Bond in Review: Goldfinger Part IV

Bond wakes up to find a beautiful woman smiling at him, who introduces herself as

“My name is Pussy Galore”

Bond says, with a bit of a smirk, that “He must be dreaming”. She’s the film’s main Bond girl, and the only one who isn’t dead at this point (unless you count Dink).


Unfortunately Bond isn’t dreaming-Galore works for Goldfinger as his personal pilot-and doesn’t quite take to Bond’s attempt to charm, or get information on Operation Grand Slam. Bond does get a few pleasantries-the shaken, not stirred vodka martini (I’m pretty sure this is the first time he orders it himself directly in dialogue, instead of somebody else doing it for him) and a shave and change of clothes. The maid, Mei-Lei, tries to keep an eye on him, but Bond’s pretty good at spotting where he might be watched-and covers the eyehole with some shaving cream. We also learn his attache case was damaged, although it’s unclear if it’s the same kit as From Russia With Love. Also, at least the music here is far more fitting than the Bond theme going over Bond checking out his hotel room in From Russia With Love.

Eventually we meet Galore’s Flying circus, a group of blond women who work for Galore, and are running trial runs for Goldfinger’s Operation Grand Slam. John Barry’s score kind of plays a “sexy saxophone” sound as they land and get briefed.

Of course all female henchmen squads would later show up in Moonraker (Although they were paired with men on the shuttles and station, they show up far more than their male counterparts)

and of course Octopussy’s group, who like Galore’s group, have questionable allegiances at first since they’re kind of working by proxy for the villain.

Meanwhile, M and Felix have a chat-still tracking Bond’s homing device-and seem to think that Bond’s simply been ‘invited’ to hang out with Goldfinger, and is not a prisoner. Felix doesn’t quite seem that bright in this movie, but then again he’s portrayed somewhat as a little absent-minded in “Thunderball” and “Diamonds Are Forever” as well, in part to make Bond look good I’m guessing.

Goldfinger also warns Galore about Oddjob-that he’s killed two woman-but Galore says that goes double for men-then he’s led into a cell underneath Goldfinger’s ranch.

The Kentucky part of the film does seem a bit slow compared to the rest of the film-Bond spends a great deal of it in captivity, although there’s a bit of an interesting scene where Goldfinger-bringing in a group of mobster co-conspirators-reveals his plan-to ‘steal’ Fort Knox.

Meanwhile, Bond makes an escape attempt, by annoying and then tricking a guard, literally getting the ‘drop’ on him. Sean’s smile here is pretty hilarious.


Meanwhile, Goldfinger-with Bond listening in-attempts to explain his plan, initially met with disbelief by his mob allies. Goldfinger’s room is another cool set design from Ken Adam, with the revolving miniature of Fort Knox looking particularly cool.

Of course Goldfinger, because he’s completely nuts and also doesn’t want to share the Gold with anyone else, kills them all-except for Mr. Solo, who leaves early-using the nerve gas he plans to use on the base around Fort Knox.

As Bond is recaptured-although now he at least knows what the plot is about-he slips his tracking device into Solo’s pocket, hoping that Felix would figure *something* is going wrong. In a chase that has a nice, fast-paced rendition of the theme, but no Bond-Felix and his partner chase the beacon, as Oddjob kills Solo and then crushes him-and the device-at a local junkyard.


And while companies such as Omega, Heinekken, Sony and of course various car companies have contributed to Bond, I think this is only time we’ve seen, or sort of had product placement for fast food; in this case, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or “KFC”. I don’t recall any Mcdonalds, Burger King or any other fast food joint having a Bond promotion (Obviously not for Happy meals, but I mean stuff like Collectible cups). Could be wrong though.

They go to the ranch to check on Bond, but Felix just think it’s Bond doing his thing, flirting with Pussy Galore. “That’s my James!” he says. “He’s got the situation well in hand”. Great central intelligence you got there, Felix.


However, Goldfinger is simply leaving Bond out in the open to throw off their suspicions-and to explain his Masterplan to Bond, something that amuses them both as Bond puzzles it together-he plans not to steal the gold, but irradiate it with an atomic device that would make it inaccessible-therefore making his own stock grow in value. Of course he’d kill tons of people with the gas and the bomb itself, so Bond’s not OK with that.

Being able to spend some time alone with Pussy while Goldfinger readies his plan, Bond tries to woo her a bit to get her to see things his way….which leads to a short judo match.

Bond is however able to overpower her eventually, (although his forcefulness might be unsettling for modern viewers) and the two kiss and embrace….


NEXT: Operation Grand Slam.




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