Metal Gear Profiles-David/Solid Snake Part one

The Man Who Makes the Impossible, possible.

Whoever wins, our battle does not end. The loser is free from the battlefield, but the winner must remain there and the survivor must live his life as the warrior until he dies-Big Boss to Solid Snake


The man known as David, or “Solid Snake” was born in 1972, a product of the Les Infant Terribles project, which also spawned his ‘twin’ Eli, or Liquid Snake. Raised by Foster parents, Snake eventually joined the US military, and served as a green beret in the first Gulf War. His expertise in combat made him a prime candidate for the special ops unit Fox Hound-unknowingly led by his template/father, Big Boss. He was trained by Big Boss, as well as Master Kazuhira Miller, who was determined to make David stronger to overthrow his former friend.


After fellow FOXHOUND member Grey Fox went missing in Outer Heaven, David was dispatched to Outer Heaven to rescue him and uncover the secret of Metal Gear. However, Big Boss-along with his double, Venom Snake-were also the leaders of the mercenary state as well.


Despite giving him false intel and hoping that the rookie would fail, Snake accomplished his mission, rescuing Gray Fox, destroying the inactivate Metal Gear and killing Big Boss’s double, Venom Snake.


After the Outer Heaven incident, Snake did jobs for the CIA and as a freelance mercenary, before semi-retiring in Canada. However, five years later, he was contacted by the new FOXHOUND commander, Roy Campbell, about the theft of OILIX by Zanzibar land. Feeling that a return to active duty might help him deal with several of the nightmares that he’d endured since the incident-including the betrayal of his commander-Snake decided to accept the mission.

Zanzibar Land proved to be more linked to Outer Heaven that Snake realized-not only were Grey Fox, Dr. madnar and Schneider-the men who had rescued at Outer Heaven-now working for the enemy, but that enemy turned out to be, once again, Big Boss-and this time, with a fully operational Metal Gear.


After defeating Fox in the D, the two got into a final fistfight in a mine-trapped room, during which Grey Fox fell and activated one of the mines, explaining his motivations for joining Big Boss before triggering the mine. However, Grey Fox’s body was later recovered, and this would have consequences down the line.

Finally, Snake confronted his former mentor, and learned that he was in fact his father as well. Big Boss. Having lost most of his weapons in his previous fight with Grey Fox, Snake was able to create a makeshift flamethrower and immolate the warlord. However, like Gray Fox, Big Boss was not entirely dead.


After leaving Zanzibar Land, Snake once again retired to the Alaskan wilderness. Although he stated his nightmares had ended, his final fight with Big Boss would haunt him for years….and even more of Snake’s past would come to light….in the darkness of Shadow Moses.


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