The Walking Dead-The road ahead (season 9)


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While some of my predictions about this season of Walking Dead didn’t exactly pan out, apart from guessing that the Savior leadership would eventually kind of crumble (as it pretty much did in “Worth and “Wrath”). Like the season’s opening and closing titles both stated, Rick’s “mercy” overcame his “wrath” and he spared Negan, although he’s kept him imprisoned. This actually fits in well with the comics.



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The comic’s next arc is “The Whisperer War”, where the group battles a nasty new enemy, the Whisperers, who take the Walker camo trick used by the characters to a nasty new level-they pretty much wear them entirely, allowing them to blend in much better than just a bit of blood & guts. Despite a few allusions to such an arc and some fan speculation, there hasn’t been any major confirmation that these guys are the next villains. Also, the original storyline involved a lot of Carl, but for obvious reasons that part of it isn’t going to happen.

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A few hints have been dropped as to what’s coming.

The helicopter. While there’s been plenty of helicopters in the series, they’ve mostly been grounded or already destroyed. Curiously, a helicopter appeared in season 1 and 2 in Atlanta (and possibly might’ve unintentionally led the walkers out of the city and into more of the large ‘herds’ that frequently threaten the heroes). Another appeared in season 3, but it crashed and was scavenged by the Woodbury group. In season 8, Rick spots the helicopter. Simon says there’s a helipad near the junkyard for some reason, and later, the helicopter appears again, hovering very closely over Jadis and Negan, with Jadis trying to get it’s attention with a flare.

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There’s some speculation that this helicopter might have something to do with the mysterious Georgie, who dropped off some supplies-including a book on how to help rebuild civilization-with Maggie.

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Some wonder if she has something to do with the Current TWD comic storyline, in which Michionne and the others discover a settlement which is heavily self-sufficient and populated-much more so than even their communities (which were a cut above places like the prison and Hershel’s farm, but still far from perfectly safe, supplied, and advanced).

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Another thing is the current alliance between the communities and the Saviors. While Dwight of course defected first and was let go by Daryl to look for his wife, the other Savior survivors seem to have settled into peace with the crew. Eugene seems to be welcomed back as it seems he was kind of ‘playing an angle’ after all, and other characters such as Amber, Tanya and Frankie were largely working for the Saviors against their will,but one of the most earnest ex-Saviors seem to be Alden, who seems interested in working with Maggie. It’s kind of going to be curious how things develop between the two….

Although one of the other people spared is Laura, who seemed to be a bit more sadistic and unstable, but at the end she’s planting crops and nodding to Rosita like nothing happened.

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And what of Arat, who killed Lydia and gave Rosita her cheek scar? She didn’t appear in the final episode at all….

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….and speaking of Maggie, she obviously isn’t too happy Rick spared Negan, the killer of her husband. Despite her being OK with the Saviors she imprisoned switching sides, she isn’t too fond of the leader himself for obvious reasons.

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Maggie seems to be plotting with Jesus and Daryl against Rick. This is really one of the first times we’ve seen Maggie go against Rick. She was the one who pretty much convinced Hershel to welcome Rick and his group to the farm in the first place (and of course she met her future husband that way).

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Rick and Daryl’s relationship, once brotherly, seems to have taken some bad turns this season as well, with Daryl pretty much wanting to really hurt the Saviors (including Dwight who he never fully trusted) for what they’ve done and his humiliation by them…even killing former long-lost ally turned Savior Morales…

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with Rick seemingly willing to take a somewhat more balanced approach (which of course culminated in his sparing Negan, although part of that was Carl’s urging him to be “the good cop” again) leading to a violent tussle between the two for a brief bit.

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So perhaps a “Civil War” of some sort is on the horizon.

….and of course in TWD, there’s the ever-present threat: The Walking Dead themselves. On the hill before the final battle, Rick and crew spot a herd, the largest Rick and co. have ever seen.

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Another super-herd- initially stuck in a quarry but finding it’s way out-appeared in the first half of TWD’s sixth season-one that led to many deaths(and of course there’s the Wolves which caused a huge problem too) although at that point Rick only had the backing of a poorly-defended Alexandria (although arguably the town is in far worse shape now after the mid-season attack) and not the strength of the extra communities.

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With Morgan off to “Fear the Walking dead”, there’s certainly a lot of possibilities open for the band of survivors. A new enemy? A new Ally? Civil War? The Saviors becoming a threat again if Negan gets loose? Sort of wait and see I guess….as I stated at the beginning of the article, not all predictions always turn out well, and the death of Carl was a shock to many.


The Walking Dead-All out War and Pieces-Thoughts on the season so far-and going forward. *MASSIVE SPOILERS!!


So now that the Walking Dead season 8 finale is half-done, here’s a few thoughts.

-Carl’s been bit, after helping a fellow survivor, Siddig, he appears to have suffered a bite wound. Now, unless there’s some explanation as to it not being infected or something (and believe me, there are already some fan theories in that direction) it’s not looking good for Carl, as he looks somewhat super-sweaty (probably due to the fever caused by the bites), and pale.  Especially since the season 8 February teaser shows Rick and Michionne standing over a makeshift cross in what looks to be the damaged ruins of Alexandria. So I seriously doubt this is a “Glenn under the dumpster” situation.

Rick and Judith are now the only survivors of the Grimes family (and it’s still debatable whether Judith is his or not)

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Carl of course has had quite a few close calls before, and the death of Lori and Carl’s other close calls (Dealing with the ‘claimer’ gang and later the gunshot wound to his eye) really let Rick go full ‘berserker’ mode. Up till now Rick tries to keep this war fairly organized and according to plan….but now perhaps the really unhinged Rick is going to emerge.

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Which brings us to another point. with Rick maybe unstable and Ezekiel captured and feeling somewhat demoralized (Both after their personal losses), it might be time for Maggie to take even more of a leadership role for all the survivors, as well as Carol. After all, this was a woman who, after the death of her husband via Lucille and very ill, still felt that they needed to fight right away, with Rick only coming around to her way of thinking mid-season 7. Maybe Rick’s words here will have double meaning later on.

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-The Alexandria group is hiding in the sewers, which as we’ve learned, had some really nasty (and somewhat hard to see) walkers, but then again giving that Rick pretty much improved the town’s walker defenses since the horde attack a few seasons back, they’ll probably be ‘clear’. Unless of course Negan somehow screwed that up too.


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-There’s still two variables. Oceanside, who Aaron and Enid attempted to contact, but their meeting didn’t go too well as Enid accidentally shot the leader Natania. Enid also might take a more prominent role as a leader, especially since with Carl gone she sort of shares something in common with current friend Aaron, who lost Eric earlier in the season. Provided they get out of Oceanside first.


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And then of course there’s the junkyard group, who seemed to be willing to work with Rick, but kind of got out of dodge quickly when it turns out things didn’t quite work out.

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The Saviors themselves are a bit of a factor too. Sanctuary is still in a bad state (although they plan to move operations to the Kingdom which might prove tough if Carol takes charge), but one has to wonder what effect the war has had on them. Dwight of course is pretty much fully defected now, and Eugene seems to be still sort of playing both sides (although he did *something* that got the Saviors out…another drone with music somehow?) as he’s given Gabriel (The source of his illness yet to be disclosed) and Dr. Carson a window to escape.

I guess we’ll find out next season. To be fair, some of the speculation in my last article didn’t exactly work out, although two parts-Andrea’s death being given to ‘someone else’ close to Rick-was part right (I just assumed it was Michonne), as well as the “Old man Rick” scene probably being a dream sequence/hallucination of some kind (It’s worth noting in that scene that Carl’s face isn’t seen…a subtle hint?). Although there is still half a season to go…


In any case, we’ll see what happens next February.

Walking Dead season 8: Who will die? *spoilers and possible spoilers*

We’re gonna fight them. That’s what happens next. And we’re gonna lose people, maybe a lot of them, maybe even each other. Even then, it’ll be worth it.



With less than a week before the premiere of Walking Dead’s season 8, I thought I’d do a write up with some speculation on who might not make it. Pretty much every season of “The Walking Dead” has had characters who have died, as either due to the zombie bites (which cause a fatal illness) their own hand (often after zombie bites) sometimes accidents (Beth, for instance) or killed by another before they could re-animate (Beth again). Or they became walkers and were later put down (Hershel, and more recently, Sasha) or possibly still out there somewhere (Jim).

“Walking Dead” is a series where pretty much anyone can die, although a few members of the initial cast are still around-Rick, of course, the main character and former police officer; his son Carl, who suffered the loss of an eye in season 7 but has become quite a season warrior himself; Carol, the formerly meek housewife whose become her own kind of badass; Daryl, the crossbow-wielding “redneck” hunter and tracker.


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Maggie and Michonne, likewise, have stuck with the show since season 2. Maggie is the last survivor of the Greene family, and is pregnant with Glenn’s baby; Michionne, an art-loving woman who quickly became a seasoned survivor by ‘taming’ a few walkers and using a sword as her main weapon (and who initially didn’t trust easy) who is pretty much become part of the Grimes family, serving as a foster mother of sorts to Carl and Rick’s girlfriend after the death of his wife Lori (and also temporary love interest Anderson).


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However, season 7 proved that even being on the show a fairly long time was not always a guarantee that one would live. Take for example, Glenn Rhee, who in many ways got Rick into the Atlanta group in the first place (Where Rick was reunited with Lori, Shane and Carl), and has long served as one of the group’s ‘moral centers’, and whose words to a trapped Rick: “Hey you dumbass, hey in the tank, cozy in there?” closed off the first episode.

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Glenn met his end in the season 7 premiere, as the second victim of Negan and his bat, “Lucille”, along with Abraham-a death that-while it also happened in the comics-still shocked fans and led to complaints about the show’s violence to AMC (Which I think was more out of affection for the character than the violence-TWD has always been a very, very, violent show). Abraham had also been around for about three seasons, as well.


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Deaths continued in the season, but mainly of the more recent character of Spencer (Whose character was kind of a jerk anyway)-the last member of the Monroe family who founded the Alexandria Safe-Zone and Olivia, who was pretty much a minor character anyway.


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The season did end however with another major death-although a more noble one-as Sasha-who had been around since the Woodbury arc in season 3; and who had not only lost her brother Tyreese but two boyfriends in the earlier seasons (One the most recent Abraham); allowed herself to die so her Walker self could be used against Negan-and it did, helping to break a stalemate between Rick and the Saviors before being put down later on.


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Anyway, with that out of the way, I’ll share my thoughts on who might not make it to season 9. I won’t cover every character-that would take forever-so I’ll list likely candidates.

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Rosita. I’ve noticed the Walking Dead tends to develop certain characters more before their demise sometimes; Beth, for instance, got an arc where she was forced to work in a police-run hospital with some strange rules, but at the end of the arc, she was killed off. Rosita, likewise-although sort of introduced as a one-dimensional sort of character at first-got a lot of development in season 7, as she plotted revenge against Negan for her ex-boyfriend Abraham’s death-missing him twice, and sort of being indirectly responsible for the deaths of Spencer, Olivia, and Sasha, as well as the capture and defection of Eugene. She also died in the comics, in a grisly fashion, although under different circumstances.Also, the actress, Christian Serratos, might want a break to raise her daughter. So Rosita’s #1.

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Michonne. She’s developed a strong bond with both Rick and Carl after the prison arc in season 4, culminating in Rick getting into a relationship with her in season 6, that continues in 7. A few reasons I think this might be the case:

  1. The passage I posted at the beginning of the article-from “Say Yes” (The one with the carnival and the CG deer) The entire episode was in part, what could happen to one if the other died-Michionne, for instance, assumed Rick had died and was being devoured (when in fact, it was the deer) which caused her to lose focus and drop her sword for a few minutes.
  2.  In a recent interview, it was stated that a character would die a similar death to Andrea’s recent death in the comics (Via Walker bite and then being put down). Andrea’s storyline unfolded somewhat differently in the comics-while she started off similarly; losing her sister Amy, she actually began a relationship with Dale(!) and later with Rick himself, and never had that whole mess with the governor that led to her TV demise She also became somewhat even better at marksmanship under Rick’s guidance, and like Michonne, a mother figure for Carl. So she sort of took the role that Michionne has in the TV series (Michionne’s relationships likewise, unfolded differently as well-with Tyreese, than Morgan and Ezekiel and she’s still around in the comic). So it’s possible Michonne might “take” Andrea’s comic death.
  3. Plus, she was badly beaten at the end of season 7 as well, and sort of given a ‘fake out’ for a few minutes a bit like with Glenn in the middle of season 6 (which was then followed by Glenn’s actual death at the end of the season).


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….and as it happens, it looks like the two are going on some kind of mission in the season 8 trailer. Hmmm…..

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Eugene. The savant survivor was captured-and defected-to the Saviors in season 7, although it’s possible that he’s also working against them from within-“playing an angle” as Rosita would say-and that he helped to engineer Sasha’s use as an undead weapon. The actor has unfortunately faced some backlash from fans on social media for the character’s heel turn,


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Father Gabriel. The somewhat nervous priest started out sort of cowardly and didn’t think too much of Rick’s group at first, but by season 6 seems to be have found some courage, helping to take care of Rick’s daughter Judith and becoming a more capable fighter, as well as arranging to fake Maggie’s death. However, the latter might be a problem, as Negan found out that Maggie was in fact alive in season 7’s finale…and that may also be why we have Gabriel here in the trailer with Negan (Perhaps in the Walking Dead’s favorite mode of transport-an RV) in a scene that sort of mirrors that in the opener with Rick and Negan-although where Negan’s language is similar to his first appearance. Gabriel also looks noticeably nervous in some clips revealed.

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Speaking of Negan…. The producers have stated that season 8 will be the end of the conflict, but will it also be the end of the man himself? In the comics, Negan is actually still around, although he is imprisoned and actually sort of redeems himself. However, as always, the TV series might play things a bit differently….and of course, actors have contracts-and I’m sure Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in demand-whereas comics work a bit differently.

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Jadis, the odd-talking “trash queen” and Negan’s ally (after she betrayed Rick), also might not be around for long, I think. I’m pretty sure one of the villains is going to die.


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I’d actually it rather not be Simon, the character’s actually kind of fun (although I might be a bit biased because I’ve played and enjoyed Grand Theft Auto V, where actor Steven Ogg plays a big part as Trevor Phillips).


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Gregory’s kind of the cowardly, slimey leader of Hilltop, although Maggie has mostly usurped his authority and he wants her out of the way. He’s also particularly bad at adapting to the post Apocalypse world. Following his humiliation after failing to kill a walker, He seems to have vanished at the end of season 7, leaving Maggie in full charge, although he’s been spotted a few times in the trailer. In the comic, he’s actually executed for trying to kill Maggie by Hilltop.

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Morgan. The character rescued Rick in the first episode of the series, but then appeared in season 3 as a broken man who’d gone quite a bit crazy. He later re-appeared in season 5, tracking Rick and adopting a new, more pacifist philosophy. He’d still kill zombies and use his stick for self-defense and offense, but he would not kill other living beings. However, the actions of the Saviors caused this to unravel, and Morgan’s psychosis has largely returned, and he almost seemed to have death wish in “Bury me here”….


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Some have stated that maybe Maggie might join her husband and family in death. While I doubt she’d die while being pregnant, childbirth was pretty much fatal for Lori (In a caeserian performed by Maggie, oddly enough). However, we haven’t seen her be that pregnant yet in promotions for season 8, and  I think the communities probably have some better-or at least far more clean and relaxing-care facilities than a prison under siege by zombies. Although Gregory and Negan probably aren’t too fond of her, I still expect Maggie to stick around….perhaps taking over as lead for…


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And here’s what could be the most surprising one-Rick himself. The producers have been hinting that perhaps the show could go on without Andrew Lincoin’s main character. While the Walking Dead had that teaser of Rick on a bed with some nice flowers and a cane, Rick has been known to hallucinate sometimes, or have dreamlike visions.

Case in point:

Shane in season 3 after he’ been quite dead.

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Around the same time, Rick on the phone with everybody who’s died….

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And most recently, the Picnic vision.

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Tyreese, likewise, before his death, hallucinated the Governor, Beth, Bob, Lizzie, Martin, and Beth.

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Again, all this is speculation, and we won’t know for sure who stays and who goes in season 8. I presume it’ll follow the pattern of previous seasons, with perhaps a major death in the premiere, followed by a few in the mid-season finale, and then perhaps a couple in the season finale as well.


The Walking Dead Season 4 overview: No Sanctuary Part II-Too far gone

Rick’s stable community at the prison has started to fall apart-somebody inside is tempting the Walkers on the outside (a weakening of the fence forces Rick to sacrifice his farm as a result to lure the walkers out), Carol has been exiled, and a new sickness has claimed part of the prison community, spawning walkers when the affected die, and separating others-including newlyweds Glenn and Maggie. Just when the outbreak seems to come under control, an old enemy arrives-this time, after allying himself with the Chambler family (who have no idea of his past, psychosis or true identity), and usurping through murder control of the group of his former lieutenant Caesar Martinez-partially because his group has a tank. Guns might have not broken the prison, but a tank certainly can.

He manages to kidnap Michionne and Hershel-who he still sort of has it in for-and asks that Rick surrender the prison to him, or else. Rick tries to plead to their common humanity, saying that they can come back from the edge; but as the episode’s title states, he’s “too far gone”.

Rick:Look, I fought him before. And after, we took in his old friends. They’ve become leaders in what we have here. Now you put down your weapons, walk through those gates… you’re one of us. We let go of all of it, and nobody dies. Everyone who’s alive right now. Everyone who’s made it this far. We’ve all done the worst kinds of things just to stay alive. But we can still come back. We’re not too far gone. We get to come back. I know… we all can change.

Governor: Liar!

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This doesn’t stop Herschel from having a bit of an “Obi-Wan Kenobi” moment before he’s cut down. He’s proud of Rick. But unlike Luke Skywalker, Rick sort of has a ‘way to fall’.

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Although he certainly gets a “NOOOOOOOO!” moment.

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This of course leads to chaos as the battle begins,  but the somewhat more softened Rick is no match for the governor. Only Michionne is able to bail Rick out at the end, although the injuries he sustains nearly kills him, causing him to pretty much collapse for a few days to recover once he and Carl

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While the group manages to stop the tank eventually thanks to Daryl, it’s far too late for the Prison, which is not only structurally compromised but also not swarming with walkers with the gates destroyed via tank, and the group is pretty much separated, with each group presuming the others are all dead (They aren’t, with the exception of the ill-fated bus which features most of the Governor’s surviving old citizens from Woodbury that weren’t claimed by Carol, supply runs or the Pig flu-pretty much 100% background characters).

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It’s a bit fitting, that one of the Walkers we see walking around the outside of the prison, Clara-is the woman Rick sort of tried to help at the beginning of the season, but she was too far gone (and so dirty and messed up Rick mistook her for a walker at first glance).

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But how far will Rick fall?

The Walking Dead: Into the Mouth of Madness (A look at the conflict in season 3) *spoilers*

This article series will attempt to explore to compare and contrast the protagonist and antagonists of the Walking Dead season 3. I’m fairly new to this series so bear with me if I’ve got some things wrong. Also keep in mind I haven’t read the comic’s version yet.

As we open season 3, Rick and his group-who have recently been chased away from the Greene family farm by a herd of walkers and separated from Andrea (who they presume is dead)-are on the run. Rick’s wife Lori is very pregnant with her second child, which further complicates things. He’s also recently killed his best friend Shane, who went mad from jealousy, and his authority over the group has become far more totalitarian (“This is not a democracy”). Fortunately, they’re able to eventually settle down in a Prison, although it’s surrounded by walkers not only inside but also in various parts of the inside (later named “The tombs”) Hershel in particular has his leg bitten, and it’s forced to be amputated before the fever spreads.

Meanwhile, Andra and Michionne are ‘rescued’ by a man called the Governor, who takes them in. Andrea is initially seduced by the Governor’s intact town and seemingly friend attitude, but it’s all a lie-all this sunshine, lollipop and rainbows is built on a facade-he’s in fact a man who raids other survivors (including military groups) for supplies and weapons, keeps a sick aquarium of heads in his house, performs experiments on Walkers (with the help of his somewhat reluctant partner Milton) and also uses them as a sideshow for wrestling matches, and “takes care” of his zombified daughter. One of his right-hand man is Merle, the morally-challenged older brother of Daryl, who Rick and co. abandoned for his erratic behavior back in season one. When he learns of the prison, he pretty much declares war almost right away, kidnapping and torturing Glenn and Maggie, and lying pathologically to pretty much everyone about the actions of Rick’s group.

Compared to the shiny, nice, old-fashioned Woodbury (despite it’s rotten core) the situation at the prison is hardly ideal either-especially when Rick and his crew discover a group of possibly untrustworthy prisoners.

Despite Rick’s moral compromises in keeping his group alive, he hasn’t quite lost it yet-although soon encountering the prison’s surviving prisoners changes things. Although three-Oscar, Big Tiny, and Axel seem to be okay, and were only there for possibly minor defenses (especially Axel, who sort of got implicated in an “armed robbery” despite using a water gun), Tomas and Andrew are definitely more dangerous. Rick deals pretty quickly with the dangerous Tomas, but doesn’t make sure that Andrew is killed by the Walkers.

Andrew in turn unleashes walkers on them, separating the group at a critical juncture-when Lori goes into labor. Carol and Hershel, who had been trained to handle Lori’s pregnancy-are separated from her, leaving only Maggie and Carl to help Lori. Although the baby is delivered, Lori dies in Childbirth and Carl has to kill her before she becomes a zombie.

This causes things to spiral out of control for Rick, as he suffers a psychotic break, going ballistic on Walkers, hearing phonecalls from dead people, and seeing visions of Lori in a white dress walking around the prison. Nevertheless, he doesn’t exactly bottle it up and keep it secret, like the Governor does.

The Governor is also a widow, although one far earlier than the outbreak, however, while Rick gains a daughter, The governor has lost one-although he still keeps her around as a zombie (although on a leash).

Rick’s sanity starts to come back somewhat when he encounters Morgan-the man who saved him at the beginning of the series and treated his wounds-who has now gone quite a bit nuts himself from losing his son and extreme isolation. They both help to bring him back from the brink.

The Governor’s madness finally starts to boil over, however, when Michionne returns, and exposes his darkness to Andrea-the heads, the zombie daughter etc. (Andrea had sensed something was wrong from the fights) and also stabbing his eye out with glass, the Governor pretty much begins to go full psycho and boils over. He also refuses Andrea’s attempt at a truce between him and Rick’s group, and he continues to lie or distort their actions and motivations, eventually causing the people who trusted him the most-Merle, Andrea and Milton-to rebel against him (which unfortunately leads to their eventual deaths).

This all finally comes to a head when he makes a second assault on the prison with a poorly trained “army”, and they’re forced to retreat-and then he fires on his own people, causing many to hide, join Rick’s group, or-in the case of his most loyal but now clearly scared as hell lieutenants Martinez and Thumpert- reluctantly stick around.

Rick takes in the people of Woodbury (although it’s not really explained why he brought them there instead of relocating everybody to Woodbury, which seemed reasonably well-fortified against the Walkers).  He also pretty much outlines how his attitudes have changed since the beginning of last season, when he said “This was not a democracy”. He’s fought his inner demons and won, whereas the Governor has pretty much become a demon, in part by not fighting his own inner demons, but letting them fester and pollute his soul.

What I said last year, that first night after the farm… it can’t be like that. It can’t. What we do, what we’re willing to do, who we are – it’s not my call. It can’t be. I couldn’t sacrifice one of us for the greater good because… because we *are* the greater good. *We’re* the reason we’re still here, not me. This is life and death. How you live, how you die – it isn’t up to me. I’m not your governor. We choose to go. We choose to stay. We stick together.