Jurassic Park in Review: The Lost World JP finale

The Raptors of course kill of many of the mercenaries, including Ajay. Although he’s not quite given a ‘death scene’, apparently one was actually filmed but later deleted.

Malcolm and the others are close behind, but are able to evade the Raptors by “running…as fast as you can”, and stumble nearby the Ingen worker’s village complex, with Nick going ahead. There’s a bit of fun here as Nick spots an old Jurassic Park sign, with a “Are you kidding me?” look (and a reprise of the old theme).

When Ian, Sarah and Kelly follow, unfortunately the Raptors do as well.  Sarah is however saved by the “lucky pack” once again, which momentarily distracts the Raptors. Ian tries to distract one Raptor, while the others pursue Sarah and Kelly.


I’m kind of let down a lot by this sequence. While in JP and every other sequel, the Raptors are portrayed as highly intelligent, here they’re pretty much stupid. Sure, they’re fast, but that’s about it….they’re easily fooled and distracted, and end up fighting amongst themselves as well, allowing Sarah to escape easily….and then there’s of course *this* moment, the worst “kid saves the day” scene of the entire series, when Kelly demonstrates her gymnastic skills by kicking a Raptor onto a spike, impaling it. Yep.


While Ian and Kelly reunite with Nick and head for the chopper that he called, Sarah has some ceiling shenanigans with the Raptors, and then literally falls to safety.

I think part of the reason this Raptor scene is so short and sloppy, and the Raptors in the film downplayed as a whole were due to some hasty ending rewrites. Originally, The Lost World’s ending was going to be scarier and less ‘fun’, with the escape helicopters under attack by Pterosaurs, and more screen-time for the Raptors, and the film would end with Hammond’s funeral. But instead, it was decided that there would be a remarkably different, and somewhat more ‘happy’ ending.

It’s revealed that Ludow and Tembo have captured the male Rex, and Ludow is bringing it back to the mainland as JP San Diego’s opening act. Tembo, despite offered a job, is burnt out and sad about the loss of his friend, and this is a nice exit for one of JP’s more sympathetic human villains.

However, we also have one of our less sympathetic about to give a speech back in San Diego, with Ian and Sarah trying to see what’s going to happen. Unfortunately, the vessel carrying the T-rex-The Venture (a nod to King Kong’s boat here) crashes into the dock.

It’s here we’re given one of the film’s visual plot holes, as we see a severed hand in a cabin.  Although it’s implied the Rex of course did get out on the deck before being re-sealed, why is the cabin still intact? Did some guy’s arm just fall out as he got inside the cabin?

Ludow of course makes the dumb mistake of ordering the cargo hold open, and now Rex is loose in San Diego.

This is a pretty cool shot though.


A great deal of the sequence is played mainly for laughs, compared to the grimmer elements of the rest of the movie. There’s a lot of visual Easter Eggs posted here, such as the “No animals beyond this point” sign the Rex demolishes…

As well as the Rex in the backyard scene (which eats a family Dog, a joke about all the blockbuster films such as Independence Day and Volcano out around the same time, where despite the massive human toll of those films, the dogs somehow managed to survive-here it seems to be the reverse-a deleted scene reveals the family is OK, although the Rex does destroy their house).

Plus we’ve got a great visual gag here with fake movie standees in Blockbuster video-such as Arnold’s “King Lear” and “Jack and the Beanstalk” (Jack was a mid 90’s Robin Williams film about a man with accelerated aging) as well as Tom Hanks in Tsunami surprise,  a sort of nod to the goofy comedies Tom Hanks used to do before his more serious work. Plus we get some Japanese guys running from the Rex, a joke referring to then upcoming Godzilla movie (which was a huge flop). The Japanese tourists (translated) say ” I left Tokyo to get away from this!”

The Rex’s victim apart from the Dog is David Koepp, the film’s screenwriter. Koepp also wrote the original film, and several other Spielberg films. While he’s written many good Spielberg films, he’s had a few stinkers here and there…with some critics saying he got his just reward here for Lost World.


His other victim becomes Ludow, as Malcolm and Sarah manage to retrieve the Infant Rex-airlifted earlier on to the Park-and lure the Rex back to the boat. Ludow however gets on the boat’s hold beforehand, and the male Rex uses the opportunity to teach it’s offspring how to properly kill. (Remarkably, like with the Muldoon thing, a Jurassic Park comic series had Ludow survives somehow, although horribly scarred).

Next, we get a ‘happy’ ending with the Rex, Infant, and Ludow’s corprse all heading back to Isla Sorna, surrounded by a fleet of ships (a bit of overkill there?), with Kelly watching C-span with Ian and Sarah asleep (Can you blame them?) We get a nice scene of the Island’s various dinosaurs in the wild, including something we haven’t seen before…



A Pteranodon (Technically not a Dinosaur, but I’ll leave it be). The Pteranodons would of course return in the next two sequels, although with some design modifications and a lot more screen time, more akin to what they were supposed to get here.





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