Metal Gear profiles: Huey Emmerich


One day he’ll see through the lies he built up. Realize what kind of man he really is. What goes around comes around. You can’t run from yourself forever.-Ocelot


You knew our family’s dark history, and still got involved!?
What’s wrong with you!?¬†Answer me! Why are you repeating the same mistake?-Hal “Otacon” Emmerich




Huey Emmerich was born in August 6th, 1945, the day the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. His father was part of the Manhattan Project as well. Born paraplegic, he eventually worked with NASA on rockets, alongside Dr. Strangelove, who gave him the nickname “Huey” (His real name is unknown, but is possibly Henrich). In the 60s, he also became colleagues with Russian scientist Granin, who created the Metal Gear concept in the first place. Although the Metal gear was abandoned by Volgin in favor of the Shagohod tank, the papers were sent to Huey in the states.

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Working again with Strangelove, he became involved in Peace Sentinel’s “Peace Walker” project. In designing the prototypes for the project, he used design inspiration from both the Shagohod and Metal Gear projects, ultimately culminating in the Peace Walker itself, the first “walking tank”

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However, he soon became disillusion with Hot Coldman when he learned he intended to use Peace Walker not as a deterrent, but to fire an actual nuke.

Rejecting this, he eventually joined Big Boss’s MSF, giving him valuable intel on Peace Sentinel’s operations and working with the R and D departments. He also began working on a project for Big Boss-the Metal Gear ZEKE, largely built from AI and weapons components from the destroyed Peace Walker prototypes-and possessing a nuke-a nuke that Huey believed would be used as a deterrent, as opposed to Peace Walker which was intended to be field-tested by Coldman.

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After Strangelove was brought to Mother Base to help work on Metal Gear ZEKE-and the weapon was almost used by Paz-Huey and Strangelove started to take their relationship to another level.

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But things wouldn’t exactly end well. Huey-without Big Boss’s or Kaz’s authority-agreed to sign off on a UN inspection of Mother Base-although the Metal gear with it’s nuke was hidden under the sea. Strangelove left the base during this time, as did the other civlians except for Huey.

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However, the inspection was a smoke screen, and MSF was played like a damn fiddle by XOF, a rogue group split from CIPHER, with Mother Base destroyed, Big Boss and a medic falling into a coma, and the deaths of Paz, Morpho and Chico. Huey-possibly aware of this all along-was taken to XOF. Kaz-who recovered early from the destruction-sought out Huey, finally finding a lead in Afghanistan.

In the nine years at Afghanistan, he worked on Skull Face’s Metal Gear Sehalanthropus, along with Strangelove, who recovered the Peace Walker AI and used it for future research. Eventually, this union produced a son: Hal. In addition to working on Sehalanthropus, he developed new mobile legs and “Walker gears” based on Metal Gear technology/

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As selanthropus neared completion-although with a cockpit that could only really fit a child at this stage, Huey decided he wanted a test subject-his son-to pilot it. Strangelove, appalled by this, arranged to have Hal sent to the states where he would be safe from his father. Once Hal found out about this, he lashed out and sealed Strangelove in the AI pod tube, causing her to suffocate (The body continued to remain in the pod until recovered by Venom Snake).


About a year later, Venom Snake-believing himself to be Big Boss-awoke from his coma and tracked down Huey in Afghanistan at a soviet base. As Venom Snake escaped with Huey, he found his weapon Selanthropus being used, even though the AI interface wasn’t completed and it had no pilot. It was in fact, being piloted supernaturally by Treti Rebonek, the future “Psycho mantis”.


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Although Snake managed to escape with Huey and the scientist was brought to Diamond Dog’s mother base, he was met with distrust by several members of the staff, especially Kazuhira Miller. Nevertheless, he was admitted into R & D, and developed Diamond Dog’s D-Walker and Battle gear.

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He was also reguarly interrogated by Kaz, Venom Snake, and Miller, where he revealed details about XOF’s other weapon-the vocal cord parasites-as well as info on Selanthropus and Cipher’s Les Infant Terribles project.

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When it finally became time to take on Selanthropus and Skull Face at OKB Zero, it was Huey who finally killed him after he was crushed by the (Eli-controlled) Selanthropus, and further maimed by Snake and Miller. He then gloated of his “revenge”.


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When the deactivated Selanthropus was taken to Mother Base, Huey was in awe of his creation-and started to put his own plans into action against Diamond Dogs. He repaired Selanthropus in secret, where it was eventually taken by Eli and his group of child soldiers. He also experimented on Code Talker’s vocal cord parasites, intending to sell them to DARPA (under the control of Donald Anderson, who was putting his own plans into motion), which caused a major outbreak at mother base, forcing Venom Snake to kill several of his own men. Huey, of course, blamed their deaths on Venom Snake instead.


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The most damning evidence that Huey was up to no good came from the AI pod-which contained the bones of Strangelove, as well as her last recorded moments clearly implicating Huey. Huey was put on trial, with Kaz and many of the soldiers calling for blood.

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During the trial, Huey once again attempted to deflect blame onto Big Boss and his men, and not himself. Although Kaz wanted him dead, Venom Snake chose to exile him instead, in a life raft, where he continued to rail against Diamond Dogs, and had to be abandon his robotic legs. Big Boss’s later Metal Gears-TX-55 and D-would be developed by a different scientist-Drago Pettrovich Madnar.

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Huey later on made it to the United States, where he reunited with Hal, and eventaully married Julie Danziger, a british woman. He also raised Danziger’s daughter, Emma, along with Hal. However, as Ocelot predicted, his lies-and his family being closer to Hal than to him-eventually led him to drown himself in the family.

In a bit of irony-or perhaps because of his father’s history with the Metal Gear projects-his son, Hal, would develop a Metal Gear with many similar aspects to his father’s prototypes. The Metal Gear REX. Like his father, he would also find himself allied with a Snake-Big Boss’s clone son, Solid Snake…as well as working as a hostage under his father’s ally Eli, now Liquid Snake.

Although sharing many of the same personality traits as his father, Hal turned out to be a far, far better man. But that’s for another profile….


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Metal Gear similarities: X-men Part II: The Best they are at what they do

*Spoilers* for Logan and the Metal Gear games follow.

X-man. Avenger. Ronin. Hero. But also, the result of a government testing program to weaponize mutants-“Weapon X”, which left him with years of traumatic and confused memories. James “Logan” Howlett, The Wolverine. “The Best he is at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice”.

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Solid Snake. Fox-Hounder. Hero. Loner. Soldier. “The Man who makes the impossible possible”.


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So what’s the similarities between the two? Well, there’s of course the gruff nature, the permanent scruffiness, the adeptness at hand-to-hand combat (although Wolverine has a slight advantage there with the claws and all) and the fondness for tobacco products. Although like Big Boss (Heck, it’s pretty much the last thing he ever does!), Wolverine smokes cigars, while Solid Snake’s more of a cigarette guy. Although Metal Gear of course comes with it’s own warnings on the risks ūüôā


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(and yes, Wolverine did have a short-lived era where he wore an eyepatch as a cover)

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But apart from the many surface similarities there’s a few other things which make the characters kind of similar.

Both have somewhat plain introductions into pop culture. Wolverine debuted in “Incredible Hulk” as a guest character, with the intent that the claws were in fact just part of his gloves. He also had a much smaller face mask (which eventually was traded for the larger ‘ears’ when he made his X-men debut, although-apart from the “brown” costume in the 80’s, he’s largely stuck with the “yellow spandex” ever since)

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We don’t even see the character’s face (and of course the unusual hair) until a few issues into him joining the X-men.

Solid Snake, likewise, is a bit of a cipher (heh) in the first Metal Gear-he’s given fairly little dialogue, and not a lot of his nature is revealed.

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Although the cigarettes are pretty much there from day one. Their in-game purpose being to slow time down (or accelerate it, as seen in Metal Gear solid V), calm snake’s nerves, or the smoke being used to detect infrared sensors (They also drain health, an extra deterrent in addition to the Surgeon General warning).

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Their actual-and unusual origins were both revealed after their debut. Part of Wolverine’s story was told in the “Marvel comics Presents” arc “Weapon X”, while going further back, his full origin-and his real name, James Howlett-were revealed in 2003’s “Origin” miniseries.


Both are “born” in a lab, the result of experiments. With Wolverine, adamantium is bonded to his skeleton, making his bones and claws unbreakable-a process only made possible by his other major power, his healing factor.


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Solid Snake was created as a clone of Big Boss by Major Zero, an attempt to extend Big Boss’s legacy should he ever leave the Patriot’s organization (Which, ironically, he did upon hearing of this). Two others-Eli (Liquid Snake) and George (Solidus Snake) were also created.

Although the project was pretty much abandoned and the Snakes given to handlers, eventually they all became soldiers in their own right, and face their “father” Big Boss.

It’s worth also noting that the fates of the movie version of Logan and Solid Snake have a few similarities as well. In “Logan” Wolverine’s healing factor is starting to fail, with the adamantium in his bones starting to poison him.



Likewise, Solid Snake’s nature as a clone in Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots has caused him to rapidly age (and the Foxdie viruses in his bloodstream don’t help either).


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Both are old and worn out, but go on one last mission. Ironically, they kind of end in a very similar fashion.

Logan dies next to his clone daughter at the end of LOGAN.

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….Big Boss, likewise, dies next to his clone “Son” in Metal Gear Solid IV.

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There’s one final connection that’s worth noting. The man who wrote the first X-MEN movie? David Hayter.

The same David Hayter who provided the renowned English voice of Solid Snake and Big Boss (Up until Metal Gear Solid V, where he was replaced by Kiefer Sutherland) and made a cameo as himself in Metal Gear Solid IV’s strange talk show segment.

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Metal Gear tech profiles-Cybernetic arm

Ocelot: Here Snake, try this on.

Venom Snake: A prosthetic arm?

Ocelot:¬†Miller was calling it “the arm that wasn’t there.” The physiotherapy is going well. Your arm’s bulked up for it to fit. There. Perfect. A little time with it and it’ll work better than the real thing. What do you think?

Venom Snake: I can still feel my real arm.

Ocelot:¬†Well, you’d better get used to this one quick. You have any pain?

Venom Snake:¬†Every now and then…

Ocelot: Where?

Venom Snake:¬†…My fingertips. My left fingertips.

Ocelot: Sounds like phantom pain. Your brain remembers your old hand.



The first Cybernetic arm in the Metal Gear series is used by Vladimir Zardonov in Peace Walker. It features articulated digits…

Image result for Metal gear cyborg arm Zadornov

but also a lighter (used by Big Boss after defeating Zadarnov and Paz)

and a detachable rocket function (Which Zadarnov attempts to kill Big Boss with, but he misses) :


When Venom Snake-formerly an MSF medic-was caught in the helicopter blast during the destruction of MSF, his arm was blown off, among other injuries and a nine year coma. Although initially given a hook prosthesis, once he escaped the hospital in Cyprus with the help of “Ishmael” (The real Big Boss) and Ocelot, he was eventually given a cybernetic arm after rebuilding his muscles, which would give him a boost with CQC.



After rescuing Kaz (Who had also suffered similar injuries, but decline a prosthesis because he needed to feel the pain of losing his comrades) ¬†and the Soviet scientist who developed the arm, the cyborg arm was upgraded with many other abilities to help Venom Snake in the field. The “Rocket Punch” where it would temporarily detach via rockets, which could be used to stun or kill enemies (If given the “Blast arm” enhancement)-similar to what Zardarnov attempted….

Image result for Rocket punch Metal gear

The “Stun arm” Capable of shocking opponents:


Image result for Metal gear stun arm

and the “Hand of Jehuty” with electronic Wisp functions (and similar to another game of Kojima’s) “Zone of the Enders”.

Image result for Hand of jehuty wisp

Image result for Jehuty

It addition, the arm was able to use a sort of ground sonar when Snake punched the ground in order to uncover the locations of nearby enemies.


Image result for Venom snake punches mirror

The Arm-mainly in his color red-and Venom Snake’s shrapnal ‘horn’ were the most distinct features that distinquished Venom Snake from the real Big Boss (Who kept his body intact-minus of course his distinctive eye injury-up until Zanzibar Land).

Image result for Big boss eyepatch phantom pain

When battling Solid Snake at Outer Heaven-posing as the ‘real’ Big Boss, Venom Snake did not seem to use his arm against Solid Snake-opting instead for a gun. It’s unclear whether this was to further deceive Solid Snake, he had the arm covered or replaced, or it didn’t work anymore (The real reason of course, was that the revelation that Venom Snake was the Big Boss encountered in Outer Heaven wasn’t revealed until the release of Metal Gear Solid V).

Image result for Big boss MSX


It’s been suggested by some, that due to Hideo Kojima and JJ Abrams being friends., that the reason C-3PO of “Star Wars” has a red arm in “The Force Awakens” is because it’s a bit of a tip of a hat to his fellow creator…..

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Image result for C-3PO red arm

Metal Gear Tech profiles-Sneaking suit

The Sneaking suit was a special outfit that was designed to somewhat mimic human anatomy, giving an extra layer of protection to it’s wearer, but also be fairly lightweight at the same time.

Initially soviet technology, it was first fielded by the Boss during Operation Snake Eater, and later a black version was discovered and used by Snake-the soon to become Big Boss- during their final confrontation.


The Boss’s whitish/silver outfit in particular recalls those of the Mercury astronauts-of whom she was a part of (but officially wasn’t and got airbrushed out of this photo in Metal Gear continuity).

Image result for Mercury astronaut

A version of this suit was also available for the female members of Diamond Dogs (except for Quiet), although with some modifications such as the footstep-dampening effects of later models.

After Big Boss’s return from Operation Snake Eater, the outfit was further developed and modified for use by the FOX unit, including enhancements for close-quarters combat (CQC)

This version of the suit was given further modifications when Big Boss created MSF-adding further noise-canceling abilities and insulation for comfort for it’s wearer, in many ways becoming a true “sneaking” suit.

A further modification-with a little extra padding-was given to Big Boss’s “Phantom” Venom Snake, the leader of Diamond Dogs.

One was also provided for Venom Snake’s dog scout/buddy/”Good boy”, D-Dog.




Although Solid Snake largely went with a different sort of tactical outfit during the Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land missions, he got a sneaking suit for the harsh, cold temperatures of Shadow Moses, similar to Venom’s but with far more padding, especially on the shoulders, and a generally more streamlined design.


Joining Philanthropy-an Anti-Metal Gear organization after the events of Shadow Moses and dissolution of FOXHOUND, Solid Snake wore a similar outfit, but lacking the big vest, as New York Harbor wasn’t quite as cold as Alaska. After donning a Navy seal outfit as “Snake Plisskin”, Snake once again wore the suit when he helped Raiden in infiltrating Arsenal Gear.

Raiden likewise wore a variation called the “Skull suit” based on it’s ribbed chest appearance and somewhat skullish diving helmet. ¬†Designed with more water operations in mind (Since Big Shell was on the ocean), it functioned more like a wetsuit, allowing ease of swimming. It also functioned as a “smart suit”, able to interact with the Nanomachines in Raiden’s blood-able to help regulate his injuries and body temperature, and probably of course provide data and additional control to the Patriot’s AI.


A few years later, during which time Solid Snake experienced rapid aging, he wore the “Octocamo” Sneaking suit, which gave him the ability to automatically adopt a chameleon-like camo with the environment-including objects such as watermelons. It also-like several of the other Sneaking suits-gave padding to his badly weakened muscles, almost functioning like a second body to his now-frail frame.



In addition to Snake, Rat Patrol also used partial sneaking suits for their upper bodies-I assume more for the insulation and strength support than the cancelling footsteps noise part.


Metal Gear Profiles-XOF


“I’ve long been the other side of your coin. 1964, Soviet territory. FOX’s first mission. Any mess you made, I was there to clean up. “-Skull Face.


XOF was the even more secretive counterpart of FOX, led by Major Zero’s agent, Skull Face. It’s main mission was to act as support to FOX operatives, gathering intel and secretive support for Major Zero, who would then relay the information to Snake and other operatives, as well as act as a clean-up crew, erasing traces of FOX’s missions.

When Zero formed the Patriots, despite FOX being disbanded, XOF was absorbed into it. ¬†However, Skull Face resented his commander, and in the 1970’s, saw an opportunity to take out Zero and gain a degree of control over Cipher. He captured Paz-the CIPHER agent who spied on Big Boss’s MSF and attempted to command their Metal Gear (The ZEKE)-and later Chico, a young member of MSF who attempted to rescue Paz. Through Paz, he was able to uncover Zero’s location. He then put his scheme into motion.


XOF posed as a UN inspection team at MSF’s mother base, looking for evidence of them possessing a nuclear weapon (ZEKE), but instead proceeded to plant explosives and overrun the base, killing a great deal of the mercenary group. Big Boss was away in an attempt to rescue Chico and Paz, but Skull Face had planned to dispose of them as well-when Paz was rescued, it turned out she was booby-trapped. Big Boss managed to rescue Kaz from the rapidly sinking Mother Base, but Paz exploded, killing her, Chico, helicopter pilot Morpho, and severly wounding Big Boss, a medic, and Kaz. While Kaz recovered relatively quickly (although with certain mental scars that never really healed), Big Boss and the medic were put into a coma for the next nine years.

Skull Face then sent a pin to Zero’s location, coated with an early prototype of his parasite weapon, which eventually sent Zero into a vegatative state himself, although his plans for The Patriots system continued under the remaining CIPHER leadership of Donald Anderson and Dr. Clark. With a great deal of Cipher’s resources at his disposal, and Zero immobilized, XOF started to develop new weapons-a Metal Gear-The Selanthropus (with former MSF scientists Huey Emmerich and Dr. Strangelove working on it, and with the support of Soviet military forces in Afghanistan) and a language-targeting viral parasite (developed by blackmailed scientist Code Talker, and guarded mainly by African Private Military Corps), as well as using other parasites to create a super soldier unit known as the Skulls.


When Big Boss and the medic awoke (With the medic transformed into Big Boss’s decoy/phantom “Venom Snake”) XOF quickly moved to neutralize their other enemy in Cyprus.


First, they sent in the woman eventually known as  Quiet, who was quickly subdued by Big Boss and badly wounded.

Then, they got some unexpected help-and also ¬†hindrance-from the awakened Colonel Volgin-now “The man on fire”-and the psychic Tretij Rebonok (The future “Psycho Mantis”). Although XOF committed many forces to the hospital job, Big Boss and the medic-using the aliases Ahab and Ishmael-were able to escape in the confusion. However, eventually Skull Face was able to bring Treti and the Man on Fire under his control, as Rebonok-an empath-was largely controlled by other people’s emotions, including strong rage-and Skull Face had plenty to spare.

Eventually, through a series of clues and other breadcrumbs-and once again bringing Doctor Emmerich into the fold, as well as Code Talker (although Emmerich scientist had his own agenda), XOF’s plans to use the Metal Gear and the parasites on a war on the English langauge-a personal vendetta from Skull Face-was unveiled. During the encounter with the Metal Gear, Treti instead bonded to the rage of Big Boss’s “son”-Eli (The future Liquid Snake) causing Skull Face and XOF to lose control of the Metal Gear. Venom Snake-now the leader of a new mercenary outfit, Diamond Dogs-was able to thenbring an end to Skull Face’s plans, although his legacy would continue to haunt Venom-especially when Huey allowed a strain of the vocal cord parasite to contaminate part of Mother Base, causing Venom to kill some of his own unit to contain the outbreak.

XOF is eventually re-absorbed back into CIPHER proper, and were later tasked with recovering Selanthropus (now in Eli’s posession) in the lost mission “Kingdom of the Flies”. ¬†Although unrealized in the final game, they’d be wearing hazmat suits to protect them from the virus, which Eli was also carrying. After that it’s unclear, presumably they continued to work with the Patriots.


Metal Gear Profiles-FOX unit


FOX was born out of the Cuban missile crisis. In the world of Metal Gear, the resolution of the crisis was not due to our removing our missiles from Turkey, but for the return of defected rocket scientist Sokolov to Russia.

In order to extract Sokolov a second time, Major Zero and the Boss formed an intelligence group based within the CIA, that would utilize one-man infiltration missions, aided by a support team and the latest technology. That unit was FOX. It’s first operative, Naked Snake, the protege of The Boss-who was supported by medical adviser Para-Medic, weapons expert SIGINT, Zero, and for a time, the Boss herself.

Zero also created a second shadow unit that would aid FOX even more covertly, and ‘clean up’ after it, called XOF. But that’s another story…

FOX’s first mission, Virtuous mission, went belly-up after the Boss “defected”, putting the lives of Snake (as he was her apprentice) Zero (As he formed the unit with her) and America (As the Boss was an American hero who had reportedly used a nuke on soviet soil) in jeopardy. The only way to fix it was for Snake to kill her, as well as taking out Sokolov’s weapon, the Shagohod.


The mission was successful, clearing the name of Snake, Zero, the FOX UNIT and America. However, the ramifications would be felt for years to come, especially as Snake was given the name “Big Boss”.

A few years later (although the events in “portable ops” are questionable canon to some), a group of FOX soldiers rebelled in the San Hierynomo peninsula, led by it’s leader Gene, once again putting Zero and Big Boss under suspicion. Zero was arrested, but Big Boss was able to eventually foil the rebellion.


After that, the FOX unit was disbanded, but the incident gave rise to two new organizations: FOXHOUND, it’s sucessor as a special forces group, formed by Big Boss….

and Zero’s Cipher, AKA the Patriots, whose initial membership included the original members of the FOX unit-Big Boss, Para-Medic(Dr.Clark), Zero and SIgint(Donald Anderson).


Despite the disbandment of the unit, Big Boss and his soldiers in the Militaries San Frontieras would still sport the logo until 1975.


Metal Gear Profiles-The Philosophers

Slightly different format here, instead of focusing on one particular Metal gear character or piece of technology, I’ll focus on some of the many organizations that play big parts in the series.

The Philosophers is the granddaddy of them all.

After World War I, a group of wealthy, intelligent people from the United States, Soviet Union, and China pooled their resources together to work together to form the Philosophers-a group dedicated to World peace (This initial line up of Philosophers was known as the Wiseman’s comittee). However, like their successors, the Patriots, things got out of hand by the 1930s, and soon the Philosophers became involved in the very thing they tried to stop in the first place….and it created divisions among them, especially during the second World War.

Their influence and vast wealth funded several projects. While their backing of the Manhattan project was made public, they also experimented on soldiers, forming the Joy/ boss’s cobra unit. In addition, the Joy/The Boss’s father was one of the original “Wisemen”, so she was knowledgeable about their influence. They also ran schools to train spies, like Eva.


However, a member of the Philosopher during ¬†World War II-Boris Volgin-made away with a huge chunk of the group’s funds, and scattered it throughout various banks. The location of the banks was concealed on a microfilm, and the money and the microfilm were known as “The philosopher’s Legacy”, giving most of it’s power to the Soviet Union-and it’s vast wealth allowing Volgin’s son to build his massive fortress of Grozny Grad and the Shagohod weapon.

Image result for Volgin's father

However, a faction of American philosophers still did exist, and manipulated the life of the Boss, taking her child (the future Ocelot) away from her, and holding him as a form of leverage, as well as blaming her for various missions-a NASA test flight, a mix up including a double agent-and forcing her to kill The Sorrow. (Her apprentice, Jack/Snake remained unaware  of this).

During the Virtuous mission, the Boss’s mission was to get the Legacy back from Volgin, under cover of defecting to the Soviets. She hoped that grabbing it for the US would help to reform their organization and united the world once more.She eventually succeeded, and the microfilm was later passed on to Snake himself, while Ocelot managed to get part of it as well. A third copy, gained by Eva for the Chinese faction of the philosophers, turned out to be a fake.

Eventually, those who were part of Operation Snake Eater obtained the parts of the legacy themselves. They used the vast wealth and networks of the Philosophers to form the Patriots-dedicated to the Boss’s dream of a united world and the original goal of the Philosophers. But like them, things soon got warped. But that’s another article.

The original philosophers still had a small role to play-as a distraction. The Big Shell inciddent orchestrated by Solidus Snake in 2009 was an attempt to learn the actual names of the Patriots. However, the AIs which now ran the organization planted a false lead-the names of the Wiseman’s comitee-confusing Otacon and Solid Snake.


Otacon : Snake, you there? It’s me. I’ve finished going over that disc.

Snake : Did you find the Patriots’ list?

Otacon : Of course. It contains the personal data of twelve people. There
was a name on it — Snake, it was one of our biggest

Snake : What’s going on around here?

Otacon : I don’t know…

Snake : Anyway, where are they?

Otacon : Well, we were right about them being on Manhattan, but…

Snake : But what?

Otacon : They’re already dead. All twelve of them.

Snake : When did it happen?

Otacon : Well, ah…about a hundred years ago.

Snake : What the hell?