s just normal New York pretty much (although in a facility facility in the Ocean near by) rather than the prison city in the movie.

Although it’s a bit odd that the citizens don’t really blink much of an eye at the massive battleship parked nearby, and the two guys in military gear, including a sword!

In MGS2, in the second third of the game, Solid Snake uses an allias-Iriqous Plissken-an obvious reference if there ever was one. Although the entomology of the name is disputed (It refers to a group of Native American nations, but the original word’s meaning is mostly unknown) one possible translation is “Snake”. It’s even pretty much explained that way in the game itself:

Raiden: So “Iroquois Pliskin” was an alias.

Solid Snake: Of course.

Raiden: And the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade…?

Solid Snake: Made it up.

Raiden: That’s just great… Anyway, I get the “Pliskin” part, but what about “Iroquois”?

Solid Snake: “Iroquois” is a Francofied version of the Algonquin word for rattlesnakes. It’s what they called their enemies.

Raiden: Algonquin?

Solid Snake: The Algonquin Nation. One of the many groups of Native Americans who used to call Manhattan Island their home. The majority of tribes in what’s now the state of New York were a part of the Algonquin Nation.

Raiden: So this was a stronghold of — snakes?

Solid Snake: By the way, “Manhattan” means “island of hills” in Algonquin.



Both “Escape” and the first “Solid” game end with a climactic car chase, which ends with the vehichles totalled, but both Snakes saved in the nick of time due to other factors.


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