Metal Gear Profiles: George Sears/Solidus Snake

In Honor of Solidus Snake’s voice-actor, John Cygan, who passed away yesterday.

George Sears was the third product of the “Les Infant Terribles” program, an attempt to clone Big Boss (It’s unclear if he was carried by Eva, though). Unlike his ‘brothers’, he was a perfect clone, although still sterile and with accelerated aging. Like his father, he became a mercenary, participating in the Liberian Civil War; however, his methods were somewhat harsher at times than Big Boss, and produced a sort of split persona in one of the boys he trained, Jack-who became Raiden, but back then was also known as “Jack the Ripper”.

During the 2000s, the Patriots managed to manipulate events to make George the President of the United States, where he continued to exert their will. (Apparently nobody noted any resemblance to Big Boss,Solid Snake, or even Venom Snake for some reason, but maybe that’s the Patriot’s work too). However, he began to work against the organization/overbearing AI, working with Revolver Ocelot to provoke Liquid Snake into starting the Shadow Moses incident. Solidus’s role in all this is explained, in part, by the phone call from Ocelot-who escaped-that ends the game.

Yes sir. The entire unit was wiped out. Those two are still alive. The vector? Yes sir, FoxDie should become activated soon… Right on schedule. Yes, sir. I recovered all of Rex’s dummy warhead data. …No, sir. My cover is intact. Nobody knows who I really am. Yes, the DARPA Chief knew my identity, but he’s been disposed of. Yes. The inferior one was the winner after all. …That’s right. Until the very end, Liquid thought he was the inferior one. Yes, sir. I agree completely. It takes a well-balanced individual… such as yourself to rule the world. No, sir. No one knows that you were the third one… Solidus. …What should I do about the woman? Yes sir. I’ll keep her under surveillance. Yes. Thank you. Good-bye…….Mr. President.

After he leaves office, Solidus takes over the  Big Shell platform in the Hudson River with the help of the Gurlucovitch commandos, Revolver Ocelot, and his own former special ops team, Dead Cell, and kidnaps his successor, James Johnson, who was undergoing an inspection. Unbeknownst to Solidus, he’s actually being manipulated by the Patriots to create a scenario similar to Shadow Moses-The S3 plan. However, Solidus plans to take control of Big Shell’s secret-the Arsenal Gear-and use it to detonake a nuke that would create an EMP, which would disrupt the Patriot’s network in Manhattan, and allow him to eventually defeat their control. During this, he dons an exosuit (Complete with two mechanical tentacles) , and takes the identity of the missing “Solid Snake” (Solid Snake infiltrates Big Shell under another name, Iriqous Plisskin).

Image result for Solidus snake

When Raiden is sent in by the Patriots to stop Solidus, he and Solidus are reunited, and Raiden learns how he’s been manipulated by the Patriots, and the secrets of his forgotten past. During the mission, Solidus is injured in his right eye-making him even more like Big Boss, except with the eyepatch on a different eye.

After Arsenal Gear is sabotaged, Raiden and Solidus fight on the top of Federal hill, with Raiden-forced to kill Solidus in part, to save Olga’s baby from the Patriots. This causes severe damage to Solidus’s spine, leaving him brain dead.

Years later, Solidus’s body then ended up in the hands of Eva, who used organ transplant from Solidus to help repair Big Boss’s body, and restore him to life, after that it was used as a ‘decoy’ of Big Boss’s body, to throw off the scent of the Patriots (and Ocelot, to a degree) What was left of Solidus was later stolen by Ocelot to access the Patriot’s SOP program, which controlled a great deal of the world’s military. When finished with his access, Liquid allowed the body to burn, in a fire that also took Eva’s life and burned Solid Snake’s face, leaving permanent scars.

Although Liquid Ocelot would later honor his “brother” with a place on Outer Haven’s “Mt. Snakemore”-somewhat apt considering Solidus’s former role.

Ultiametly, Solidus’s organ transplant was sucessful in reviving Big Boss, and his “father” died soon after.


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