Bond in Review: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Part V


Tracy immediately recognizes that something’s up with her boyfriend, and they quickly slip out so Bond can get to the nearest phone booth to contact London. They manage to make it to a car, where we get a little joke to his earlier ‘rescue’ at the hotel Casino, that she wouldn’t “banco” on Bond not having been spotted. Tracey reveals that her father told her where to find him (although not anything as specific as to be at the ice rink at the exact time he needed help).

Unfortunately for Bond, they did notice, and Bond is unable to finish the call, with the two forced to throw off their pursuers by getting involved in a local car race.


With Tracey proves she’s just as good with tactical driving as Bond is pretty much. No wonder she becomes Mrs. Bond! Bond in the meantime is in the passenger seat the whole time.

Unfortunately despite temporarily alluding Bunt, weather proves a more formidable adversary, and they’re forced to shack up for the night in a barn. Cue romantic lighting:



As the two cuddle a bit, Tracey asks about what went on at Piz Gloria, but Bond says he can’t tell as it’s his job. Or maybe it’s because he technically cheated on her there. Bond muses that it’s about time he stopped thinking about himself, and that he might need to ‘find something else’ (perhaps a real resignation, something Bond also seems to consider upon “settling down” in both Casino Royale and Spectre….which didn’t work out well either in the first place, and we’re still waiting on the second). Bond then proposes marriage, to which Tracey accepts, and there’s some back and forth about finding a place to settle down.

The chemistry is really great in this scene, and Lazenby actually sells the emotion and vulnerability of his Bond here. Connery’s Bond was a bit more cold with sensitive emotions(he did seem to get more of the rest of the character well done), so I’m not sure if he would’ve handled this scene-or a key later one-better. Plus there’s a nice instrumental rendition of “We have all the Time in the world” here as well.

In the morning, Blofeld finds the barn but Tracey and Bond have already high-tailed it out of there-on skis. Time for ski chase #2-but this time in daylight, and with Tracey. Blofeld’s also back in pursuit as well. (not so how well Bunt would have ski’ed).


Gotta like the ease and amusement that Diana Rigg does it, though, and her “Simple!” as she (or rather, her stunt double) clears two rooftops with really big jumps.

One SPECTRE agent falls into the path of an ice clearing machine, and there’s a pretty nasty death scene as what’s left of him spurts out over the snow. Probably the most violent and gory villain death until “License to Kill”. While there are plenty of unpleasant death scenes of both good and evil characters in the series-Helga Brandt’s demise in the previous film being a prime example (and a later one coming up)-they’re relatively violent and blood free, and I really, really hope this isn’t the image that shows up on my links to this on other sites 🙂


Bond of course quips “He had lots of guts!”, but then he and Tracey head into an avalanche zone, which Blofeld quickly takes advantage of by firing a flare into the zone, triggering one that buries both Bond and Tracey. They both survive, although Blofeld for the moment is convinced Bond is probably dead; while he and his men recover Tracy as Bond looks on in despair….which leads to a brilliant shot of him back in London, looking out the window of M’s office, with the scene reflected and Bond still in somber spirits. Bond’s got his fiancee on his mind… (It should be noted that much of the above is not in the novel at all; Bond is still rescued by Tracey, but she doesn’t get involved in any chase scenes and she and Bond just go to the airport. She doesn’t get captured by SPECTRE either. So this is pretty much mostly artistic license) .




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