Metal Gear profiles-Volgin/The Man on Fire


Colonel Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin was the son of one of the Russian Philosophers, a secret group dedicated to uniting the world after World War I. After his father’s death, the Philospher’s legacy-a microfilm containing the locations of the Philosopher’s vast fortune-was passed down to him, and he started to build a massive fortress and army to overthrow Khrushchev. Central to this plan was the construction of a powerful artillery tank-one capable of launching a nuclear missile. Initially, he had scientist Granin develop a “Walking tank”-The Metal Gear. However, he decided to go with an alternative design, the Shagohod, developed by Nikolai Sokolov. Volgin also possessed strange lightning powers, often strangely reciting the phrase “Kuwabara” before doing so.

To help secure Sokolov, he contacted the legendary American soldier, the Joy/The Boss, and had her defect. Unbeknownst to Volgin, the Boss was actually only joining his side to get her hands on the Philospher’s legacy for the US. Unfortunately, the ‘gift’ the Boss gave to Volgin-Two “Davy Crockett” small nuclear missiles-and he used them on his own people in Sokolov’s design bureau-causing an inciddent which had the Boss-and therefore the US-taking the blame. Operation Snake Eater was formed in part, to prove that there was no wrongdoing by eliminating the Boss-as well as Volgin and the Shagohod.



Volgin-also unaware that there were other spies among him-his second in command Ocelot, and triple agent Eva/Tatanya-continued with his plans to develop the Shagohod, but his plans were often frustrated by Naked Snake/The future Big Boss. Volgin was eventually able to capture and torture him, and made the Boss prove her loyalty to him by almost cutting out Snake’s eyes. However, Ocelot ended doing that instead, damaging one of Snake’s eyes and forcing him to wear an eyepatch for the rest of his life.


After Snake escaped and re-entered the base to destroy the Shagohod, he fought Volgin and defeated him.


However, Volgin was able to escape on-board the Shagohod, and began pursuit.


Although Snake was able to damage the Shagohod by collapsing a bridge, Volgin was able to command the front of it and once again attempt to take out Snake and Eva.

However, Snake was able to damage the Shagohod well enough, and Volgin-ironically-was struck by a bolt of lightning and lit aflame.

However, that wasn’t the end. Twenty years later, a mysterious and powerful creature known as the “Man on Fire” started to hound Snake, accompanied by the mysterious floating “Third Child” who would later be known as Psycho Mantis. This being-whose rage was channeled through Mantis-possessed immense fire powers, and like Mantis was controlled by XOF. Venom Snake encountered him at the hospital in Cyprus, and also at a ghastly house used for experiments by Skull Face on the vocal cord parasites.

However, even the Man on Fire’s rage-which Skull face intended to use in tandem with Mantis to pilot the Metal Gear-couldn’t match that of Big Boss’s clone son, Eli/the future Liquid Snake, and the Man on Fire was instead knocked out by the Metal Gear while Eli and Mantis “piloted” it.

Later, Venom Snake attempted to capture the body of the Man on Fire-who was still alive. The Man on Fire turned out to be Volgin, who after Snake Eater, slipped into a coma, and had been experimented on, with his electrical powers turning into pyrokinetic powers instead, and his mind being filled with utter rage. In his final confrontation with Venom Snake though, The Man on Fire realized that Venom Snake was not, in fact, the same Snake who had given him so much trouble-and rage-through the years…but simply a Phantom.

He then died, and his body was recovered and kept in quarantine on Mother Base.



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