Star Wars Comics History: Wars on Infinite Galaxies Part One: A New Hope?

“If you will not turn to the Dark side, then perhaps she will!”-Darth Vader, ROTJ.


For years, Marvel and DC ran several comics that asked “What if?” certain things happened to their characters-funny thing is, some of the stuff later happened…as Spider-Man fans know well.



However, in the early 21st century, Dark Horse threw their hat into the ring, with Star Wars: Infinities.


The storyline began with Luke’s torpedo’s at the end of “A new Hope” malfunctioning, damaging, but not destroying, the Death Star, allowing the rebels at least some time to escape-however, while Han and Luke are able to flee in time, Leia and the Alliance command are re-captured. Vader begins to sense some force stuff with Leia, so he sends her to Coruscant, and trains her in the dark side along with the Emperor. Meanwhile, Luke, Han and Chewie manage to evade capture, and Luke begins his training with Yoda a bit earlier…


Half a decade passes, the Empire is more powerful than ever and Leia is now a Dark Jedi and an Imperial true believer. The Death Star is now called “The Justice Star” as well.

I’m reminded somewhat of this “Simpsons” quote.

Luke-who by now has completed his training (Which I guess took far longer in this reality) learns the truth about his father and sister from Yoda, and the group-including Yoda-decide to pay the Emperor a visit on Coruscant, which now has a Death Star around it and what looks like a ton of Super Star Destroyers.


What follows is Return of the Jedi to the power of eleven, with Luke battling Leia-and eventually redeeming her-which in turn redeems Vader when the Emperor tries to kill them both with force lightning, and with Yoda Jedi mind-tricking Tarkin into giving him control of the Death…”Justice” Star, which he then crashes on top of the Emperor on Coruscant, killing him and R2-D2 in the process (Although R2’s memories are saved and put into a new body, and Yoda still becomes a ghost).


“Infinities”, while a bit goofy, is still an entertaining experiment. The same treatment would later be applied to ESB (With Luke dying on Hoth) and ROTJ (With the Jabba rescue being badly botched), and for a while “Infinities” would be considered a catch-all for explicity-non canon Star Wars (Before “Legends”), which at the time included many elements of  the “Star Wars tales” anthology series. I’ll cover those in a later article.

The weirdness wouldn’t end here, either….as “Vader the White” here demonstrates.




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