Metal Gear Profiles-Eli/Liquid Snake/White Mamba

“Wait….Who is doing this? Such a lust for revenge! WHOOOO!”-Skull Face

“Not yet Snake, it’s not over yet!”-Eli/Liquid various times


Like his brothers David/Solid and George/Solidus, Liquid Snake was born out of the Les infant Terribles project conducted by CIPHER/The Patriots, an attempt to clone Big Boss-and the catalyst that made Big Boss leave the organization. Unlike Solid who had recessive genes, Liquid was cloned with Big Boss’s dominant ones-although he was led to believe he had Big Boss’s recessive ones.

However, after the plan sort of fell apart after the Peace Walker inciddent and the destruction of MSF-with Zero largely losing control of Cipher due to the influence of the villanous Skull Face-Eli was sent to London, However, during a trip to Africa at the age of seven, he escaped.


Eli-adopting the title white mamba (A mamba being a sort of snake, get it?) took control of a group of child soldiers in Africa. There, he encountered the man he assumed was his father, Big Boss-Venom Snake. The two fought, and Eli was taken to the new mother base.


During his time on Mother Base, Eli remained defiant toward his ‘father’, and often got into fights with Mother base staff and Venom.


It was during this, that he also came across two men which would have an impact on his later life-Revolver Ocelot and Master Miller.

Ocelot of course noticed the similarity to Big Boss and Eli talking about his father, and wondered if he was one of the clones. However, a DNA test was conducted, and there appeared to be no relationship (A clue that Venom Snake was not, in fact, the real Big Boss, but a brainwashed decoy).

During the mission to take down Skullface and the Metal Gear, Eli snuck onboard a chopper, and was present at the battle. He used his hatred to ‘tune’ into the young psychic Psycho Mantis-another future comrade-and through him, used the Metal Gear to not only take down Skull face, but also his “father”.


However, Venom is able to subdue the Metal Gear, and have it carried back to Mother Base. Eli, however, continues to wreck havoc on the base, commanding his soldiers to create makeshift weapons, cause “accidents”, and eventually he conspires with the immoral scientist Huey Emmerich to repair the Metal Gear. He also holds a vial of the vocal cord parasite taken by Psycho Mantis. During an interrogation, he then escapes in the gear.



(Content from my other article, “Kingdom of the Flies”-a deleted ending to the game)

Full article here:

In this ending/mission, Diamond dogs track Eli and the MG to an island in Africa. However, Eli-reaching puberty-is infected with the vocal cord parasite and will die and infect others if he gets out. Plus, XOF (Now working with CIPHER again with Skull Face gone) wants their Metal Gear back, and are also on the site.

The stage is set for a massive final battle, which would’ve incorporated more of Diamond Dogs (Presumably in addition to your regular backup buddies or Peqoud) taking on the Metal Gear.


Ultimately the MG is destroyed for good-Eli is nearly killed by XOF soldiers-and a accidentally colorblinded Venom Snake….



But unfortunately, Eli is showing symptoms of the virus, and Venom and Diamond Dogs are forced to leave the infected Eli behind on the island as they sterilize it with napalm-but then Eli’s buddy Psycho Mantis shows up, curing Eli and lifting him off the island just in time.

—–End of that article’s content….—-

One day, the age of Big Boss’s sons will arrive.
They’ll likely want to settle the score with him.
We have to shape that age. We’ll each have roles to play…..His sons are fated to face each other someday too.If the day ever comes that you go back to Cipher,
I’ll aid the other son-And then you and I will be enemies, too.
One of us will have to kill the other.-Ocelot, end of Metal Gear Solid V


Eventually, years later,Eli made his way to Britain and became a member of the SAS, where he fought in the gulf war. Held captive for a few years, he was rescued eventually by American soldiers, and eventually joined Foxhound after his brother had retired after “killing” Big Boss. Eli-taking the codename Liquid Snake-felt he had been robbed of his revenge. In addition to several new members, Liquid also reunited with Mantis and Ocelot.

The group than went rogue and seized control of the Shadow Moses facility in Alaska-testing site for Metal Gear Rex, also calling themselves “The sons of Big Boss”. They demanded the body of Big Boss (For the use of his DNA to help fix his other henchmen, the genome soldiers; as well as perhaps access to the Patriot’s system although this isn’t known until much later). They threatened to launch a strike unless that demand was met. Eli’s brother, David/Solid Snake-was sent to the facility to stop him, although David/Solid was unaware that he had a twin until being briefed on the mission.


However, Liquid was unable to get the codes to activate REX-and the only man who knew-Donald Anderson (AKA Sigint) was killed in interrogation. Despite this, Liquid fashioned an elaborate ruse. He would pose as one of Snake’s allies-Miller-and have Solid Snake activate it the Gear unwillingly. Ocelot in turn killed the real Miller.


Although he kept his ruse as Miller over the radio, Liquid frustrated Snake’s mission several times, torturing him for information, and later, in a HIND D helicopter. Although Solid Snake destroyed it, Liquid was able to parachute out in time.



Once Snake activated the REX unwittingly, Liquid took control of the Metal Gear, and brought it’s considerable arsenal against Solid Snake-and he also killed Snake’s ally Grey Fox as well, pinning and crushing him with the massive mech.


After Snake disabled the gear, Liquid and Solid fought on the top of the non-functioning unit, with a captive Meryl nearby. Liquid fell off the gear, and Snake recovered Meryl.

However, it was not over yet, as Liquid is fond of saying. As the two attempted to escape Shadow Moses in a jeep, Liquid-injured but alive-took pursuit.

Even after he his jeep crashed, Liquid *still* wasn’t dead. He attempted to fight Snake once more and finish him, but then the FOXDIE virus-a fast-acting disease carried by Solid Snake and used to target the members of FOXHOUND-took his life.


However, even that wasn’t quite the end. His remains would later be used for several purposes-one would be attached to Revolver Ocelot, and Ocelot would in turn develop a “Liquid” split personality (Although it’s all part of the plan), detailed here:

Liquid Snake’s body would also be used to fake the death of Solid Snake, who had in fact gone into hiding, and some organs would be transplanted to revitalize Big Boss. So in a strange way, Liquid sort of “lived” on.


File:Liquid Snake Outer Heaven.png


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