Metal Gear Profiles-Jack/Naked Snake/Big Boss-Part One

“Everyone dies. You can’t stop it. You can’t run away from it. Let me tell you something… Don’t… Don’t waste the life you have left fighting. I’ve never thought of you… As a son. But I’ve always respected you as a soldier. And… As a man. If you’d been in my place back then… Maybe you wouldn’t have made the same mistakes that I did. Ever since the day I killed The Boss… With my own hands… I… Was already dead.”

The man who would later be known as Big Boss was born in the 30s, and first fielded during the Korean war. Little is known about his past before then, except his name (Jack) that he celebrated Christmas, and believed in Santa well into his adult years. His fighting prowess caught the attention of the World War II heroine known as the Joy, or the Boss, and she took him on as an apprentice, teaching him the art of CQC (Close Quarters combat)-especially using a gun and a knife in tandem.

At the same time, he participated in the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests, making him sterile (although that didn’t stop hiim having sons, as we later find out). He also served with the Green Berets. Early in the 60s-and after a period of estrangement from the Boss (During when she partipated in the Mercury program and the seeds of Operation Snake Eater were planed), he was recruited into Major Zero’s Fox  unit. His first mission-where he would use the codename “Naked Snake”- was to extract scientist Sokolov from the Russian occupied Tseilonarsk. Sokolov was designing the mobile nuclear platform known as the Shagohod.However, during the extraction, he came across the boss on a drawbridge-carrying two small nukes and working with Russian colonel Volgin, who then recaptured Sokolov.

In an attempt to stop her, he engaged her in CQC combat on the bridge, but she quickly overpowered him, tossing him over the bridge (although he did manage to grab her bandana).

As Snake sat badly wounded (but able to tend to his immediate injuries with the help of Para-Medic), she waved goodbye to her former apprentice as Volgin launched one of the small nukes- a “Davy crockett” nearby-an act that would be the shot heard around the world, and would start a war with (almost) no end over the next half century.

Extracted, he was taken back to America, and put into the ICU, and interrogated as to why the mission went south-and threathened with execution, as it was thought he was ‘in’ on the Boss’s defection and the nuclear attack. He had one chance at redemption. Return to Tseilanarsk, rescue Sokolov again, destroy the Shagohod-and also kill his mentor. Doing so would not only clear his name, but also that of the US, whom the USSR was not pleased with since the Boss was a former American hero-who had technically launched a nuclear strike on soviet soil. Sent in on a capsule, he wore the bandana of his former mentor.

Operation Snake Eater had begun.


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