Movies that were inspired by Metal Gear-Kong: Skull Island. 

King Kong, of course, was the 1933 film that featured an expedition to an uncharted island that was pretty much ruled by a giant ape, who is brought back-in captivity-to New York City to be displayed as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”-only to break out and climb the Empire State Building, where he meets his final fate. The movie was also a sort of modern take on “Beauty and the Beast”, with the Ape smitten with damsel actress Ann Darrow.


The film of course was referenced in Metal Gear Solid II, as part of the reason Jack/Raiden and Rosemary started dating (Well, apart from being manipulated by the Patriots).


And the King Kong inspired Donkey Kong is of course an nintendo icon, one which Solid Snake went up against in the “Super Smash Bros” series.

Image result for Donkey kong vs solid snake smash bros

It’s also spun off a small movie franchise over the years, with mixed results-one sequel, Son of Kong, shortly followed the original film; then he starred in a series of Japanese films, one in which he faced off against Godzilla, and the other, where he fought a robotic duplicate, mecha kong. Snake can also sympathize, at least from Metal Gear Solid III’s Sustenance tie-in to Ape Escape (Unfortunately, not included in any HD version).

There were also two remakes, one in 1976 which led to a 1986 sequel, and a 2005 one by Lord of the Ring’s Peter Jackson, both of which had mixed reception. Kong of course has also appeared in various animated series, comics, novels etc.

In 2017 a new Kong film was released, part of Legendary Pictures’s new “Monsterverse”, started by 2014’s “Godzilla”, directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. However, what surprised many during the press tour for the film was that Roberts stated he was keen on developing a Metal Gear Solid film, and even consulted with Hideo Kojima about the project (With Kojima no longer in charge of the Metal Gear brand though, I’m wondering how this all works out, though).

Of course, the film has some Metal Gear influence. Kong: Skull Island’s opening credits show us the dawn of the cold war via newspapers and archival footage, as it’s a period piece set in the mid 70’s, via

MGS 3’s opening is pretty similar-at least at first-with several newspapers also setting up the setting, although it later becomes far more “Bondesque”.

A great deal of the games also utilize live-action footage of events to help shape the narrative, including some political and military footage.

However, this could just be a coincidence. Far more likely as a reference are the Sky Devils unit led by Samuel L. Jackson’s Packard, all of which have the callsign FOX.


Although curiously, it’s emblem resembles that of another video game icon, the Kingdom of Hyrule, in the Legend of Zelda. (This is intentional on behalf of the director).


Also intentional: Marlowe’s WWII plane turned boat, the Grey Fox.

Image may contain: 1 person, beard and outdoor

Grey Fox is named after a Metal Gear character, a FOXHOUND agent who is initially captured by Big Boss, but then later becomes sympathetic to his cause. After a battle with Snake leaving him near-death, he’s revived and experimented on by Patriots member Dr. Clark (Formerly Big Boss’s support and friend, Para-Medic), becoming a Cyborg Ninja that became involved in the Shadow Moses incident.

Image result for Grey fox metal gear Msx Image result for Metal gear cyborg ninja

Both Grey Foxes are of course converted from their original purpose into something else, but both are vital to saving our heroes.

Possible also a possible reference (although maybe not) is Conrad braving poision gas with a gas mask and cleaving through pteranodon like creatures with a samurai sword, something which brings to mind two Metal Gear characters….


Psycho Mantis, from Metal Gear Solid I and 5…(and sort of in 4)


Image result for Metal gear gas mask

and of course Grey Fox and those with similar attributes in later games…

As for the Metal Gear movie, Kong itself proved to be a  fairly good success so perhaps it’ll eventually get made-and hopefully, is much better than a lot of other video game adaptations have been in the past.


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