Metal Gear Profiles: George/Code Talker

A member of the Native American tribe known as the Navajo/Dine, George/Code Talker was born in the 1880s. Eventually attending a boarding school, he eventually became an expert in parasites by the early 1930s.


After the events of Operation Snake Eater, Code Talker examined the remains of the Cobra Unit members known as the End and The Pain-soldiers who seemed supernatural to Snake, but had somehow discovered a unique connection with parasites, allowing them to harness nature-The End uses photosynthesis to gain unnaturally long life, and the Pain, who was able to control insects.

Code Talker was able to reverse-engineer the abilities of the men during these autopsies, and gain similar abilities to not only sustain his long age-living past 100-but also to commune with the parasites. Unfortunately, Skull Face kidnapped Code Talker and twisted his research, using it to create thing dangerous strains-the vocal cord parasites, designed to target a specific language, and destroy their lungs:

The “One that covers” that created the deadly, zombie-like Skull Unit super soldiers….

and the corrosive Metallic Archaea, which Metal Gear Selanthropus in particular could use to create a corrosive effect on metallic objects such as tanks and helicopters.


Code Talker is eventually rescued by Venom Snake from a mansion in Africa, where he reveals many of Skull Face’s plans.

He is also able to cure several Diamond Dogs soldiers (although the treatment makes them sterile) who are suffering from the Vocal Cord parasites-although he is unable to contain a separate breakthrough that is created through the experiments of Huey Emmerich.

He’s also one of the few Quiet trusts with information that she is the vector for one of the strains of English vocal cord parasite.

Code Talker-being an unwilling hostage of XOF and Skull Face, is trusted far more than fellow defectors Quiet and Huey as well, forming an easy rapport with Venom Snake, Revolver Ocelot, and Kaz Miller.

He also becomes a one-man focus group for Kaz Miller’s side-business creating hamburgers on Mother Base.

Code Talker: Just a minute. You really think people would eat that? What is it you are planning? Are you using me? Your taste tester? A one-man focus group?

Miller: Well, actually… already started. I gotta place called…uh… Miller’s Maxi-Buns.

Code Talker: You are kidding me.


Ultimately, Code Talker’s fate is unknown, although it’s possible some of his work was later incorporated into the FOXDIE virus in the days of Solid Snake.


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