Jurassic Park In Review: JP III part 3

The group head back to the plane wreckage to salvage what they can. Grant and Billy try to figure out what attacked them, with Grant concluding it was a Spinosaurus-and both note it wasn’t on Ingen’s “list” and wonder what Ingen was “really up to”. While this isn’t really explained too much, the fact that there are factions in Ingen that might be doing something sinister behind the backs of the more well-intentioned members of the company-like Hammond and Masareti-is explored in Jurassic World.


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They also make another discovery-Kirby, although still telling the truth about finding their son-is no billionaire, but in fact a middle-class paint, tile, and bathroom fixture salesman. At least in the first film,  Grant knew that Hammond was a rich guy and could help fund his dig,but he just took this guy at his word!

Moving on, they discover the ruins of the para-glider, a camcorder that proves Ben and Eric at least landed safely….and then they find out what’s left of Ben (although it’s kind of unclear how he died, as apart from being decayed-one of the more grisly sites in a JP film-he’s still just tangled up in the para-glider. Did he not cut himself loose and starve to death?). Amanda also didn’t really seem torn up by Ben’s death-she’s more freaked out by the skeleton than grieving over her boyfriend, but she’s worried about her son of course. She and Paul of course also discover some Raptor eggs, with Billy’s obvious hesitation in catching up with the group clearly implying he’s taken some.


Next we come to the Ingen compound. Although it looks vaguely similar to the TLW set, I think it’s pretty clear it’s a different building, going by a lot of the geography, the fact that there are less buildings around it and the general different shape of the structure itself.

After a brief look at some embroyos, we then get to the next big Dinosaur chase scene, as the Raptors emerge and start chasing Grant and co. Grant also seems to realize that they’re making some new form of vocalization: “Calling for help” as he puts it.

Although sometimes the Raptor CG is a bit rough in this film (as is most of the CG) I think Stan Winston’s team did a pretty good job with the Raptor animatronics. There’s one aspect of the movie that was slightly controversial-the Raptors having quills on their heads, a sort of compromise between the more reptilian look of the ‘classic’ look of dinosaurs, and the more bird-based modern reconstructions (of at least theropods/meat-eating Dinosaurs).

They’re also given slightly more variety here too. While the other Raptors are shown with purple and quills, we have their ‘leader’ here-the Alpha female-having a somewhat spooky white and black color scheme-and no quills.


The Raptors make a much better showing her than in TLW, actually working as a team as opposed to nipping each other and fighting among themselves in TLW. This is also the only JP movie where none of the Raptors are killed, making them more of a threat, although also sort of giving the film a kind of “that’s it?” ending (which I’ll cover later).



We get a brief scene of the group walking into a group of Hadrosaurs (The Parasaurlophus from the previous films as well as their cousins Corythosaurus)-and Grant and the rest of the group get separated.


We next see a pretty interesting scene of the Raptors killing Udesky-pretty graphically using their third claw to impale him (I think that’s pretty much one of the few times we’ve seen it used in the series-we didn’t see Ray’s death, they seemed to gnaw more on Muldoon, and the Ingen mercs were mainly jumped on) but leave his body twitching long enough for Amanda to make a stupid risk to try to save him.

While it’s not exactly as cool as TLW’s glass scene, it’s still kind of a decent thrill.

Grant meanwhile finds himself in a bit of a pickle. The shot of him surrounded by the Raptor pack was one of the main publicity photos from the film, and it’s still a pretty cool shot.


But thankfully Eric-clad in ferns and armed with tear gas cartridges-saves the day, in what’s pretty much this film’s kid saves the day moment. This actually feels a bit more natural and less tacked-on than the computer and gymnastics scenes in the other films. Unfortunately, Eric in the rest of the film doesn’t quite live up to this moment.


Next: Family reunion, but also a reunion with the Spinosaurus, Grant gets mad at Billy, and the aviary scene-where we finally get Pteranodons!


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