Metal Gear Profiles-Raiden/Jack Part I

The man who would become known as “Raiden” was born during the Liberian civil war in Africa. After the death of his parents-in fact orchestrated by George Sears, AKA the third clone of Big Boss and the future Solidus Snake-and he became a child soldier in the conflict.

Eventually, Jack’s proficiency in the war earned him the nickname “Jack the Ripper”. After the war was over, Jack eventually was taken to the united states, with counseling-and the interests of the Patriots AI (Who wanted to use him as a test subject to expand their influence)-suppressing his bloody past.

Eventually Jack joined the US military, where he trained using VR simulations, including recreations of Shadow Moses.


Eventually, the Patriots put their S3 plan (Selection for Societal Sanity) into motion- a partial “real world” recreation of the Shadow Moses inciddent to gain data they could use to mold individuals and broaden their control, a twisted version of the Boss’s-and Zero’s- plan for world unity. They had a spy-Rosemary-fall in love with Jack at fort Hamilton in New York (although she eventually fell in love with him for real). The two bonded over “King Kong”, but Rose was somewhat taken aback by Jack’s aloof nature.

Eventually, Jack was assigned to “FOXHOUND” but this was a ruse as the organization had been dissolved after the Shadow Moses incident (and I can’t imagine the earlier stuff with Big Boss helped either) and given the codename “Snake” to start, but eventually it was switched to Raiden, since the leader of the Dead cell had identified himself as Solid Snake. His mission: To rescue the president from the Dead Cell/Sons of Liberty group, who had kidnapped him while he was inspecting the Big Shell facility. Rose was assigned as mission support.


As Raiden made his way through the facility, certain details didn’t seem to add up. He was given intel by a “Cyborg Ninja”, and met and worked with a mysterious man known as Iroqouis Pliskin, who claimed to be part of the SEAL team sent there that had largely been wiped out.


Things came to a head when it was revealed that it was not Solid Snake that had planned the kidnapping, but Solidus Snake, who was using the incident in part as a revolt against the Patriots (But was actually being played by them as well, playing the “role” of Liquid Snake) . The real Solid Snake was in fact Iroquis himself, although his appearance was not part of the Patriot’s plan.


He also learned part of the truth about the mission from President Johnson, who explained that this was a major set up by the Patriots, and that Solidus’s true aim was the capture of Arsenal Gear, a massive battleship hidden underneath the Big Shell. He then rescued Emma Emmerich, who implanted a virus into the Patriot’s AI running the mission, causing it to malfunction and give Raiden strange messages. Unfortunately, Emma was killed by Solidus’s man, Vamp.


Raiden was eventually knocked out by Snake and the cyborg ninja (In fact Olga gurlocovitch in disguise) and then captured by her and taken to the Arsenal Gear. Olga was in fact a double agent, whose baby daughter was being help captive by the Patriots, and she needed Raiden as a distraction so Snake could sneak on board Arsenal. Raiden also re-learned about his dark past from Solidus.

Eventually escaping-although without clothes and gear-Raiden reunited with Snake-now in his sneaking suit-and the two headed through Arsenal Gear.

On the surface, Raiden found himself fighting a considerable amount of Metal Gear RAYs. He defeated them, but still had to deal with Solidus, who killed Olga. Solidus also revealed he planned to use the Arsenal to launch a nuke that would create an EMP, which he would then use to discover the true identity of the Patriots.


Learning more about the true nature of the mission from the Patriots and Revolver Ocelot-to gather information on the S3 project-including the fact that Rose was apparently pregnant (and possibly not real, just part of the simulation), Raiden still had no choice but to kill Solidus, to ensure the safety of not only Rose but Olga’s baby.

Although Raiden was very Disturbed by the truths and conspiracies revealed during the mission,  Snake offered some wise counsel.


No one knowss who or what they are. The memories you have and the role you were assigned are burdens
you have to carry. It doesn’t matter if they were real or not.
That’s never the point.There’s no such thing in the world as absolute reality. Most of
what they call real is actually fiction. What you think you see
is only as real as your brain tells you it is.We can tell other people about — having faith. What we had faith
in. What we found important enough to fight for. It’s not whether
you were right or wrong, but how much faith you were willing to
have, that decides the future. The Patriots are a kind of ongoing
fiction too, come to think of it….

He then revealed that Rose was real, and she and Jack had a conversation.


Rose : Do you remember this place?

Jack : Of course. This is where we first met… I remember now — Today
is the day I met you. That’s it. I think I found something to
pass along to the future. He said all living things want their
genes to live on.

Rose : Are you talking about the baby?

Jack : Yeah. But genes aren’t the only thing you pass on. There are too
many things that aren’t written into our DNA. It’s up to us to
teach that to our children.

Rose : What kind of things?

Jack : About the environment, our ideas, our culture… poetry…
compassion… sorrow… joy… We’ll tell them everything…

Rose : Is that a — proposal?

Jack : This is for your ears — only…

However, Jack’s troubles were not over yet. Liquid Ocelot still remained at large, the Patriots were up to some grand scheme and Olga’s infant daughter was still being help captive. His story was just starting.




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