Metal Gear Profiles-Mr.Hideo Kojima


The mysterious, but highly skilled mercenary and informant known as Hideo Kojima was discovered by Big Boss in the back of a truck while the mercenary searched around. He was then recruited to, and became a valued member, of MSF’s intel team.

Later that year, he was sent to Cuba where he gained major intelligence at a “Black site” Camp, similar to Camp Omega. After he gained the intel, he made his escape, and was covered by Big Boss in his HIND piloted by Morpho.


Finally rescuing him, they returned to him his glasses, although he wandered what took so long.


Surviving the destruction of Mother Base, Mr.Kojima was eventually captured by the Soviet Union, and once again had to be bailed out by Big Boss (or rather, his Phantom “Venom Snake”)-especially since he was a highly valued VIP member of MSF, and well suited to Diamond Dogs. He pretty much had the exact same reaction as before.

It’s unknown what happened to Mr. Kojima after that, although it’s possible he was part of Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land. Perhaps he commanded-and then haunts-Shadow Moses Island





Or perhaps he decided to go into creating video games….






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