Star Wars comics history: Splinter of the Mind’s Eye

Around the same time they adapted the Thrawn trilogy, Dark Horse comics decided to do a comic series based on the very first Expanded Universe novel, “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye”.



Based on Lucas’s concepts for a more low-budget, Harrison Ford-less Star Wars sequel, the novel dealt with Luke and Leia searching for a force-amplfying “Kaliburr” crystal while pursued by the Empire (Including, eventually, Vader-and the first Luke/Vader lightsaber fight pretty much anywhere outside of concept art), and also befriend some of the local, Empire-hating primitive native aliens and an old force-sensitive woman in a bar. Hmm…those sounds a little familiar….

Anyway, the novel-written by Alan Dean Foster, who ghost-wrote the original Star Wars novel under Lucas’s name (Movie novelizations are pretty much a major thing for Foster, who also wrote the novel for “The force Awakens” as well as one other original SW work, the prequel novel “The Approaching Storm”) was adapted into a comic adaptation by Dark Horse in 1995 (The cover BTW is by Hugo Fleming, which while not quite as ‘kinetic’ as Dave Dorman I think he got the likenesses better).

The comic is pretty much a close adaptation of the novel, with a few exceptions.Vader’s command ship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor, wasn’t in the original novel either (as EMPIRE had not come out yet), but appears here.

The artwork is by Chris Sprouse, and the comic is adapted and inked by the legendary Terry Austin who worked with John Bryne on Uncanny X-men. Like Ron Lim (Marvel’s infinity trilogy), Sprouse’s style seems to have characters with really big jaws.

Although “Splinter”-novel and comic-wise has of course been decanonized, the concept of a connection between the Jedi and Crystals is still a part of canon, although in this case it’s not a force-amplifying crystal (which kind of cheapens the concept of the force just as much as Midichlorians did) as much as a power source-the Kyber crystals, used for not only lightsabers…

but on a larger scale, something far more deadly…



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