Jp In Review: Jurassic Park III part IV

Grant, rescued from the Raptors by Eric, then tells the kid that his parents are looking for him, and Eric is a little starstruck about one of his favorite paleontologists, although he notes that Grant’s enthusiasm for the creatures has died down a bit since they’ve tried to eat him in the past. There’s also a scene that in a way, evokes the poop scene from JP-although in this case it’s T-rex pee that Eric has collected to scare off the predators (“You don’t want to know” he says) except for of course, the Spinosaurus.

Speaking of Predators, the compys from TLW have a bit of a fun cameo here.


Grant is also curious about how Eric felt about Malcolm’s book, and Eric responds that Malcolm’s kind of “high on himself” and talked too much about chaos (Maybe a slight jab at TLW there, although Ian seemed pretty down on himself in that film, and doesn’t speak a lot about chaos) which Grant agrees on. Makes me wonder if the book is the one people are reading in Jurassic World; “God creates Dinosaurs”.


We do get a good look at another new Dinosaur, the Ankylosaurus, plus a bit of ‘family bonding’ stuff with Amanda and Tim that’s kind of boring, mainly just showing that they’re kind of ‘getting back together’.


The two groups then head out from their respective sanctuary, and are reunited by the ringing of Paul’s cellphone. There’s kind of a new ‘theme’ that plays here, that isn’t really memorable as the other themes from the series, or Jurassic World’s. It sounds more like a sort of “family film” kind of theme, which is sort of apt, but it doesn’t really capture any of the awe or primal adventure of the other themes, at least in my opinion.

Said ringing is actually coming from the Spinosaurus-who ate the cellphone along with two of the “mercs” when the plane crashed. We get a very brief chase scene in which the Spinosaurus crashes through a fence, but not able to get through a nearby building, presumably an observatory for the Aviary. The exterior of the building doesn’t quite look real; probably a matte painting or CGI, another failing I think of this film’s special effects.

Grant discovers the reason the Raptors are after them-Billy took some eggs, but now they’re stuck with them in case the Raptors want them back. He’s kind of furious at Billy (Who wanted to use the eggs to perhaps help fund the dig, because obviously the Kirby’s arent going to do it!), saying “Some of the worst things ever done have been done with the best intentions”

Next we come to the Aviary, and it’s a very good, atmospheric scene that gives us something we haven’t seen before in the films. The Pteranodon emerging from the mist is a particularly cool shot, and there’s actually a real sense of danger and some brutality in this scene, where Billy is briefly captured and nearly fed to the hatchlings, and the others have to avoid the sweeping, pecking predators.

Gotta wonder who this belongs to though, as the Pteranodons were pretty much sealed in this aviary it seems. A mercenary from TLW perhaps? One of the Dino-saur guys somehow? Old Ingen worker who was unlucky?


Billy uses the battered “Dino-saur” paraglider to good use here, although he ends up getting ensnared by the Pteranodon. One of my favorite shots of the film, is the look a Pterosaur gives Grant and Paul. “Just walk away”….

Next, the finale of the film, with one “awe” scene, some more Ellie, a showdown with the Spinosaur and an abrupt ending….



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