Metal Gear Profiles-Hal “Otacon” Emmerich

Otacon : Snake, wait up! You forgot these….

Snake : No thanks. I’m quitting.

Otacon : Snake?

Snake : These things will kill ya.

Otacon : Where will you go…? Our fight is finished. There’s nothing left for us to do.

Snake : No. There’s one thing I still have to do. I have to see this age off… See what the future brings.

Otacon : Sounds good to me. I’ll go with you. S

nake : Otacon, I’m gonna be dead soon. You don’t have to come.

Otacon : You said it yourself, Snake. There’s nothing inside you can pass on to the next generation. No genes, no memes… You’re man-made… You’re a beast.

Snake : I know… A blue rose. There won’t be any happy “Beauty and the Beast” ending for me. What little time I have left will be spent living… As a beast. A shadow of the inside… Of the old age.

Otacon : Exactly. That’s why you need me. As a witness.

Snake : A witness?

Otacon : Yeah. Someone on the outside to bear witness to your final days. Someone to pass on your story… Not that I’m the only witness. But I’ll remember everything you were… And stick with you to the end.

Snake : Otacon….

Otacon : Besides, you wouldn’t let me suffer Sunny’s eggs alone, would you?




Hal “Otacon” Emmerich was born-possibly in Afghanistan-to Dr. Strangelove and Huey Emmerich in 1980, as they were working to develop the Metal Gear Sehalanthropus for XOF and the Soviets. He was named after the computer in 2001: A Space Oddyssey (In the same way, his father was named after a robot in “Silent Running”.)

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However, at the age of 3, Huey planned to use his son as a test subject for the robot, which made Strangelove furious. Concerned for the safety of her son, she had him shipped to America, away from his father. Huey reacted badly to this situation, locking her in the Boss AI tube and having her suffocate.

After his exile from Diamond Dogs, Huey and his son were eventually reunited, and Huey remarried a British woman, and Hal gained a new stepsister, Emma. However, Huey eventually drowned himself in the family pool, and Hal and Emma (Or “E.E” as he liked to call her) drifted from each other.

Image result for Otacon and solid snake Grey fox


Eventually, he enrolled in MIT and Princeton, where he gained PHDs and degrees, and also did some work for the FBI. He eventually became a developer for Armstech-and chief designer for Metal Gear REX at Shadow Moses, much like his father before him. It was here he would cross paths with Solid Snake, beginning a long friendship.

The naive Hal believed Rex would only be a defense system, although it possessed a railgun capable of launching nukes. He also stated that in part, he liked designing it because it reminded him of robots in Japanese anime-Hal also adopted the nickname “Otacon” short for Otaku convention.

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After the takeover of Shadow Moses Island by the rogue FOXHOUND, Hal was forced to work for them, but developed a possibly Stockholm syndrome form of affection for Sniper Wolf, and helped to feed her wolves.

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Eventually, Snake came across Otacon hiding in the lockers after one of his confrontations with Grey Fox, saying that the confrontation reminded him of…


Image result for it's just like one of my japanese animes


Being told the truth about what Metal Gear really was by Snake, Hal decided to aid the soldier, after some uneasy first impressions. He took stealth camouflage and snuck around the base with it, aiding Snake by helping him escape from prison (giving him ketchup to mimic the appearance of blood) helping Snake realize that the were genome soldiers also wearing stealth camo in an elevator, and also gave Snake other forms of intel-especially on REX-and also asked Snake an important question.


Image result for do you think love can bloom even on a battlefield

Mainly addressed to his relationship with Sniper Wolf. However,  as part of his mission, Snake was forced to kill Wolf, which devastated Hal.

Image result for Sniper wolf death


After Rex was deactivated by Snake, Otacon helped Snake and Meryl escape by unlocking several doors from his computer, and eventually escaped himself.

He, Snake, Natasha Rumenko and Me Ling formed the PHILANTHROPY group, oppossed to the development of Metal Gears (Since Ocelot had leaked the plans for REX to the black market, allowing for many Metal gear knock-offs). Eventually, getting a letter from his sister “E.E”-or so he though-they discovered the Army was building one-an Anti-Metal Gear Metal Gear, Ray. Although it’s purpose was to destroy other Metal Gears, Otacon and Snake still felt they needed to expose it, and Snake infiltrated the tanker Discovery to photograph it and send them to Otacon’s computer (which had an Otacon avatar). However, the mission was largely a trap set by Ocelot. Snake and Otacon managed to escape, and went underground.

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2 years later Otacon reemerged in the Big Shell incident, where on the site of the Tanker’s sinking a “cleaning facility” was built, but in fact it was cover for a new “Arsenal Gear”-a massive submarine Metal Gear. It was then taken over by Solidus Snake and his “Sons of Liberty”/Dead Cell.He discovered his stepsister, Emma, was working on the project. Snake and Otacon-working with Raiden-infiltrated the Big Shell, and he was reunited with Emma. Unfortunately, their reunion was short-lived and tragic, as Emma was stabbed by Vamp.


Image result for Emma's death Metal gear

Upset that he lost yet another woman he cared for, Otacon nevertheless tried to pull himself together with help from Snake, and tried to evacuate the remaining hostages. And hence, some of the coolest Metal Gear moments were born.


Image result for Snake and Otacon handshake


Image result for Snake Otacon raiden

Otacon was able to figure out that the “Colonel Campbell” ordering Raiden was in fact an AI construct, especially when he found out it was coming from within the ship and acting very strangely after Emma’s virus was loaded into it Arsenal’s GW AI. After Solid Snake recovered info on the Patriots, both he and Snake were perplexed that the Patriot’s members were not only some of Philantropy’s backers, but also all dead for nearly a century.

Image result for Otacon and sunny


After Raiden rescued Sunny-Olga Krulenko’s daughter Hal took her in as a stepdaughter, and noticed that Snake was aging at an increased rate. Due to being framed for the Patriots, they largely used the NOMAD plane as their lab and base of operations.

Image result for Otacon Metal gear solid 4

Eventually, Colonel Campbell (the real one) located Liquid Ocelot, and Snake and Otacon went after him. Although largely staying on NOMAD with Sunny, he was able to assist Snake on the field using the Metal Gear Mark II, a small, definitely non-nuclear Metal Gear with video interface and wires capable of manipulating objects and hacking computers. It also served as a useful scout.


Image result for Metal gear Mk 2 Metal gear solid 4

After Snake rescued Naomi Hunter, he began a romantic relationship with her, and she served as a sort of mother figure to Sunny.  However, she seemed to rejoin Ocelot’s faction later on, although this was a bit of a ruse.

Image result for Naomi hunter and otacon

Eventually, using footage captured by the Mk II (Which was then replaced with a Mark III) Otacon and Snake realized that Ocelot intended to steal Metal Gear Rex’s railgun for use as a weapon against the Patriot’s satellite AI JD….so Snake returned to Shadow Moses, with Raiden helping him with the Mark III, and the two recalling their past adventure together.

However, it was discovered that Ocelot had already gotten the Railgun, and what’s worse, Naomi died from her cancer, which she had only been holding back using  transfusions of nanomachines. Deciding he had no tears left to shed, Otacon-despite devastated at the loss of yet another woman he cared about, managed to pull himself together again and reactivate Metal Gear REX, although without it’s railgun, and had Snake unlock it’s “Street fighter” mode, allowing for it to battle Ocelot’s RAY.


Image result for Rex vs ray


Later, Otacon briefed everyone on Ocelot’s plan as they planned to infiltrate Outer Haven, Ocelot’s Arsenal gear warship, and once again assisted Snake using the Mk III. When GW was shut down, a pre-recorded message from Naomi played, explaining that, with Sunny’s help, she was able to override the Patriot’s AI, allowing their control to fade but not totally messing up civilization. Otacon was thankful-and yet very sad-at her sacrifice.

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Otacon, along with Sunny, later attended Meryl and Johnny’s wedding, although Snake couldn’t since he was doing his own reunion with Big Boss. He stated that Snake “always keeps people waiting”.

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As Snake went on to his final months, Otacon vowed to be his ‘witness’ and friend until his end. He also became somewhat more confident, earning a slight reputation as a “ladies’s man” although he often kept them at arm’s length due to the fates of Wolf, Emma and Naomi.



Metal Gear profiles: Huey Emmerich


One day he’ll see through the lies he built up. Realize what kind of man he really is. What goes around comes around. You can’t run from yourself forever.-Ocelot


You knew our family’s dark history, and still got involved!?
What’s wrong with you!? Answer me! Why are you repeating the same mistake?-Hal “Otacon” Emmerich




Huey Emmerich was born in August 6th, 1945, the day the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. His father was part of the Manhattan Project as well. Born paraplegic, he eventually worked with NASA on rockets, alongside Dr. Strangelove, who gave him the nickname “Huey” (His real name is unknown, but is possibly Henrich). In the 60s, he also became colleagues with Russian scientist Granin, who created the Metal Gear concept in the first place. Although the Metal gear was abandoned by Volgin in favor of the Shagohod tank, the papers were sent to Huey in the states.

Image result for Metal gear solid 3 huey

Working again with Strangelove, he became involved in Peace Sentinel’s “Peace Walker” project. In designing the prototypes for the project, he used design inspiration from both the Shagohod and Metal Gear projects, ultimately culminating in the Peace Walker itself, the first “walking tank”

Image result for Huey emmerich peace walker


Image result for Peace walker metal gear

However, he soon became disillusion with Hot Coldman when he learned he intended to use Peace Walker not as a deterrent, but to fire an actual nuke.

Rejecting this, he eventually joined Big Boss’s MSF, giving him valuable intel on Peace Sentinel’s operations and working with the R and D departments. He also began working on a project for Big Boss-the Metal Gear ZEKE, largely built from AI and weapons components from the destroyed Peace Walker prototypes-and possessing a nuke-a nuke that Huey believed would be used as a deterrent, as opposed to Peace Walker which was intended to be field-tested by Coldman.

Image result for Peace walker Huey emmerich


Image result for Metal gear zeke

After Strangelove was brought to Mother Base to help work on Metal Gear ZEKE-and the weapon was almost used by Paz-Huey and Strangelove started to take their relationship to another level.

Image result for Peace walker strangelove

But things wouldn’t exactly end well. Huey-without Big Boss’s or Kaz’s authority-agreed to sign off on a UN inspection of Mother Base-although the Metal gear with it’s nuke was hidden under the sea. Strangelove left the base during this time, as did the other civlians except for Huey.

Image result for Mother base ground zeroes

However, the inspection was a smoke screen, and MSF was played like a damn fiddle by XOF, a rogue group split from CIPHER, with Mother Base destroyed, Big Boss and a medic falling into a coma, and the deaths of Paz, Morpho and Chico. Huey-possibly aware of this all along-was taken to XOF. Kaz-who recovered early from the destruction-sought out Huey, finally finding a lead in Afghanistan.

In the nine years at Afghanistan, he worked on Skull Face’s Metal Gear Sehalanthropus, along with Strangelove, who recovered the Peace Walker AI and used it for future research. Eventually, this union produced a son: Hal. In addition to working on Sehalanthropus, he developed new mobile legs and “Walker gears” based on Metal Gear technology/

Image result for Hal and strangelove

As selanthropus neared completion-although with a cockpit that could only really fit a child at this stage, Huey decided he wanted a test subject-his son-to pilot it. Strangelove, appalled by this, arranged to have Hal sent to the states where he would be safe from his father. Once Hal found out about this, he lashed out and sealed Strangelove in the AI pod tube, causing her to suffocate (The body continued to remain in the pod until recovered by Venom Snake).


About a year later, Venom Snake-believing himself to be Big Boss-awoke from his coma and tracked down Huey in Afghanistan at a soviet base. As Venom Snake escaped with Huey, he found his weapon Selanthropus being used, even though the AI interface wasn’t completed and it had no pilot. It was in fact, being piloted supernaturally by Treti Rebonek, the future “Psycho mantis”.


Image result for Huey Emmerich phantom pain soviet base


Image result for Sahelanthropus huey

Although Snake managed to escape with Huey and the scientist was brought to Diamond Dog’s mother base, he was met with distrust by several members of the staff, especially Kazuhira Miller. Nevertheless, he was admitted into R & D, and developed Diamond Dog’s D-Walker and Battle gear.

Image result for Huey lab mother base

He was also reguarly interrogated by Kaz, Venom Snake, and Miller, where he revealed details about XOF’s other weapon-the vocal cord parasites-as well as info on Selanthropus and Cipher’s Les Infant Terribles project.

Image result for Huey Emmerich mother base

When it finally became time to take on Selanthropus and Skull Face at OKB Zero, it was Huey who finally killed him after he was crushed by the (Eli-controlled) Selanthropus, and further maimed by Snake and Miller. He then gloated of his “revenge”.


Image result for huey kills skull face

When the deactivated Selanthropus was taken to Mother Base, Huey was in awe of his creation-and started to put his own plans into action against Diamond Dogs. He repaired Selanthropus in secret, where it was eventually taken by Eli and his group of child soldiers. He also experimented on Code Talker’s vocal cord parasites, intending to sell them to DARPA (under the control of Donald Anderson, who was putting his own plans into motion), which caused a major outbreak at mother base, forcing Venom Snake to kill several of his own men. Huey, of course, blamed their deaths on Venom Snake instead.


Image result for Huey emmerich here she comes

The most damning evidence that Huey was up to no good came from the AI pod-which contained the bones of Strangelove, as well as her last recorded moments clearly implicating Huey. Huey was put on trial, with Kaz and many of the soldiers calling for blood.

Image result for Emmerich on trial

During the trial, Huey once again attempted to deflect blame onto Big Boss and his men, and not himself. Although Kaz wanted him dead, Venom Snake chose to exile him instead, in a life raft, where he continued to rail against Diamond Dogs, and had to be abandon his robotic legs. Big Boss’s later Metal Gears-TX-55 and D-would be developed by a different scientist-Drago Pettrovich Madnar.

Image result for Huey emmerich boat

Huey later on made it to the United States, where he reunited with Hal, and eventaully married Julie Danziger, a british woman. He also raised Danziger’s daughter, Emma, along with Hal. However, as Ocelot predicted, his lies-and his family being closer to Hal than to him-eventually led him to drown himself in the family.

In a bit of irony-or perhaps because of his father’s history with the Metal Gear projects-his son, Hal, would develop a Metal Gear with many similar aspects to his father’s prototypes. The Metal Gear REX. Like his father, he would also find himself allied with a Snake-Big Boss’s clone son, Solid Snake…as well as working as a hostage under his father’s ally Eli, now Liquid Snake.

Although sharing many of the same personality traits as his father, Hal turned out to be a far, far better man. But that’s for another profile….


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Uncharted Influences Part I-Uncharted 4 and the Goonies

*spoilers for Uncharted 4 follow, as well as the Goonies, if you’ve never seen it).

The Goonies-a 1985 family film classic directed by Richard Donner (“Superman” and the “Lethal Weapon” movies) and produced by Steven Spielberg (Who doesn’t need any introduction)….about a group of kids in Astoria, Washington whose houses are threatened by greedy land developers that their parents can’t afford to outbid. While looking through some old pirate relics stored in the attic of the father of one of them-the main hero-Mikey-they stumble upon an old pirate treasure map, which leads them on a search to find the treasure to bail out their parents and save their homes; but which also unexpectedly puts them in the path of the Fratelli gang, a mother and son group of counterfeiting criminals whose hideout happens to be right on top of the series of caverns leading to the treasure-and if that’s not enough, the whole place is littered with skeletons and booby traps.



Image result for The goonies

Uncharted-the adventures of Nathan Drake (well, until recently) adventurer, pseduo-archaeologist, and pretty much a thief (although one a “heart of gold”), who-along with several allies helping him along the way-mentor Sully, love interest and eventual wife, Elena, and others; made important discoveries such as El Dorado, Shambayla and the Atlantis of the Seas…but also learned that some treasures are best left behind a the same time. As of Uncharted 4, he’s settled down to a domestic life as Elena’s husband, and working in a salvage business in New Orleans. However, the call of adventure comes back to him when his presumed dead older brother Sam reemerges-with the possible key to a treasure they’ve been searching for all their life-the lost pirate colony of Libertera, rumored to have been founded by the missing Captain Avery.



Image result for Nathan drake

It’s kind of obvious where the origin point is for both series (although “Goonies” also brings in some influence from Hardy Boys novels). This guy.


Image result for Indiana jones Raiders

Although Uncharted, with it’s death defying action, violence, incredible chases, treasures etc. certainly (Although Indy is set from the 30s-50s) owes a bit more of a similarity to Jones than Goonies does, let’s not forget that Goonies and Indy come from a common origin as well-producer and co-writer on the film, Steven Spielberg.:


Getting more on track though, let’s get to the heart of the matter-comparisons between the two.

Uncharted 4’s story has it’s genesis in flashback segments revealed throughout the game, where Nathan and his brother Sam first discover their destiny by breaking into a home which has their late mother’s belongings; leading them to not only change their last names, but also on their lifelong quest to find the lost colony, a subject their mother was interested in and close to cracking. The first similarity is pretty visual off the bat-young Nathan is very similar in appearence to Mikey from the Goonies (although without the asthma problem). The denim jacket in particular is sort of a dead giveaway.

Image result for Uncharted 4 the brothers drake

Image result for Mikey denim jacket goonies

The old house in the game also bears some slight similarities to the attic museum pieces from the Goonies, which set them on their quest in the first place.

Image result for Goonies attic

Image result for Uncharted the brothers drake knight


Although like Mikey and his older brother Brand, Nathan participates in the quest with his older brother Sam, there is an important difference in that while Brand initially isn’t really along for the ride until sort of forced to by the Fratellis showing up (and in an attempt to impress his lady  friend Andrea “Andy”). In the main storyline, it’s Nathan who is the reluctant one, as he’s largely retired from the adventure life and has settled down with Elena (When he goes off on his quest, he doesn’t tell Elena which leads to a brief rift between the two).


Image result for Nathan and sam drake

Like “Goonies”, one of the keys to the treasure is a map-in Uncharted, located in the cross of St. Dimas, which leads to Scotland and later to more clues. The equivalent in Goonies is a dubloon near the treasure map, which serves as a coastline marker for the cavern’s location.


Image result for Doubloon goonies

Of course while the Drakes have to navigate several puzzles, fight off an army of mercenaries, and travel around the world to find their treasure, The goonies deal with relatively fewer obstacles-the Fratellis, some traps, and the piano puzzle.

It’s when we get to the pirate colony itself that the similarities really go off on all cylinders. The place is a graveyard, with pretty much all the colonists dead, or worse, their corpses weaponized to set off booby traps (in a similar fashion, one of the Goonies’s skeletons has become a rather grim piano that’ll kill you via fall if you die “If you hit the wrong note, we’ll all B flat”).

Image result for Uncharted exploding mummy


Image result for Skeleton piano goonies

But there’s also this scene of a “last supper” with Avery’s co-conspirators, who he all poisoned to get away with the treasure.

Image result for Uncharted pirate dinner

One eyed Willy pretty much did the same thing, although in his case, he died with it as well (presumably, one pirate managed to escape with the map and dubloon though).

Image result for Goonies dead pirates

Although there’s a difference in location-the dead pirates are located in a lush mansion, while the Goonies’s dead pirates lie aboard Willy’s ship, the Inferno, located in a sealed-off cave.

But don’t worry, Uncharted’s got that covered as well.

Image result for Goonies pirate ship


Image result for Uncharted pirate ship

Of course this also leads to a final confrontation with the villains,  involving some salvaged pirate swords, although not really any fighting in Goonies’s case.

Image result for Goonies ending

Image result for Drake and rafe

In both cases, the characters have to give up the treasure to save their own lives. But there’s just enough left to bail them out of their current situation. Elena manages to save a gold coin from the colony, which manages to help re-start her journalism career, and give Drake a legitimate treasure-hunting business (as well as begin to raise a family and get a nice beach house, possibly on the pirate colony itself!)


Image result for Uncharted 4 ending

Likewise, the gems that Mikey managed to get in his marble bag are enough to save the Goonies’s homes from the greedy developers, leading to a happy ending (even for Willy, in a sense, whose derelict inferno escapes from the cave for one last voyage).

Image result for Goonies ending gems

Image result for Goonies ending gems


Image result for Inferno goonies


Uncharted Lost Legacy-An Overview *spoilers*

*Some spoilers will follow*


While the Uncharted series of video games seemed to have wrapped up in 2016 with the release of the fourth game (Or fifth if you count the PSP game “Golden Abyss”), it was revealed in 2016 that the franchise would continue; although without Nathan Drake, whose story was given a pretty satisfactory finale in 4, with him still treasure-hunting, but in a more legitimate and safe fashion, becoming a renowned archaeologist, and fully committing to his marriage with Elena, producing a daughter, Cassie.


However, Uncharted 4 still left open a few possibilities; Chloe, Drake’s former love interest (and semi-rival for Elena in 2), who had fairly large roles in 2 and 3, was absent save for a few mentions and the multiplayer mode, and Nadine Ross, the secondary antagonist, managed to escape, with a few hints that she could eventually be redeemed.

In 2016, it was announced that Chloe and Nadine would get their own game-Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Originally intended to be mainly a DLC expansion, the game was released on it’s own, and in many ways, is a full-fledged Uncharted game, although a bit shorter than the Nathan Drake entries.

The storyline pretty much follows Chloe as she searches for the Tusk of Ganesh-a treasure her father died attempting to find, and she’s hired Nadine-who lost control of her mercenary company and is pretty much freelance-to help her. Unfortunately, a rebel military leader-Asav-is also after the Tusk to try to rally support for his revolution, and of course has put an army of his insurgents-and also Nadine’s former outfit Shoreline-in the way of our two lady adventurers. The game’s plot also follows from Uncharted 4’s example by not having any supernatural elements (Unless you count lost cities).


Image result for Uncharted lost legacy


The game pretty much utilizes much of the same Uncharted mechanics-shooting, dodging, cover, solving puzzles etc with the occasional QTE “Quick time event” which has the player push a button combo (although like with UC4, this is mainly limited to the boss fights, thankfully). However, as with 4, part of the middle segment of the game features a largely open world, with optional “side quests” hunting for additional treasures and unlockables, but with the main quest dealing with the two unlocking several temples to get to the entrance to a hidden city. The game also pretty much is set in one country-India-instead of Nathan Drake’s globe-trotting antics in the second, third, and fourth games. It’s pretty much the first game since well, the first-to be set in just one location.


Image result for Uncharted lost legacy jeep

While certainly Nathan-less, the game isn’t completely Drake-less. Sam Drake, Nathan’s somewhat more morally-challenged older brother, shows up in the game’s final act, and given his previous encounters with Nadine in 4, the two aren’t exactly fond of each other.


Image result for Sam Drake lost legacy

The game also has the trademark witty Uncharted humor as well.

The game of course continues the trend of cutting-edge graphics, with beautiful vistas, and of course, really good motion/facial capture. It’s worth noting that Chloe looks a lot more like her voice actress, Claudia Black, this time around compared to her first appearance in the second game.



Image result for Chloe frazer lost legacy

Image result for Claudia black 2017

Image result for Chloe uncharted 2

Image may contain: mountain, outdoor and nature

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The game also has a photo mode. Although maybe not quite as customizable as “Horizon Zero Dawn”, it’s still a lot of fun.

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor, text and water

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: 1 person

And of course, you can unlock extra skins and game modes, as with pretty much every Uncharted game (as well as the Last of Us). For instance, you can have Chloe be a pirate and Nadine sport her looks from the last game…

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

Or make the whole landscape covered in rainbows…


Image result for Rainbow fun world Uncharted Lost legacy

Or mess around with the game’s gravity…

Image result for Lost legacy no gravity


Overall, even as a spinoff, Uncharted Lost Legacy is worthy of the Uncharted name, and works even without Nathan Drake. It’ll be interesting to see if more spin-offs are down the line, featuring Chloe or not (Certainly 4 left the door open for further adventures with Sully, Sam and other characters).

The Witcher 3 Overview

Please note: I haven’t read the whole of the Witcher series of novels, or completed the first two games or the Hearts of Stone expansion, so this is a bit ‘newbieish’ and I’ll approach it from the view of a more casual gamer and not a major expert on this game.  🙂


The Witcher 3 is pretty much one of the most stunning games of this generation, receiving multiple “game of the year” awards from review sites and magazines, as well as many comparisons to “Skyrim”, considered by many to be the king of RPGs.

The game takes place in a fantasy world with many similarities to medieval Europe, as many fantasy worlds-such as Tolkien’s-do. However, this world in particular is filled with various monsters, a result of an event known as the “Conjunction” which merged the world with others. There’s also your typical other fantasy races, dwarfs, elves and various others. The series is actually the work of a polish writer  Andrzej Sapkowski, who wrote a series of novels that the games are, in a sense, a continuation of-although they are not part of Andrzej’s “canon”.

The main character of the series is Geralt of Rivia, who is the titular “Witcher”, a monster hunter. Owing to a series of mutations to further his effectiveness, he has pale skin, gray hair, and cat-like eyes. He takes up various contracts on monsters, but also finds himself involved in political-and magical intrigue as he roams the war-torn continent. He’s of course in many ways your typical video game badass male protagonist, but also shows a great deal of experience and intelligence in his dealings, as well as compassion and loyalty to his friends. Although very serious at times, he’s not above a bit of fun as well. He does however quickly get annoyed.


Image result for Witcher 3

Central to Geralt are supporting players….Vessimir, his mentor and father figure; Two sorceress’s, Yennifer and Triss (Who although often romantic rivals for Geralt, they are good friends); and Geralt’s ward Ciri-whose disappearance is the main quest in “The Wild Hunt”. Ciri, in particular, has the power to transport herself to other worlds and dimensions, a power the Wild Hunt want.


The WIld Hunt are a group of rogue Elf warriors, who wear some pretty nasty armor, and the major ‘bosses’ of the game.


Image result for The wild hunt Witcher

Rounding out the main cast is Dandelion, a Shakesphereesque poet, minstrel and playwright who serves as the game’s narrator, writer of the game’s glossary, and in-game participant.

Image result for Dandelion Witcher

Witcher 3’s gameplay consists of several main guests as well as several optional side-quests. The side guests are pretty well fleshed out-there are some that could take an hour or two. Some are monster-slaying quests, while others are a bit more comedic, such as helping Dandelion with a play.

Image result for Witcher 3 gameplay

The game also has a lot of crafting for *many* sets of weapons and armor, alchemy in which Geralt gathers various plants and monster parts to create potions (which give advantages in combat and healing, most of the time), a leveling up skill set for improved combat etc. The game also utilizes a “sign” system, with various magic spells (or as the game says, “Signs” which Geralt can use in combat, defense, or even to influence a conversation). Also, like Horizon Zero Dawn’s “Focus” or Batman’s “Detective mode”, there’s “Witcher senses” which helps Geralt track monsters, or conduct an almost CSI-like examination of crime scenes.


Image result for Witcher senses


Although Geralt’s armor, weapons, and pretty much everything else can be majorly customized and arranged, Geralt’s face of course can not be altered by a slider like Skyrim’s. You can, however, get a haircut, an option that’s also available in the “Grand Theft Auto” game series.


Image result for Geralt haircut


Image result for Witcher 3 combat

The game’s combat system varies, as some monsters/characters have different weaknesses or strengths. Geralt has two different swords-one for regular human opponents, another for monsters; as well as a crossbow, and his offensives signs. Geralt can choose on either speed or force with his attacks. Dodging is also very important, especially when encountering multiple foes at once.

Conversations in the game are also very robust, and like other RPGs, can often lead to different paths in the game, and the outcome of the game’s ending.

There’s also the mini-game of Gwent, which is pretty much a card game featuring characters and monsters from the game.

Image result for gwent witcher 3


Witcher 3 is open world, and it’s one pretty big one, and very picturesque. There’s various cave “dungeons” and different parts of the world have a different look.

The misty, mountainy isles of Skellige, for example….

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….are very different from the Vineyards and fancy castle of Toussaint in the Blood and Wine expansion….

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Which is in turn different from the more cosmopolitan Novigrad. It’s perhaps one of the game’s best strengths-there’s very little ‘draw distance’ (backgrounds coming into view as you approach theme) that some open worlds often suffer from.


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The world can be navigated through Fast Travel by signposts, on foot, by boat, or by Roach, Geralt’s trusted-if glitchy-horse.

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The Witcher’s world knowingly takes from some fantasy tropes-including that in Geralt’s world, many of the fairy tales are either actually *real* or known in some form to the game’s civilization. There’s actually a quest in the expansion, “Blood and Wine” which goes all in with the concept.


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There’s some fun cultural references thrown in, here and there-Madonna, Twilight, there’s even one for the Internet meme “Trollolo” and Fallout.


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One thing that should be noted-this is a very “M for Mature” rated game-and it’s a pretty hard M. If you’ve seen HBO’s Game of Thrones, a lot of it’s pretty much on the same level as that. It’s really not for those a bit squeamish about that sort of thing.

Overall, although I’m admittingly not as well versed in the franchise as some, I found Witcher 3-and one of the two expansions-extremely well-done and polished games.

Horizon Zero Dawn-An Overview

The planet is Earth, ruled by primitives tribes (well, or at least the Midwest United States is) and a mostly unspoiled wilderness. But something’s a bit different.  While the wilderness is small animals-rabbits, turkeys, pigs etc….the larger forms of wildlife are a bit….different, giant machines that not only resemble current wildlife like Oxen, Crocodiles and Horses, but also ones that resemble the Dinosaurs of old. It’s clear something is not quite right here-it’s the future, around the 30th century, and clearly some event occurred in our past that led to this bizarre state.


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Into this world is born the red-haired, naturally curious Aloy, under mysterious circumstances, in the home of the Nora Tribe. Due to her unusual origins, she is raised by an exile from the tribe-Rost-and the two live outside the main villages of the tribe.

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One day, Aloy stumbles upon a ruin of the old world, and picks up a mysterious ear ornament-a “Focus”-that will shape her  (somewhat pre-ordained) destiny. The “Focus” functions as a sort of tactical display and information-gathering device, similar to the Witcher senses in the Witcher games, or Batman’s detective mode in the Arkham series.

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When she reaches adulthood, Aloy heads to the village to prove herself in a coming-of-age hunting ritual that will help her gain some status in the tribe, as well as hopefully give her access to secrets about who her real mother might be. She gets more than she bargains for when a cult-the Eclipse-attack the Proving-targeting her-leaving her orphaned and with even more questions when she attempts to open a mysterious door inside a mountain, and the image of a woman that appears to be an older version of herself appears-possibly her mother-“Elizabeth Sobeck”.


She then sets out on a quest across the wilderness to figure out why her tribe was attacked-and herself singled out-why some machines are acting more aggressive, with new, more dangerous and less animal-like machines starting to appear-and what exactly happened to Earth in the past.

Horizon’s gameplay utilizes a lot of stuff that’s kind of familiar to open-world RPGs, such as the Witcher 3. There’s a lot of stuff to do-not only the main quests, but a lot of side quests which help Aloy ‘level up’ and acquire new items and armor. There also is a lot of crafting and gathering plants-not only as ammunition for Aloy’s main weapons, but also for healing.

Aloy’s main weapons include a spear for melee combat, a bow and arrow (common in many games these days-there’s one in “Witcher” as well, and the Tomb Raider series in particular has traded Lara’s dual pistols for it as her trademark weapon) as well as traps and explosives Alloy can use. There are guns, and while they pack a punch, they’re heavy and often cumbersome.

Like many other games, a lot of the game’s lore is provided via audio and written “datapoints”, scanned in by Aloy using her focus-serving a similar function to the audiotapes from the last few Metal Gear games, the Bioshock series, and the many, many books in the Witcher 3 games. While some are integral to the games story, most are optional or well-hidden, but if you’re interested in the backstory to the game they’re worth a look.


Aloy’s got a well-defined persona too. Her obscurity for knowledge-and the help of the focus-manages to give her an advantage over the somewhat primitive traditions of her people and others-although sometimes she does come off as a bit haughty and rude at times-and despite her intelligence, respects the traditions of her people.

The other characters are a lot of fun too. There’s the proud Erend, the slightly in-over-his-head and clumsily flirtatious king Avad, but most interesting of all is Sylens, a mysterious man with questionable motivations who helps guide Alloy’s quest-


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Look familiar? That’s the likeness (and voice) of actor Lance Reddick, from The Wire, Fringe, and Lost, as well as the John Wick movies (Where I’ve seen him mainly) and various other video games such as the Destiny series. 

The other villains-Helis and Dervahl-are a bit more one-dimensional, as is “Hades” their mysterious leader.


The game’s world-a mix of tundra, desert and tropical locations as well as the “dungeons” of old world facilities-is also one of the best I’ve ever seen in games. There’s even some real-world locations (The game is supposed to take place in Utah, Colorado, and Arizona)

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Many of the sites of the game can also be captured using the “photo mode” where you can also have Aloy do many poses and expressions, along with usual filters and added stuff.

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Heck, I’m wondering if this isn’t somewhere in the game (covered heavily in vegation, probably).

While some of it’s mechanics are a little tried-and-true, Horizon manages to stand above with great graphics (Which come with extra support on the PS4 pro and UHDs) and a compelling story, as well as other goodies such as the Photo mode. Definetly worth a shot if you have a PS4 (it’s an exclusive).

Bioshock-An Overview

“There’s always the lighthouse, there’s always a man. There’s always a city”

*spoilers for games may follow*

Bioshock is a first person shooter series. Although I won’t get into it too much here, the games delve heavily into the philosophies of Ayn Rand (Mainly called Objectivism), and are filled with various references to her work. They also are heavily inspired by the “Steampunk” genre of art design, and also a sort of reverse-retro style that it sort of shares with the “Fallout” series.


After the protagonist’s crash, he approaches a nearby lighthouse, which leads to vast underwater city, known as “Rapture”.

However, upon entering Rapture, despite it’s art-deco elegance, it’s clear it’s devolved into total anarchy, with it’s former leaders mostly gone mad, and it’s citizens mutated and twisted into bizarre ‘splicers’ by the use of a sea slug slime called “Adam”-which also gives the player abilities as well (“Plasmids”), such as psychokinesis, pryokinetics etc which serves as extra weapons to your standard guns.

Rapture’s other inhabitants are the bizarre Big Daddys-who inhabit massive diving suits and are immensely powerful-and the Little sisters they protect, who are hosts for ADAM. The player’s decisions on how to deal with them influences the ending of the game.


Despite the total collapse going on, there’s also a civil war of sorts still going on, between a man, Atlas-supposedly a sane family man (although one who sure has a fondness for saying “Would you kindly…”hmmm) and Andrew Ryan (a play on Ayn Rand), the former leader of this crazy city. By the end of the game, there are several revelations to come, not only about these two, but about your character, Jack, as well.

Bioshock 2 features a similar gameplay model, but features a few new twists-now you are a Big Daddy-subject delta-although an older model who’s been inactive for a while-and you have to rescue your bonded “little sister”, Eleanor, who is being used by her biological mother, Sofia Lamb, as an attempt to contain a large amount of ADAM and become a sort of ‘god’ to what was left of Rapture.


Delta’s (and the player’s) main mission is to rescue her from her crazy mother.

Although many of the mechanics are similar to the first game, there’s a better melee weapon with the drill, some new powers, new parts of Rapture to explore and a new enemy in the form of the Big Sisters. (Although technically Eleanor’s one herself, which becomes handy in the game’s later stages).

The third Bioshock game (although I haven’t played the DLC yet, which returns to Rapture) is Bioshock infinite, a sort of “prequel” in  a sense. The gameplay is largely the same (third person shooter with a mix of shooting and “magic” here called Vigors instead of Plasmids), although the setting is certainly a bit different, as is the underlying philosophies-this time dealing with fate, free will, and paradoxes instead of Objectivism.  Here, we play Booker Dewitt, who like the protagonists of the first few games, has a mysterious past that’s sort of tied to everything going on. Here, he’s hired to infiltrate a floating city, Columbia, and rescue a mysterious woman, Elizabeth.


Columbia at first seems far more stable than Rapture. But under the veneer, it has nasty secrets, and a growing rebellion-the Vox Populli, led by Daisy Fitzroy.

It’s led by Zachary Comstock, a “prophet” who, like Andrew Ryan, sets out to build a Utopia but his dream is somewhat twisted-shaped, in part, by events in his past, events tied to Booker’s own past-and far more than he knows.

Elizabeth-reportedly Comstock’s daughter is kept in a large tower, guarded by a bird robot controlled in part by Comstock. She also has the mysterious ability to open ‘tears’ in time and space to other timelines and places….hence in part her isolation. She really just wants to escape to Paris, but over the course of the game will have to confront some harsh realities….literally. Elizabeth’s a pretty good AI companion, often aiding Booker with ammo, salts, and health power-ups, as well as well-animated expressions and reactions. Although in a way, the Bioshock Infinite storyline mirrors that of 2-man sent to rescue young woman-Elizabeth has far more of a presence here than Eleanor did in that previous game.

Aiding you on your quest are the Leutece siblings, whose true loyalties are a bit up in the air, as well as their exact origins. They do have a sort of droll way of speaking, and a tendency to finish each other’s sentences…

Overall, The Bioshock trilogy are an entertaining-if occasionally thematically disturbing for those who are sensitive to that kind of thing-series, and it also makes you think a bit about certain philosophies, instead of dealing a lot with just a lot of action. The games are quite fantastic visually as well-although a bit dated on the detail front (due to being last-gen, although a recent remaster was released), the art design of the games is quite top notch.