Metal Gear Profiles: Professor Galvez/ Vladimir Zadarnov


“Let the Age of Deterrence be Undone by the Deterrent Itself – such is the Kremlin’s plan”-Zadarnov

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Posing as a pacifist professor of peace at a “Peace university”, “Galvez”-who wore a cybernetic hand with a built in lighter and rocket function, the man known as Vladimir Zadarnov was in fact a member of the KGB, who wanted to bring Latin America more fully into the cold war, specifically Costa Rica-giving the soviets an advantage right on America’s doorstep. Although Costa Rica had no army, Zadarnov had two proxies-Peace Sentinel, part of the renegade CIA group led by Hot Coldman, who were creating the Peace Walker project; and Militaries San Frontieras, Big Boss’s small group of mercenaries.


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In order to bring Big Boss to his side, he gave him tasty bait-a recording of Big Boss’s mentor, The Boss, recorded nearby, as well as the means to expand his mercenary group using an offshore plant-the future “Mother base”. He was also accompanied by his “student”, Paz.

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Big Boss and Kaz found his story suspicious, but decided to investigate the recording and the group behind it, Peace Sentinel. In fact, Zadarnov was also conspiring with Hot Coldman, and helping to develop the Peace Walker-but only so he could take over the project and Peace Sentinel for Russia’s own ends. He finally staged this coup when Big Boss infiltrated Peace Sentinel’s Nicaragua base, and planned to nuke cuba and blame it on America using Peace Walker. He also planned to make Big Boss a martyr for the communist sandanistas, but Amanda realized his duplicity, and stormed in with her sandanistas and the MSF, and declared:

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Zadarnov then was brought into MSF custody, but somebody kept letting him out, where he tried to escape to the mainland. Eventually, after several attempts, he was cornered by Big Boss in the target practice area of Mother Base. He was fatally shot by Big Boss, but still declared that his work was done, and then tried to kill Big Boss with the cybernetic hand, using it’s rocket function.


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As it turns out, Zadarnov was continually freed by Paz, who was not only working with him in the KGB, but was actually a triple agent for Cipher, who briefly took control of Big Boss’s Metal Gear ZEKE.

Big Boss later used Zadarnov’s hand to light his cigar. The consequences of Zadarnov helping to build MSF-something Kaz Miller was partially aware of-helped form it-and later Diamond Dogs, into Big Boss’s idea of an army without borders-“Outer Heaven”.

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Years later, Venom Snake would gain a similar cybenetic attachment.


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Metal Gear Profiles- Tretij Rebenok/Psycho Mantis

Treti Rebonok, born during the 70s (His name pretty much meaning “Third child” in Russian) for some reason, had strange psychic powers. When these powers awakened, he became a sort of empath, and these negative emotions caused him to destroy his village. He was then taken into soviet custody, and fitted with a straitjacket and gas mask to keep him under control.


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However, upon transportation, he escaped, sensing the awakening of Venom Snake and Big Boss, and also destroyed that transport. Eventually making it to the lab, he found an even more powerful conduit-Volgin, who also awoke and had deep hatred for Big Boss.

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If Snake hadn’t had enough of a bad day, the site of the duo made things even more complicated, and they attacked both Venom Snake and the XOF forces sent to kill him.

Eventually, after Big Boss and Venom’s escape from the hospital, Skull Face somehow managed to get a degree of control over Psycho Mantis and Volgin, and discovered that the boy’s psychic powers-channeled by Volgin’s anger-were capable of piloting the Metal Gear Sehelanthropus without an actual pilot in the cockpit.

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The two encountered Venom Snake several times during his missions, but eventually, when Eli sneaked aboard a Diamond Dogs helicopter, he was able to establish a psychic connection, with a drive for revenge against his “father” that was even greater than Volgin’s.

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The combined Eli/Mantis team then tried to take out Venom Snake with the Metal gear.

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After Venom Snake defeated the hulking mech, disabling it, Mantis-stealing a vial of the vocal cord parasites that was another weapon of Skull Face’s-traveled to Diamond Dog’s mother base with Eli, handing him one of the vials.

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Eventually, he also helped him escape Mother Base in the repaired Metal gear. Eventually fleeing to an island, Eli got infected with the vocal cord parasite, and after another battle with the Metal Gear, were forced to sterilize the site-but Eli and Mantis managed to escape, with Mantis removing the parasite from Eli’s body, and then floating him away to safety.


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Over the next twenty years, Mantis worked in the KGB, FBI, freelance, and then eventually joined his friend in FOXHOUND. When FOXHOUND took over Shadow Moses Island in a coup, Mantis also participated, coming up in part with the plan to deceive Solid Snake into activating REX. He eventually encountered Solid Snake by taking over Meryl’s mind, and even managed to escaped the confines of his Playstation (or Gamecube) disc to read the mind of your memory cards, often remarking on your choice of game(!)

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After knocking out Meryl, Snake took on Mantis himself, and managed to overpower him and take him out. His mask was then removed, revealing a scarred, messed-up face. He used his final moments, in part, to tell Solid Snake that he was a worst person than him, but then also hinted that Meryl had a big place in her heart for Snake.

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However, he wasn’t quite dead yet. Like with the other psychic character, the Sorrow, a part of him managed to survive, and eventually latched onto the leader of the “Beauty and the Beast” core, Screaming Mantis. She even kept a doll of him on her right side, and confronted Snake in Outer Haven, even managing to once again use Meryl as a puppet.

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When she was defeated, the ghost of Mantis appeared before Solid Snake.

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However, the spirit of the Sorrow intervened, and dragged Mantis permenantly into his spirit world. Before leaving, he told Snake “The spirit of the Warrior will always be with you.”

Metal Gear profiles-Granin

Granin was an engineer in the soviet union, and one of the designers of the SS-1C missiles, and helped the Soviets fight back on the Eastern front during World War II with many of his inventions. Although his screen time was short in the series-he provided Naked Snake-the later Big Boss-with vital information that would change the fate of the world.

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Eventually-and working with a colleague, Huey Emmerich-Granin thought of the concept of a Bipedal walking tank, a link-or rather, a “gear” between infantry and artillery..


Granin’s designs for the mech included one similar to Rex and Sehelanthropus, as well as earlier versions of the mecha.



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However, he and Huey were kind of laughed off the stage for the concept, much like Madnar would be with his later designs. Sigint-Donald Anderson-also thought that the concept would never work…

if you ask me, it’s got to be a joke. Not only is making a tank walk on two legs a technical nightmare, but there’s no point in making a walking tank to begin with. Putting legs on a tank would raise its clearance, increasing its frontal projection area. It’d also be less stable. Suppose the legs help the tank travel bad roads… I don’t see the logic in that. Isn’t that what treads are for? I mean, anyone who’d seriously consider making a thing like that has got to be a wacko. …Come to think of it, there was a guy in the States who wrote a paper on that subject. What was his name… Emerson? Heinrich? …Something like that; I don’t really remember. ‘Course, no one took that seriously.

Ironic of course, since Sigint eventually was one of the creators of Metal Gear REX.


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Granin eventually allied with volgin, but his Metal Gear idea was passed over in favor of his rival Sokolov’s Shagohod. Bitter and drunk, he decided to help Snake rescue Sokolov, so his rival could be taken back to the states and the Shagohod hopefully destroyed in the process. He also sent his plans for the Metal Gear to Huey, and gave Snake a key to access Grozny Grad, Volgin’s fortress. Likewise, he also told Snake of the philosopher’s Legacy being used by Volgin to fund the Shagohod and Grad. He also allied himself with “Tatanya”-actually the Chinese spy Eva-and she put a transmitter in his shoe.

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Just like another certain 1960’s spy….

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Suspecting Granin of being a spy, Volgin then beat him to death inside an oil drum, and with such kinetic force that the drum flew into the other drums, and then *into the air* with Granin’s body falling out.

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His death drew a sharp rebuke from Ocelot, but Ocelot had his own uses for Granin, as he himself was a double agent for the CIA, and managed to get some of the Metal gear plans as well. (Something he also would later repeat with REX).

Huey would later use Granin’s concepts to design the Peace Walker…

….and (if you ignore Portable ops) the first named Metal gear, ZEKE.


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….and of course those that would follow, under the command of XOF, Outer Heaven, FOXHOUND and others.

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Metal Gear Profiles-Ricardo “Chico” Valencio Libre

Venom Snake: When you pick up a gun, there’s always the chance you’ll die for nothing. He knew that as well as the rest. Now that he’s gone, it’s up to the rest of us to decide what it was all worth. If we don’t, there’s nothing to prove Chico ever lived at all. We’re his mark on the world.



Chico was the younger brother of Amanda, and with their father, were members of the FSLN. His sister and her “compas” were forced to be pawns of the “Professor Galvez’s” KGB drug trafficking.  When Chico discovered this, he ran away and began plans to destroy the plant.

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It was during this camping out he saw what he described as a giant monster. A fan of UMAS (Unidentified mysterious animals) he termed it “El Basilisco” after the Chilean legend.

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However, this “UMA” was actually the bipedal form of Peace Walker.

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After an argument with his sister, Chico was kidnapped by the massive flying AI prototype, Chrysalis, and brought to Peace Sentinel, where he was forced to reveal information about his compas.

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However, he was eventually rescued by Big Boss, despite his shame in what he did.


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Despite his young age, he became a member of the MSF along with his sister, and they helped rescue Big Boss from the hands of Peace Sentinel.  Echoing the words of his idol Che Guevara, he said “Hasta la Victoria Siempre”-a man who some compared to Big Boss.


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Chico felt betrayed when Paz turned out to be a double agent and commandeered Metal Gear ZEKE, and believed that it wasn’t really her doing. This, unfortunately, would lead to tragedy for the young man. When he learned that Paz had survived and had been captured and held at a camp in Cuba (Secretly run by XOF), he attempted to rescue her.

However, he himself was captured and subjected to cruel torture by XOF and Skull Face, and his feet were bound to his cell. He would be extra bait for Skull Face’s plan to destroy MSF and Big Boss.

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Although Big Boss managed to rescue both Chico and Paz, Paz was loaded with explosives, and as they watched MSF’s Mother Base sink into the Ocean, Paz herself ignited.

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The explosion seriously injured Big Boss and the medic, causing them to fall into 9 year comas (and eventually leading to the creation of “Venom Snake”). Kaz recovered quickly and began rebuilding MSF as Diamond Dogs. Morpho, the helicopter pilot was not so lucky….and neither was Chico, who died. His death was one of the many reasons not only Venom Snake and Miller were haunted by those events, although it also made them believe in helping to rehabilitate child soldiers, including Eli, the future “Liquid Snake”.

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However, it didn’t quite work out so well with the rebellious youth, who later escaped in Selanthropus with the young soldiers.

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Chico, in a largely “non-canon” context, is the one who tells Big Boss of Trenya the cat and the “Monster Hunter” side ops.




Metal Gear tech profiles-Fulton surface to air recovery system

*Please note, the last bit of this is a bit tongue in cheek and doesn’t much pertain to Metal Gear’s ‘canon’.


Big Boss: Stay put. Ever wonder what its like to be a bird?


Big Boss:Cecile. How’d it feel to fly?

Cécile: Wonderful. For a moment, I felt what it must be like to be a bird. It almost made me want to give up my research and get a pilot’s license… 

The Fulton system was actually a real system utilized from the 50’s to the 90’s by the Army and Navy. Basically, a person would activate a balloon tied to a line attached to a harness, that would be picked up by a skyhook on an equipped plane.

James Bond used it at the end of Thunderball….

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and Batman used it in “The Dark Knight” to extract the “Television” Lau from Hong Kong, just as the Joker predicted.

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In Metal Gear,Big Boss was first going to use the Fulton himself to extract himself and Sokolov during the “Virtous mission”.

Unfortunately, due to that mission’s failure, Big Boss was only able to extract himself….and in a heavily injured state as well.


Image result for Injured big boss Metal gear

He got a better chance in 1974, when he started the mercenary group Militaries San Frontieres (Army without borders). This particular fulton was designed to work with MSF’s Morpho helicopters, with one large balloon attached to the back of the target-usually knocked-out Peace Sentinel soldiers who could then possibly be reasoned with to join MSF, but also POWs, important personnel, and if the technology was advanced enough, tanks and APCs, as well as self-extraction.

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It would also be used by Peace Sentinel to capture (or capture back) MSF soldiers, but Big Boss could shoot the balloons down to prevent that.

Image result for Pooyan peace walker

After the destruction of MSF, the Fulton was passed onto Big Boss’s “phantom” Venom Snake, with a new system designed to work with the “Peqoud” helicopters. It could also be fired from a bazooka or from D-walker for a more long-range extraction. In addition to it’s earlier functions….

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…the balloon was also now used to rescue endangered animals from war zones, as well as Venom’s horse, D-horse, who was too big for the tight confines of the helicopter (although I’m not sure hanging outside of one is the healthiest thing either). It also was useful for extracting heavy storage containers with the right modifications.


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Image result for D-horse fulton

Extracted animals would be held at Mother Base’s conservation platform.

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To save some of the trip-as well as provide less of a chance for enemy personnel to shoot down the balloons-the fulton also could have a ‘wormhole’ function which would create a hole in time and space.


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It’s unclear where this technology came from, but maybe it has something to do with a wormhole that was alleged to have taken part of MSF’s mother base away in 1975…

Image result for Metal gear survive wormhole

…but that’s a topic for another time. Say February 2018 or so 🙂

Although the fulton wasn’t used by Solid Snake (as he was more of a loner than Big Boss/Venom and had no need for an army), when he heard about the abilities of the Ford Focus SE from Colonel Campbell, he wanted to use a fulton device to extract one, but was warned by Campbell that the technology hasn’t been used since 1984.

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and balloons wouldn’t entirely have nothing to do with Solid Snake….Image result for Balloon metal gear

Metal Gear profiles-Emma “EE” Emmerich

Emma Emmerich was the daughter of Julie Danziger, who married into the Emmerich family . Like her stepbrother (Hal “Otacon”) and stepfather (Huey), she was extremely gifted with computers and technology, and unfortunately, like both, got caught up in the legacy of the Boss and Metal Gear. Initially, she was very happy with her new family. Hal often called her EE.

When Huey drowned himself, he in turn almost took her with him, causing the family to split up and for her to develop a phobia of drowning. She also eventually, like her brother, became an extremely powerful cracker and attracted the attention of the NSA, and more importantly, the Patriots. She did this, in part, to one-up her estranged stepbrother.


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After leaking information about Metal gear RAY which led to the tanker incident which framed Solid Snake and Hal (and left Snake presumed dead as well), she then became involved in the construction of the Big Shell facility, and began creating an AI for the Arsenal Gear it was hiding-The GW, or “George Washington” AI. Emma’s placement was also part of the S3 plan, an attempt to replicate a situation similar to Solid Snake’s mission at Shadow Moses in order for the Patriots to gain extra data.



Image result for Emma emmerich

The Sons of Liberty group and their Dead Cell members however invaded the Big Shell, and attempted to drug Emma to get information on how to hack into the massive battleship. She was then rescued by Raiden, although she took some time to trust him-and in order to escape, had to pass through a flooded area of the facility.

Image result for Emma emmerich Raiden

Managing to avoid drowning, she was able to overcome her phobia.


Image result for Raiden swimming metal gear solid 2

Eventually, she attempted to cross a series of fences on the facility to rendezvous with Solid Snake and Otacon. Despite watching her by taking up sniper positions to cover her, Snake and Raiden were unable to save her from Vamp, who arrived and then stabbed her repeatedly.


Image result for Emma and vamp metal gear

Despite the team’s best efforts, the wounds were fatal without a medical doctor present. However, Emma was able to sabotage the Arsenal Gear’s AI with a Worm cluster virus (which also caused Raiden’s “Colonel” commander to malfunction) that was somewhat modeled on the FOXDIE virus Naomi Hunter had created for Shadow Moses.

Image result for Emma's death metal gear

Her death once again saddened Otacon greatly, but Solid Snake was able to mostly snap him out of it, although he later wept  in the hallway while trying to evacuate with the hostages. He would also hold a grudge against Vamp until his death years later, which later became more of a pity.

Image result for Otacon crying Metal gear solid 2



The same virus would later perform part of the virus that along with Naomi Hunter and Sunny Emmerich’s modifications, would bring the control of the Patriots down-FOXALIVE.

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Metal Gear Profiles-Hal “Otacon” Emmerich

Otacon : Snake, wait up! You forgot these….

Snake : No thanks. I’m quitting.

Otacon : Snake?

Snake : These things will kill ya.

Otacon : Where will you go…? Our fight is finished. There’s nothing left for us to do.

Snake : No. There’s one thing I still have to do. I have to see this age off… See what the future brings.

Otacon : Sounds good to me. I’ll go with you. S

nake : Otacon, I’m gonna be dead soon. You don’t have to come.

Otacon : You said it yourself, Snake. There’s nothing inside you can pass on to the next generation. No genes, no memes… You’re man-made… You’re a beast.

Snake : I know… A blue rose. There won’t be any happy “Beauty and the Beast” ending for me. What little time I have left will be spent living… As a beast. A shadow of the inside… Of the old age.

Otacon : Exactly. That’s why you need me. As a witness.

Snake : A witness?

Otacon : Yeah. Someone on the outside to bear witness to your final days. Someone to pass on your story… Not that I’m the only witness. But I’ll remember everything you were… And stick with you to the end.

Snake : Otacon….

Otacon : Besides, you wouldn’t let me suffer Sunny’s eggs alone, would you?




Hal “Otacon” Emmerich was born-possibly in Afghanistan-to Dr. Strangelove and Huey Emmerich in 1980, as they were working to develop the Metal Gear Sehalanthropus for XOF and the Soviets. He was named after the computer in 2001: A Space Oddyssey (In the same way, his father was named after a robot in “Silent Running”.)

Image result for Otacon Strangelove

However, at the age of 3, Huey planned to use his son as a test subject for the robot, which made Strangelove furious. Concerned for the safety of her son, she had him shipped to America, away from his father. Huey reacted badly to this situation, locking her in the Boss AI tube and having her suffocate.

After his exile from Diamond Dogs, Huey and his son were eventually reunited, and Huey remarried a British woman, and Hal gained a new stepsister, Emma. However, Huey eventually drowned himself in the family pool, and Hal and Emma (Or “E.E” as he liked to call her) drifted from each other.

Image result for Otacon and solid snake Grey fox


Eventually, he enrolled in MIT and Princeton, where he gained PHDs and degrees, and also did some work for the FBI. He eventually became a developer for Armstech-and chief designer for Metal Gear REX at Shadow Moses, much like his father before him. It was here he would cross paths with Solid Snake, beginning a long friendship.

The naive Hal believed Rex would only be a defense system, although it possessed a railgun capable of launching nukes. He also stated that in part, he liked designing it because it reminded him of robots in Japanese anime-Hal also adopted the nickname “Otacon” short for Otaku convention.

Image result for Otacon


After the takeover of Shadow Moses Island by the rogue FOXHOUND, Hal was forced to work for them, but developed a possibly Stockholm syndrome form of affection for Sniper Wolf, and helped to feed her wolves.

Image result for Sniper wolf

Eventually, Snake came across Otacon hiding in the lockers after one of his confrontations with Grey Fox, saying that the confrontation reminded him of…


Image result for it's just like one of my japanese animes


Being told the truth about what Metal Gear really was by Snake, Hal decided to aid the soldier, after some uneasy first impressions. He took stealth camouflage and snuck around the base with it, aiding Snake by helping him escape from prison (giving him ketchup to mimic the appearance of blood) helping Snake realize that the were genome soldiers also wearing stealth camo in an elevator, and also gave Snake other forms of intel-especially on REX-and also asked Snake an important question.


Image result for do you think love can bloom even on a battlefield

Mainly addressed to his relationship with Sniper Wolf. However,  as part of his mission, Snake was forced to kill Wolf, which devastated Hal.

Image result for Sniper wolf death


After Rex was deactivated by Snake, Otacon helped Snake and Meryl escape by unlocking several doors from his computer, and eventually escaped himself.

He, Snake, Natasha Rumenko and Me Ling formed the PHILANTHROPY group, oppossed to the development of Metal Gears (Since Ocelot had leaked the plans for REX to the black market, allowing for many Metal gear knock-offs). Eventually, getting a letter from his sister “E.E”-or so he though-they discovered the Army was building one-an Anti-Metal Gear Metal Gear, Ray. Although it’s purpose was to destroy other Metal Gears, Otacon and Snake still felt they needed to expose it, and Snake infiltrated the tanker Discovery to photograph it and send them to Otacon’s computer (which had an Otacon avatar). However, the mission was largely a trap set by Ocelot. Snake and Otacon managed to escape, and went underground.

Image result for Otacon metal gear solid icon


2 years later Otacon reemerged in the Big Shell incident, where on the site of the Tanker’s sinking a “cleaning facility” was built, but in fact it was cover for a new “Arsenal Gear”-a massive submarine Metal Gear. It was then taken over by Solidus Snake and his “Sons of Liberty”/Dead Cell.He discovered his stepsister, Emma, was working on the project. Snake and Otacon-working with Raiden-infiltrated the Big Shell, and he was reunited with Emma. Unfortunately, their reunion was short-lived and tragic, as Emma was stabbed by Vamp.


Image result for Emma's death Metal gear

Upset that he lost yet another woman he cared for, Otacon nevertheless tried to pull himself together with help from Snake, and tried to evacuate the remaining hostages. And hence, some of the coolest Metal Gear moments were born.


Image result for Snake and Otacon handshake


Image result for Snake Otacon raiden

Otacon was able to figure out that the “Colonel Campbell” ordering Raiden was in fact an AI construct, especially when he found out it was coming from within the ship and acting very strangely after Emma’s virus was loaded into it Arsenal’s GW AI. After Solid Snake recovered info on the Patriots, both he and Snake were perplexed that the Patriot’s members were not only some of Philantropy’s backers, but also all dead for nearly a century.

Image result for Otacon and sunny


After Raiden rescued Sunny-Olga Krulenko’s daughter Hal took her in as a stepdaughter, and noticed that Snake was aging at an increased rate. Due to being framed for the Patriots, they largely used the NOMAD plane as their lab and base of operations.

Image result for Otacon Metal gear solid 4

Eventually, Colonel Campbell (the real one) located Liquid Ocelot, and Snake and Otacon went after him. Although largely staying on NOMAD with Sunny, he was able to assist Snake on the field using the Metal Gear Mark II, a small, definitely non-nuclear Metal Gear with video interface and wires capable of manipulating objects and hacking computers. It also served as a useful scout.


Image result for Metal gear Mk 2 Metal gear solid 4

After Snake rescued Naomi Hunter, he began a romantic relationship with her, and she served as a sort of mother figure to Sunny.  However, she seemed to rejoin Ocelot’s faction later on, although this was a bit of a ruse.

Image result for Naomi hunter and otacon

Eventually, using footage captured by the Mk II (Which was then replaced with a Mark III) Otacon and Snake realized that Ocelot intended to steal Metal Gear Rex’s railgun for use as a weapon against the Patriot’s satellite AI JD….so Snake returned to Shadow Moses, with Raiden helping him with the Mark III, and the two recalling their past adventure together.

However, it was discovered that Ocelot had already gotten the Railgun, and what’s worse, Naomi died from her cancer, which she had only been holding back using  transfusions of nanomachines. Deciding he had no tears left to shed, Otacon-despite devastated at the loss of yet another woman he cared about, managed to pull himself together again and reactivate Metal Gear REX, although without it’s railgun, and had Snake unlock it’s “Street fighter” mode, allowing for it to battle Ocelot’s RAY.


Image result for Rex vs ray


Later, Otacon briefed everyone on Ocelot’s plan as they planned to infiltrate Outer Haven, Ocelot’s Arsenal gear warship, and once again assisted Snake using the Mk III. When GW was shut down, a pre-recorded message from Naomi played, explaining that, with Sunny’s help, she was able to override the Patriot’s AI, allowing their control to fade but not totally messing up civilization. Otacon was thankful-and yet very sad-at her sacrifice.

Image result for Otacon cries

Otacon, along with Sunny, later attended Meryl and Johnny’s wedding, although Snake couldn’t since he was doing his own reunion with Big Boss. He stated that Snake “always keeps people waiting”.

Image result for Otacon Drebin

As Snake went on to his final months, Otacon vowed to be his ‘witness’ and friend until his end. He also became somewhat more confident, earning a slight reputation as a “ladies’s man” although he often kept them at arm’s length due to the fates of Wolf, Emma and Naomi.