Metal Gear Profiles-David/Solid Snake Part II

When his brother Liquid took control of Shadow Moses island, colonel Campbell once against sought out Solid Snake, living in retirement in the Alaskan wilderness fairly close by, raising 50 huskies and participating in Sleigh races. Although he was initially reluctant to accept the mission, the involvement of a rogue FOXHOUND unit, Big Boss’s remains being sought as the ransom and the fact that he resembled the FOXHOUND leader intriqued Snake-and likewise, Campbell revealed he’d release the ‘dirt’ on his files if he didn’t participate. Snake’s main mission was to rescue two hostages-Darpa Chief Donald Anderson (The former SIGINT) and Kenneth Baker, ARMSTECH president.

Getting his hair cut and dyed so he wouldn’t be mistaken for Liquid, Snake then infiltrated Shadow Moses from underwater. In addition to Campbell and Naomi Hunter, he was given technical and moral support by Mei Ling, Natasha Romenko and Master Miller..However, he soon discovered that Campbell-and mission Doctor Naomi-hadn’t been telling him the whole truth-Snake had been given a virus by Naomi-FOXDIE-designed to target the members of the rogue Foxhound unit (and possibly Snake himself); and also Shadow Moses was the testing ground for a new model Metal Gear-Metal Gear REX.



His initial mission failed when FOXDIE killed both Donald Anderson and Kenneth Baker (although in the first case, it was actually Decoy Octopus, who was misleading Snake in order to get him to actually activate Metal Gear REX). However, he was soon able to rescue other captives-Hal Emmerich, or Otacon, and Campbell’s “niece” (actually daughter) Meryl Silverburgh. He also had an ongoing semi-alliance with a  Cyborg Ninja-actually the cybernetically resurrected Grey Fox-who helped him but also craved one final fight with his former friend and rival.


Taking on the members of FOXHOUND in combat, as well as the genome army, Snake made his way through the base, and finally reached the Metal Gear after a long trial, including Meryl getting badly wounded and captured by Sniper Wolf. He finally reached REX’s hanger, but unexpectedly, instead of deactivating the Gear, he *activated* it, having been tricked by “Miller” who was in fact Liquid Snake in disguise. He also learned he had largely been a pawn used by Defense secretary Jim Houseman, and part of his mission was to cover up the existence of REX, the rogue FOXHOUND and the genome army.

Liquid also had a startling revelation about Solid Snake’s past-not only were they the sons of Big Boss, but they were the product of the Les Infant Terribles project, an attempt to clone the legendary soldier. Liquid then boarded the Metal Gear, and faced off against his brother, with Grey Fox aiding Snake in destroying the Radome, leaving Liquid more vulnerable.

Solid Snake was able to disable the gear, but the resulting explosion knocked him out. He woke up to face his brother again, on top of the unit and holding Meryl captive.


The two got into a tense fistfight, and Liquid fell off the gear, severely injured. Snake then rescued Meryl and the two escaped Shadow Moses….but Liquid wasn’t quite dead yet.

After a chase in the jeep, which ended up with both crashing, Liquid Snake finally succumbed to FOXDIE.

After that, Snake and Meryl found a jetski nearby, and Solid Snake wondered if he could now pursue a new life, a new purpose, perhaps a life with Meryl by his side. He also revealed his real name: David.

Unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want….as Snake would soon find out-and he would become further entangled in his father’s legacy.


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