Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer thoughts

So the trailer for Star Wars: Episode 8, dropped today. Here’s some thoughts.


There is of course a lot of focus on Rey, who Luke seems to be guiding on a vision of sorts. She refers to the “Light, darkness, and the balance”. The “Balance of the force” was a concept brought up repeatedly in the prequels, with Anakin supposed to ‘bring the balance’ back to the force somehow (perhaps by killing the Emperor).

It’s also been interpreted by some fans as the force getting rid of both the Jedi and the Sith. Perhaps this is what Luke means at the end of the trailer: “The Jedi must End”.


Speaking of Luke, he’s a bit obscured here, and most shots seem to show him still on his island refuge.

Speaking of Luke, it’s probably him here as well with R2, perhaps in a flashback, and perhaps it’s an alternate angle of a similar scene from Rey’s vision.



Also there’s what appears to be the symbol of the Jedi order, perhaps in the ruins of the “first jedi temple”

(The symbol also bears a resemblance to the Rebel Alliance emblem).

Moving on, looks like the First order’s got some walkers in the distance here.

Facing them appear to be some sort of ground vehichle, similar in appearence to the Pod Racers from The Phantom Menace, and appearing to trailer some sort of red smoke (or kicking it up in their wake)

Although they kind of remind me of the “swoop”-pretty much an old Republic Pod Racer (Although in most EU the term refers to civilian speeder bikes) in “Knights of the Old Republic”.

Far from Disney/Lucasfilm’s first design nod to that game….


Although, of course, the hammerhead owes itself to the old Correlian corvette/Blockade runner.

Another key shot of the trailer is Leia (Carrie Fisher) looking over a hologram starmap, possibly with Finn on the right, although it’s a bit hard to tell.


Finn’s also seen more clearly in what appears to be some sort of bed, perhaps still recovering from his injuries in TFA.

Seen more clearly is Poe and BB8.

Along with some explosion near his “Black Leader” X-wing, but it’s possible the X-wing will survive as it seems to be something to it’s side. Also notable, the return of the A-wings, although we’ve kind of known this for months due to Prince Harry’s set visit. It’s kind of interesting that the color scheme of the A-wings seems to be inverted from their ROTJ colors, and they seem to more closely match the slightly similar looking Jedi starfighters from AOTC.




and of course w’eve got the Falcon, possibly piloted by Rey and/or Chewie, fighting some first order TIEs, possibly on Luke’s planet.


We also have the remains of Kylo’s mask. Perhaps a hint that he’s dropping his dark heritage and might go to the light?

…or maybe not.

Here we have Phasma leading her troops. Maybe she’ll see some action some time. Although this shot comes after the shot of the burning temple, I think it’s from a seperate scene, perhaps the one where the X-wing explodes. She and her troops appear to be in some sort of corridor judging by what looks like some kind of ceiling.

Next we’re shown a space battle with X-wings, A-wings, TIEs, and a new kind of ship design which seems to be a cross between the Falcon’s cockpit and an Escort Frigate (First seen in ESB).


Rey of course gets to show off some saber moves, although it’s unclear in what context. In the second shot it appears Luke and possibly somebody else (Chewbacca?) are watching.


Plus she’s levitating some pebbles, and looks a bit shocked doing so…(Levitating rocks of course, was one of Yoda’s lessons in ESB).

Curiously though, in all the shots of her, she’s still wearing her “Force Awakens” finale get up and hair:


Although a different look is shown on some merchandise that’s been given a sneak peak. Perhaps she gains this new look later on.

The poster’s pretty cool, with Luke, Kylo, and Rey (It’s kind of curious that Kylo’s face seems smaller than Luke’s)


Star Wars The Last Jedi Poster

And of course recalls this:

It’s drawn some comparisons to the “Tron poster”, but let’s face it, Tron kind of borrowed from that Star Wars poster in the first place.

So overall, it’s a pretty good teaser. It doesn’t really give anything away too much, apart from Luke’s “The Jedi must end” thing, which is pretty intriquing.




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