Metal Gear Profiles-Big Boss Part two

Upon his return to Tselinoyarsk, Snake is told of new contacts-one, through radio, was SIGINT, who would serve as technical support-another, ADAM, he would meet near the factory where he encountered Ocelot. However, he was quickly intercepted by the Boss, who once again implied he should go home, and she injured him with QCQ.


However, Snake continued on his mission to meet with ADAM-sustaining himself on various wildlife, including Snakes. However, he instead met EVA (The real ADAM, Ocelot, arrived later but still posed as an adversary of Snake’s-Eva’s mission was quite different), who was attracted to Snake, and would continue to support him on his mission.



After Eva returned to continue to be a mole in Volgin’s fortress, Big Boss proceeded on his mission, tangling with Ocelot and the Boss’s COBRA team.


During an infiltration of the labs of Graniny Gorki (in a somewhat unconvincing “scientist” disguise), where Snake expected to find Sokolov, he instead found Alexander Granin, who shared with him his concept of the “Metal Gear”-a walking nuclear battle tank-that had been passed on in favor of the Shagohod. Granin gave him the key to Grozni Grad, Volgin’s main fortress where Sokolov, the Shagohod and Volgin were located. He also first heard the whispers of the Philosopher’s Legacy-a microfilm containing the whereabouts of a vast fortune amassed by a group of powerful people after World War I-and ultimately in Volgin’s possession, funding his vast war machine.

However, once he arrived at Grad, the operation quickly went south. Volgin saw through his disguise as GRU colonel Raikov, and beat and captured Snake.


During the subsequent torture and interrogation-in which EVA’s duplicity was almost exposed as well-Snake’s right eye was ruptured by Ocelot’s gun, causing an injury that would become his trademark for the rest of his life. Sokolov was also killed.


Ultimately, Snake would be able to escape, and EVA gave him an eyepatch. He then returned to Grozny Grad to destroy the Shagohod and Volgin for good.


Snake-with the covert aid of Ocelot-bested Volgin in combat, but did not defeat him entirely. He also attempted to destroy the Shagohod in it’s hanger, but his attempts initially failed. Volgin gave chase in the massive mech.



Ultimately, they were able to finally destroy the Shagohod-first by disabling it’s drive unit, and then taking out the rest-and stop Volgin as well, although he would survive to become the “Man on Fire”.


But Snake had one thing left to do-confront-and kill-his mentor-in a field of white, “star of bethlehem” flowers. Before the fight, the Boss outlined some of her reasons-her past with the philosophers, her multiple betrayals, her lost child (in fact her comrade Ocelot) and her vision of making the world whole again.

Big Boss was able to overcome her, and as she lay she passed the legacy to him. He then gave the killing blow-with her own Patriot gun.


He then had a brief fight on board the escaping WIG with her son, Ocelot, in which both revealed their true names.


He then retired to Alaska where he drank and consumated his relationship with Eva.


However, when he woke in the morning, Eva was gone-as was the Legacy. Eva was in fact working as a triple agent for the Chinese philosophers-although she truely loved Snake-and knew of the Boss’s true mission all along.

Snake then went to Langley, where he was given the title of Big Boss by Lyndon B Johnson.

You are above even the Boss… I hereby award you the title of Big Boss. You are a true patriot.


The newly minted Big Boss then went to Arlington-Eva’s confession-and the Boss’s true motive going through his head. The Boss did not, in fact, truely defect, but simply tried to earn Volgin’s trust to get her hands on the Philosopher’s legacy for America. However, the nuke Volgin used on his own people was blamed on her, and she became a scapegoat…but she saw it through to the end.


Eva: Snake, history will never know what she did. No one will ever learn the truth. Her story… her debriefing… will endure only in your heart. Everything she did, she did for her country. She sacrificed her life and her honor for her native land. She was a real hero.  She was a true patriot.

As tears flowed from his remaining eye, he saluted her grave.










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