Bond In Review: From Russia With Love Part III

Bond returns to his suite…and Tatanya is waiting.


It should be noted that this classic scene was used as an audition for James Bond in the 80’s for Roger Moore’s replacement. Here’s Sam Neill of Jurassic Park fame (part of the audition exists on video; the Tatayna stand-in seems to be Fiona Fullerton, who had played Pola Ivonava in View to A Kill; other variations of the audions had Maud Adams and Mary’Am D’abo.)


James Brolin….


And finally Brosnan, winning the James Bond role….8 years too early.

And of course, Dalton.



After a brief bit of flirtation-pretty much verbatim from the novel (Including the “Mouth” line!)she says she’ll tell Bond about it in the morning and the two start their romance….but SPECTRE is filming, setting up for the “humiliating” death that Blofeld wants for the agent.


Bond next arranges for her to drop plans for the Consulate where the LEKTOR is kept at the Haggia Sophia. Connery dons the sunglasses here, and is pretty much a natural with it, pretty much like Daniel Craig is….I’m pretty sure Lazenby never wore any, Moore and Dalton were kind of awkward with theirs (Mainly because they doubled as gadgets, and his second pair was mainly used to hide) and Brosnan, although he came close, just didn’t quite have the ‘cool’ that Connery and Craig have with the sunglasses. This scene also illustrates the “Guardian angel” aspect of Grant, as he once again stops a spy from interfering with SPECTRE’s masterplan-while keeping to the shadows.



After a brief scene with Kerim and Bond, wondering who killed the guy and Bey questioning Tatanya and Bond’s motives (But in a playful way)Our next spot is the Bosphurus straight (or not-it’s quite clear that in the scene there’s some fake backdrop involved, so this was probably shot at least in part in studio) a kind of funny scene where Bond is asking her about the details of the device (using a camera that is in fact a tape recorder, another of the film’s gadgets-this and the later shoe would start an escalation of gadgets within the series as the films go on), but Tatainya can’t help but wander off-topic about how sexy Bond is. Back home in London, M and his staff listen to the recorded conversation, and Moneypenny’s expression is pretty hilarious….

… is M’s nervous reaction when Bond mentions a prior mission in Tokyo (Which is referenced later on in the film as well; film-wise, Bond wouldn’t go to Tokyo until “You Only Live Twice”) in response to Tatanya asking about “Western girls”. Moneypenny of course still listens even after she’s excused, and M has her send a wire to Bond, which tells him to make a go for the Lektor…

Bond next arrives at the consulate, checking the time is correct despite the assurances of a strict receptionist. Bond’s expression when Kerim detonates an explosion, causing the consulate to panic and Bond able to steal the LEKTOR-and Tatanya-in the confusion, is pretty funny too, as is his mouthed “Thank you” to the running receptionist.



The three-with LEKTOR in tow-escape onboard the Orient Express-but unfortunately are spotted by a Russian security man who also boards the train-and Grant’s onboard too….and so we leave the Istanbul portion of the film…with the film now becoming a bit more hitchcockian.


Next: Murder on the Orient Express as the he starts to realize what a bloody fool he’s been…..








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