Metal Gear Profiles-Hal “Otacon” Emmerich

Otacon : Snake, wait up! You forgot these….

Snake : No thanks. I’m quitting.

Otacon : Snake?

Snake : These things will kill ya.

Otacon : Where will you go…? Our fight is finished. There’s nothing left for us to do.

Snake : No. There’s one thing I still have to do. I have to see this age off… See what the future brings.

Otacon : Sounds good to me. I’ll go with you. S

nake : Otacon, I’m gonna be dead soon. You don’t have to come.

Otacon : You said it yourself, Snake. There’s nothing inside you can pass on to the next generation. No genes, no memes… You’re man-made… You’re a beast.

Snake : I know… A blue rose. There won’t be any happy “Beauty and the Beast” ending for me. What little time I have left will be spent living… As a beast. A shadow of the inside… Of the old age.

Otacon : Exactly. That’s why you need me. As a witness.

Snake : A witness?

Otacon : Yeah. Someone on the outside to bear witness to your final days. Someone to pass on your story… Not that I’m the only witness. But I’ll remember everything you were… And stick with you to the end.

Snake : Otacon….

Otacon : Besides, you wouldn’t let me suffer Sunny’s eggs alone, would you?




Hal “Otacon” Emmerich was born-possibly in Afghanistan-to Dr. Strangelove and Huey Emmerich in 1980, as they were working to develop the Metal Gear Sehalanthropus for XOF and the Soviets. He was named after the computer in 2001: A Space Oddyssey (In the same way, his father was named after a robot in “Silent Running”.)

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However, at the age of 3, Huey planned to use his son as a test subject for the robot, which made Strangelove furious. Concerned for the safety of her son, she had him shipped to America, away from his father. Huey reacted badly to this situation, locking her in the Boss AI tube and having her suffocate.

After his exile from Diamond Dogs, Huey and his son were eventually reunited, and Huey remarried a British woman, and Hal gained a new stepsister, Emma. However, Huey eventually drowned himself in the family pool, and Hal and Emma (Or “E.E” as he liked to call her) drifted from each other.

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Eventually, he enrolled in MIT and Princeton, where he gained PHDs and degrees, and also did some work for the FBI. He eventually became a developer for Armstech-and chief designer for Metal Gear REX at Shadow Moses, much like his father before him. It was here he would cross paths with Solid Snake, beginning a long friendship.

The naive Hal believed Rex would only be a defense system, although it possessed a railgun capable of launching nukes. He also stated that in part, he liked designing it because it reminded him of robots in Japanese anime-Hal also adopted the nickname “Otacon” short for Otaku convention.

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After the takeover of Shadow Moses Island by the rogue FOXHOUND, Hal was forced to work for them, but developed a possibly Stockholm syndrome form of affection for Sniper Wolf, and helped to feed her wolves.

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Eventually, Snake came across Otacon hiding in the lockers after one of his confrontations with Grey Fox, saying that the confrontation reminded him of…


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Being told the truth about what Metal Gear really was by Snake, Hal decided to aid the soldier, after some uneasy first impressions. He took stealth camouflage and snuck around the base with it, aiding Snake by helping him escape from prison (giving him ketchup to mimic the appearance of blood) helping Snake realize that the were genome soldiers also wearing stealth camo in an elevator, and also gave Snake other forms of intel-especially on REX-and also asked Snake an important question.


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Mainly addressed to his relationship with Sniper Wolf. However,  as part of his mission, Snake was forced to kill Wolf, which devastated Hal.

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After Rex was deactivated by Snake, Otacon helped Snake and Meryl escape by unlocking several doors from his computer, and eventually escaped himself.

He, Snake, Natasha Rumenko and Me Ling formed the PHILANTHROPY group, oppossed to the development of Metal Gears (Since Ocelot had leaked the plans for REX to the black market, allowing for many Metal gear knock-offs). Eventually, getting a letter from his sister “E.E”-or so he though-they discovered the Army was building one-an Anti-Metal Gear Metal Gear, Ray. Although it’s purpose was to destroy other Metal Gears, Otacon and Snake still felt they needed to expose it, and Snake infiltrated the tanker Discovery to photograph it and send them to Otacon’s computer (which had an Otacon avatar). However, the mission was largely a trap set by Ocelot. Snake and Otacon managed to escape, and went underground.

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2 years later Otacon reemerged in the Big Shell incident, where on the site of the Tanker’s sinking a “cleaning facility” was built, but in fact it was cover for a new “Arsenal Gear”-a massive submarine Metal Gear. It was then taken over by Solidus Snake and his “Sons of Liberty”/Dead Cell.He discovered his stepsister, Emma, was working on the project. Snake and Otacon-working with Raiden-infiltrated the Big Shell, and he was reunited with Emma. Unfortunately, their reunion was short-lived and tragic, as Emma was stabbed by Vamp.


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Upset that he lost yet another woman he cared for, Otacon nevertheless tried to pull himself together with help from Snake, and tried to evacuate the remaining hostages. And hence, some of the coolest Metal Gear moments were born.


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Otacon was able to figure out that the “Colonel Campbell” ordering Raiden was in fact an AI construct, especially when he found out it was coming from within the ship and acting very strangely after Emma’s virus was loaded into it Arsenal’s GW AI. After Solid Snake recovered info on the Patriots, both he and Snake were perplexed that the Patriot’s members were not only some of Philantropy’s backers, but also all dead for nearly a century.

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After Raiden rescued Sunny-Olga Krulenko’s daughter Hal took her in as a stepdaughter, and noticed that Snake was aging at an increased rate. Due to being framed for the Patriots, they largely used the NOMAD plane as their lab and base of operations.

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Eventually, Colonel Campbell (the real one) located Liquid Ocelot, and Snake and Otacon went after him. Although largely staying on NOMAD with Sunny, he was able to assist Snake on the field using the Metal Gear Mark II, a small, definitely non-nuclear Metal Gear with video interface and wires capable of manipulating objects and hacking computers. It also served as a useful scout.


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After Snake rescued Naomi Hunter, he began a romantic relationship with her, and she served as a sort of mother figure to Sunny.  However, she seemed to rejoin Ocelot’s faction later on, although this was a bit of a ruse.

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Eventually, using footage captured by the Mk II (Which was then replaced with a Mark III) Otacon and Snake realized that Ocelot intended to steal Metal Gear Rex’s railgun for use as a weapon against the Patriot’s satellite AI JD….so Snake returned to Shadow Moses, with Raiden helping him with the Mark III, and the two recalling their past adventure together.

However, it was discovered that Ocelot had already gotten the Railgun, and what’s worse, Naomi died from her cancer, which she had only been holding back using  transfusions of nanomachines. Deciding he had no tears left to shed, Otacon-despite devastated at the loss of yet another woman he cared about, managed to pull himself together again and reactivate Metal Gear REX, although without it’s railgun, and had Snake unlock it’s “Street fighter” mode, allowing for it to battle Ocelot’s RAY.


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Later, Otacon briefed everyone on Ocelot’s plan as they planned to infiltrate Outer Haven, Ocelot’s Arsenal gear warship, and once again assisted Snake using the Mk III. When GW was shut down, a pre-recorded message from Naomi played, explaining that, with Sunny’s help, she was able to override the Patriot’s AI, allowing their control to fade but not totally messing up civilization. Otacon was thankful-and yet very sad-at her sacrifice.

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Otacon, along with Sunny, later attended Meryl and Johnny’s wedding, although Snake couldn’t since he was doing his own reunion with Big Boss. He stated that Snake “always keeps people waiting”.

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As Snake went on to his final months, Otacon vowed to be his ‘witness’ and friend until his end. He also became somewhat more confident, earning a slight reputation as a “ladies’s man” although he often kept them at arm’s length due to the fates of Wolf, Emma and Naomi.



Metal Gear Tech profiles-Sneaking suit

The Sneaking suit was a special outfit that was designed to somewhat mimic human anatomy, giving an extra layer of protection to it’s wearer, but also be fairly lightweight at the same time.

Initially soviet technology, it was first fielded by the Boss during Operation Snake Eater, and later a black version was discovered and used by Snake-the soon to become Big Boss- during their final confrontation.


The Boss’s whitish/silver outfit in particular recalls those of the Mercury astronauts-of whom she was a part of (but officially wasn’t and got airbrushed out of this photo in Metal Gear continuity).

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A version of this suit was also available for the female members of Diamond Dogs (except for Quiet), although with some modifications such as the footstep-dampening effects of later models.

After Big Boss’s return from Operation Snake Eater, the outfit was further developed and modified for use by the FOX unit, including enhancements for close-quarters combat (CQC)

This version of the suit was given further modifications when Big Boss created MSF-adding further noise-canceling abilities and insulation for comfort for it’s wearer, in many ways becoming a true “sneaking” suit.

A further modification-with a little extra padding-was given to Big Boss’s “Phantom” Venom Snake, the leader of Diamond Dogs.

One was also provided for Venom Snake’s dog scout/buddy/”Good boy”, D-Dog.




Although Solid Snake largely went with a different sort of tactical outfit during the Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land missions, he got a sneaking suit for the harsh, cold temperatures of Shadow Moses, similar to Venom’s but with far more padding, especially on the shoulders, and a generally more streamlined design.


Joining Philanthropy-an Anti-Metal Gear organization after the events of Shadow Moses and dissolution of FOXHOUND, Solid Snake wore a similar outfit, but lacking the big vest, as New York Harbor wasn’t quite as cold as Alaska. After donning a Navy seal outfit as “Snake Plisskin”, Snake once again wore the suit when he helped Raiden in infiltrating Arsenal Gear.

Raiden likewise wore a variation called the “Skull suit” based on it’s ribbed chest appearance and somewhat skullish diving helmet.  Designed with more water operations in mind (Since Big Shell was on the ocean), it functioned more like a wetsuit, allowing ease of swimming. It also functioned as a “smart suit”, able to interact with the Nanomachines in Raiden’s blood-able to help regulate his injuries and body temperature, and probably of course provide data and additional control to the Patriot’s AI.


A few years later, during which time Solid Snake experienced rapid aging, he wore the “Octocamo” Sneaking suit, which gave him the ability to automatically adopt a chameleon-like camo with the environment-including objects such as watermelons. It also-like several of the other Sneaking suits-gave padding to his badly weakened muscles, almost functioning like a second body to his now-frail frame.



In addition to Snake, Rat Patrol also used partial sneaking suits for their upper bodies-I assume more for the insulation and strength support than the cancelling footsteps noise part.


Metal Gear Profiles-Raiden/Jack Part I

The man who would become known as “Raiden” was born during the Liberian civil war in Africa. After the death of his parents-in fact orchestrated by George Sears, AKA the third clone of Big Boss and the future Solidus Snake-and he became a child soldier in the conflict.

Eventually, Jack’s proficiency in the war earned him the nickname “Jack the Ripper”. After the war was over, Jack eventually was taken to the united states, with counseling-and the interests of the Patriots AI (Who wanted to use him as a test subject to expand their influence)-suppressing his bloody past.

Eventually Jack joined the US military, where he trained using VR simulations, including recreations of Shadow Moses.


Eventually, the Patriots put their S3 plan (Selection for Societal Sanity) into motion- a partial “real world” recreation of the Shadow Moses inciddent to gain data they could use to mold individuals and broaden their control, a twisted version of the Boss’s-and Zero’s- plan for world unity. They had a spy-Rosemary-fall in love with Jack at fort Hamilton in New York (although she eventually fell in love with him for real). The two bonded over “King Kong”, but Rose was somewhat taken aback by Jack’s aloof nature.

Eventually, Jack was assigned to “FOXHOUND” but this was a ruse as the organization had been dissolved after the Shadow Moses incident (and I can’t imagine the earlier stuff with Big Boss helped either) and given the codename “Snake” to start, but eventually it was switched to Raiden, since the leader of the Dead cell had identified himself as Solid Snake. His mission: To rescue the president from the Dead Cell/Sons of Liberty group, who had kidnapped him while he was inspecting the Big Shell facility. Rose was assigned as mission support.


As Raiden made his way through the facility, certain details didn’t seem to add up. He was given intel by a “Cyborg Ninja”, and met and worked with a mysterious man known as Iroqouis Pliskin, who claimed to be part of the SEAL team sent there that had largely been wiped out.


Things came to a head when it was revealed that it was not Solid Snake that had planned the kidnapping, but Solidus Snake, who was using the incident in part as a revolt against the Patriots (But was actually being played by them as well, playing the “role” of Liquid Snake) . The real Solid Snake was in fact Iroquis himself, although his appearance was not part of the Patriot’s plan.


He also learned part of the truth about the mission from President Johnson, who explained that this was a major set up by the Patriots, and that Solidus’s true aim was the capture of Arsenal Gear, a massive battleship hidden underneath the Big Shell. He then rescued Emma Emmerich, who implanted a virus into the Patriot’s AI running the mission, causing it to malfunction and give Raiden strange messages. Unfortunately, Emma was killed by Solidus’s man, Vamp.


Raiden was eventually knocked out by Snake and the cyborg ninja (In fact Olga gurlocovitch in disguise) and then captured by her and taken to the Arsenal Gear. Olga was in fact a double agent, whose baby daughter was being help captive by the Patriots, and she needed Raiden as a distraction so Snake could sneak on board Arsenal. Raiden also re-learned about his dark past from Solidus.

Eventually escaping-although without clothes and gear-Raiden reunited with Snake-now in his sneaking suit-and the two headed through Arsenal Gear.

On the surface, Raiden found himself fighting a considerable amount of Metal Gear RAYs. He defeated them, but still had to deal with Solidus, who killed Olga. Solidus also revealed he planned to use the Arsenal to launch a nuke that would create an EMP, which he would then use to discover the true identity of the Patriots.


Learning more about the true nature of the mission from the Patriots and Revolver Ocelot-to gather information on the S3 project-including the fact that Rose was apparently pregnant (and possibly not real, just part of the simulation), Raiden still had no choice but to kill Solidus, to ensure the safety of not only Rose but Olga’s baby.

Although Raiden was very Disturbed by the truths and conspiracies revealed during the mission,  Snake offered some wise counsel.


No one knowss who or what they are. The memories you have and the role you were assigned are burdens
you have to carry. It doesn’t matter if they were real or not.
That’s never the point.There’s no such thing in the world as absolute reality. Most of
what they call real is actually fiction. What you think you see
is only as real as your brain tells you it is.We can tell other people about — having faith. What we had faith
in. What we found important enough to fight for. It’s not whether
you were right or wrong, but how much faith you were willing to
have, that decides the future. The Patriots are a kind of ongoing
fiction too, come to think of it….

He then revealed that Rose was real, and she and Jack had a conversation.


Rose : Do you remember this place?

Jack : Of course. This is where we first met… I remember now — Today
is the day I met you. That’s it. I think I found something to
pass along to the future. He said all living things want their
genes to live on.

Rose : Are you talking about the baby?

Jack : Yeah. But genes aren’t the only thing you pass on. There are too
many things that aren’t written into our DNA. It’s up to us to
teach that to our children.

Rose : What kind of things?

Jack : About the environment, our ideas, our culture… poetry…
compassion… sorrow… joy… We’ll tell them everything…

Rose : Is that a — proposal?

Jack : This is for your ears — only…

However, Jack’s troubles were not over yet. Liquid Ocelot still remained at large, the Patriots were up to some grand scheme and Olga’s infant daughter was still being help captive. His story was just starting.




Metal Gear Profiles-Solid Snake Part IV

War has changed. It’s no longer about nations, ideologies or ethnicity. It’s an endless series of proxy battles, fought by mercenaries and machines. War, and its consumption of life, has become a well-oiled machine. War has changed. ID tagged soldiers carry ID tagged weapons, use ID tagged gear. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities. Genetic control. Information control. Emotion control. Battlefield control. Everything is monitored, and kept under control. War has changed. The age of deterrence has become the age of control. All in the name of averting catastrophe from weapons of mass destruction. And he who controls the battlefield, controls history. War has changed. When the battlefield is under total control, war… becomes routine.


Five years past-and Snake starts to age much faster than anticipated, seeming to age nearly at 5 times the normal rate as he reaches his 42nd birthday, physically resembling a man in his early 70’s. Solid Snake becomes “old Snake”-although he’s still formidable. He grows a mustache as well. He appears to have only a year to live as well…



He lives mostly on board the carrier Nomad with Otacon and Sunny Emmerich, Olga’s daughter who was rescued by Raiden and adopted by Otacon. However, one day Roy Campbell-his former commanding officer-tells him that they’ve located Liquid Ocelot in the middle east-and it’s time to take him down. Ocelot has formed his own PMC-part of a military industry being controlled by the Patriots AI-which has extended it’s database into much of society (The dream of the Boss and Zero-but badly warped)…but has other plans up his sleeve as well.


Arriving in the Middle East-and musing the war has changed-and after evading multiple “Gekkos” (Mass produced Metal Gear-esque units) FROGS (Ocelot’s main soldiers) and the Beauty and the Beast Unit.Snake soon teams with Meryl’s rat patrol unit, and Meryl is shocked at the aged sight of her ex. Snake also receives some extra support in the field-gun runner Drebin 893 (Who gives Snake an injection to take control of SOP ID weapons) and Metal Gear Mk.II, a tiny remote robot much less deadly than it’s larger cousins.

However, about to confront Ocelot, Snake is incapcitated by Liquid activating the SOP system, causing all the soldiers in the area with nanomachines in their systems-including Meryl’s team (minus Johnny Sasaki) suffer seizures..and Liquid Ocelot escapes.

After recovering, the Nomad received a clue from Naomi Hunter-who helped Snake during the Shadow Moses inciddent. He went to meet her in South America, and also have her examine why he was rapidly aging. Unfortunately, he had double the bad news.


Not only was Snake aging to death because of his clone nature, but FOXDIE-the virus designed to target the rogue Foxhound unit-was mutating, and wouldn’t just target any specific person-it could target anyone. The only way to stop it was for Snake to die before it mutated to that stage. With the help of Raiden-now a cyborg ninja, he was able to rescue Naomi. Raiden-injured in a battle with Vamp-implored him to seek out the mysterious “Big Mama” who might hold the key to defeating Ocelot.


Big Mama as it turned out, was Eva, Big Boss’s friend and lover during Operation Snake Eater, and also one of the founding members of the Patriots. She outlined her involvement in his birth-The Les Infant Terribles-and how it led to the Patriots breaking into two factions-One-Big Boss, Ocelot, and Eva-who went with the “Outer Heaven” idea, and the others-Zero, SIGINT/Donald Anderson and Para-Medic/Dr.Clark-who went for AI control over society. She then worked with Snake to move Big Boss’s body to a safe location, but unfortunately Ocelot caught up with them, and used the body to hijack the SOP system, giving him total control over the world’s nano-machined controlled weapons-and starting his own war on the Patriots.



The chaos that followed led to a fire that consumed the body, fatally wounding Eva and burning Snake’s face, scarring him permanently (Meryl nearly died, but was saved by Rat Patrol team member Johnny Sasaki). He and Otacon next worked out that Liquid’s plan was to use Metal Gear Rex-which had laid dormant at Shadow Moses after his battle with Liquid nearly a decade before-to take out the Patriot’s AI using it’s nuke to attack an orbiting satellite. He would have to once again return to Shadow Moses, to get to the gear before Ocelot did.

Snake re-entered the base, which had been mostly abandoned except by Ocelot’s AI weapons, the Gekkos and their dwarf counterparts.  REX was still in it’s hanger, but Snake was too late-Rex’s railgun had already been taken-and he found himself surrounded by Gekkos. Naomi Hunter also took her life as well.

With the help of a grieving Otacon and Raiden, however, Snake was able to reactivate Rex, and the old gear still packed a punch.

Finally reaching the outside, Snake found himself to face with Ocelot, who had his Metal Gear Ray handy, and the two might war machines clashed. Eventually Ocelot however summonded his arsenal gear, the Outer Haven, and started heading toward a point where he could attack the satellite.

Snake and the others then boarded the USS Missouri, and laid out a plan to take out Outer Haven before Ocelot could use Rex’s railgun (Which Snake dubbed “Liquid’s very own Death Star” to attack the satellite. Their plan was to board the ship-despite heavy opposition-FROGS,Gekkos, Metal Gear RAYS and the last member of the Beauty and the Beast unit, Screaming Mantis.


Supported by Raiden, Meryl, and Johnny, as well as Otacon and Mei Ling in the Missouri, Snake undertook his final mission.  After grueling combat-and most agonizingly of all, a long  corridor of microwaves….

Snake finally reached the GW AI that was giving Ocelot control of the SOP system, and sent it a virus. Unexpectedly though, the virus actually erased the entire Patriot control network-undoing their influence but leaving several other systems intact. The virus was called “FOXALIVE”.

But there was still a score to settle with “Liquid”. On the top of Outer Haven, the two got into brutal hand to hand combat, mirroring Solid Snake’s duel with Liquid on top of Rex a decade before. Liquid also revealed that he wanted Snake to defeat the Patriots all along, although he thought society would tumble into anarchy, like the Wild West.

Finally, Ocelot collapsed, and seemed to once again regain his former personality, giving Snake his catchphrase one last time “You’re pretty good!” as he died.

As others celebrated at Meryl and Johnny’s wedding, Snake went to Arlington, and considered ending his life so that the FOXDIE virus would not turn into an epidemic. However, he had an unexpected guest-Big Boss-who had been revived.

However, Big Boss was not there to fight, but to explain things-and reconcile somewhat with his ‘son’. How both he, Zero, and the Patriots managed to mess up the will of the Boss; how Ocelot in fact hypnotized himself into believing he was Liquid to get the Patriots confused; how the body of Solidus-and not him-was used to get into the system etc. He also explained that the FOXDIE would not mutate into an epidemic-in fact, a *new* virus was implanted into Snake by Drebin earlier (as Drebin was acting on behalf of the Patriots), that actually killed Eva and Ocelot-and which would now kill Big Boss, but not anybody else.


Big Boss finally pulled the plug on Zero, who had been in a vegetative state since the 80’s due to the machinations of Skull Face, and ending the last trace of the original Patriots.


After finally saluting his mentor one last time, Big Boss implored his son to live not as a not as a snake-but as a man…although he probably would die soon himself, he would be at peace and not waste the life he had left fighting. Solid Snake lit his father’s cigar as he died.


Solid Snake then joined Otacon and Sunny once again, but as he left, Otacon noticed he forgot his cigarettes.


Otacon : Snake, wait up! You forgot these….

Snake : No thanks. I’m quitting.

Otacon : Snake? Snake : These things will kill ya.

Otacon : Where will you go…? Our fight is finished. There’s nothing left for us to do.

Snake : No. There’s one thing I still have to do. I have to see this age off… See what the future brings.

Otacon : Sounds good to me. I’ll go with you.

Snake : Otacon, I’m gonna be dead soon. You don’t have to come.

Otacon : You said it yourself, Snake. There’s nothing inside you can pass on to the next generation. No genes, no memes… You’re man-made… You’re a beast.

Snake : I know… A blue rose. There won’t be any happy “Beauty and the Beast” ending for me. What little time I have left will be spent living… As a beast. A shadow of the inside… Of the old age.

Otacon : Exactly. That’s why you need me. As a witness.

Snake : A witness?

Otacon : Yeah. Someone on the outside to bear witness to your final days. Someone to pass on your story… Not that I’m the only witness. But I’ll remember everything you were… And stick with you to the end.

Snake : Otacon….

Otacon : Besides, you wouldn’t let me suffer Sunny’s eggs alone, would you?

Solid Snake, at some point later, died…but peacefully.





Metal Gear Profiles-Solid Snake Part III

Life isn’t just about passing on your genes. We can leave behind much more than just DNA. Through speech, music, literature and movies… what we’ve seen, heard, felt… anger, joy and sorrow… these are the things I will pass on. That’s what I live for. We need to pass the torch, and let our children read our messy and sad history by its light. We have all the magic of the digital age to do that with. The human race will probably come to an end some time, and new species may rule over this planet. Earth may not be forever, but we still have the responsibility to leave what traces of life we can. Building the future and keeping the past alive are one and the same thing-Solid Snake


After the Shadow Moses incident, Snake and Meryl eventually parted ways, with her taking control of the “Rat Patrol” unit (Unknowingly controlled in part by the Patriots- “Rat Patrol” being an anagram of Patriots). It was soon discovered that Revolver Ocelot had stolen the plans to Metal Gear Rex and had sold them to various world powers….so now *everybody* could build a Metal Gear.


To combat this threat, Solid Snake, Otacon, Mei Ling and others from the Shadow Moses incident formed the group “Philanthropy” dedicated to ridding the world of these walking nuclear battle tanks.


Eventually, the US Navy began developing it’s own solution to the problem-an anti-Metal Gear…Metal Gear. RAY-sitting in a tanker on Hudson-held no nuclear weapons but still was formidable.


Snake and Otacon weren’t too happy about this, of course, although RAY had no nuclear capability. So Snake boarded the freighter where it was being stowed and worked to photograph it to expose it. However, they weren’t alone-Revolver Ocelot and the Gurlocovitch mercenaries had boarded too.

Snake confronted the second in command of the unit-Olga Gurlucovitch-and tranquilized her after a brief fight. He then headed to the hanger to photograph Ray, but the Commandant demonstrating the unit-Scott Dolph-was captured by Gurlucovitch’s father and Ocelot. Ocelot then turned on his former ally, killing both him and Dolph, before stealing the Metal Gear which damaged the tanker, causing it to to sink-allegedly with Snake onboard.  Before falling into the waves, Snake learned that Ocelot seemed to posses a split personality-that of Liquid Snake, whose arm now replaced Ocelot’s lost one.

In the two years that followed, Solid Snake was presumed dead, and Snake and philanthropy were framed for the loss of the tanker. A facility-Big Shell-was built on top of the wreck, supposedly to clean up the oil spilled in the bay…but in fact hiding something more serious. Soon, Big Shell, during a visit from the president, was taken over by the group known as the “Sons of Liberty”-which was led by a man claiming to be Solid Snake.

However, the real Solid Snake was still alive, and with Otacon’s help, infiltrated Big Shell as a member of the SEAL team, using the alias “Iroquis Pliskin”, where he ran into Raiden, the man tasked with rescuing the President, during an encounter with Dead Cell member Vamp. The two combined forces, helping defuse explosive devices left by Dead Cell member Fatman, and with Otacon. Solid also learned the identity of the man impersonating him-his other brother, Solidus Snake. They also learned that the Big Shell facility was in fact cover for a new Gear-the Arsenal Gear battleship, that Solidus intended to capture and launch a nuke to disrupt the Patriot’s network with an EMP.


No, that is NOT Solid Snake. Stop impersonating him!

Re-adopting his original identity, Snake also encountered Olga-working with her in her quise as Mr.X, and the two formed an alliance-in part because the Patriots held her child captive.  He also teamed with Emma Emmerich, Raiden and Otacon to attempt to disable Arsenal Gear’s AI GW, but was unfortunately unable to save Otacon’s stepsister, Emma Emmerich. Otacon was overcome with grief, but Snake trusted him to help save the rest of the hostages on Big Shell, while he and Raiden would take care of Arsenal Gear. The two shared an epic walk and handshake.

 handshake GIF

Donning his old sneaking suit and bandana-although knocking out Raiden first as a distraction to sneak into Arsenal Gear, Snake and Raiden began working together against Solidus’s forces, including elite “Tengu” guards. He also gave Raiden Olga’s High Frequency blade-which she used in her disguise as the Cyborg ninja (It would later become Raiden’s trademark weapon when *he* became a Cyborg ninja!)


Snake then confronted Dead Cell member Fortune while Raiden dealt with an army of mass produced  Metal Gear RAYS. Captured by Fortune, he was taken up to the hull of Arsenal gear, where he learned that Raiden’s mission was in part an attempt at gathering data for the Patriots-based on his own mission at Shadow Moses. He also learned that it was Ocelot’s Liquid persona who had lured him to the tanker in the first place. Once again, Ocelot escaped in RAY, although Snake was able to place a tracker on the gear…and gain some information on the Patriots via Emma’s work. He later met with Raiden after he defeated Solidus, and also vowed to rescue Olga’s daughter. He gave Raiden an inspiring speech, and then left him.


Otacon then looked at the information gleaned from Arsenal Gear, and briefed Snake on it….

Otacon : Snake, you there? It’s me. I’ve finished going over that disc.

Snake : Did you find the Patriots’ list?

Otacon : Of course. It contains the personal data of twelve people. There
was a name on it — Snake, it was one of our biggest

Snake : What’s going on around here?

Otacon : I don’t know…

Snake : Anyway, where are they?

Otacon : Well, we were right about them being on Manhattan, but…

Snake : But what?

Otacon : They’re already dead. All twelve of them.

Snake : When did it happen?

Otacon : Well, ah…about a hundred years ago.

Snake : What the hell?

A mystery that would remain unsolved for quite some time-and just when Snake’s time itself was almost up.

Metal Gear Profiles-David/Solid Snake Part II

When his brother Liquid took control of Shadow Moses island, colonel Campbell once against sought out Solid Snake, living in retirement in the Alaskan wilderness fairly close by, raising 50 huskies and participating in Sleigh races. Although he was initially reluctant to accept the mission, the involvement of a rogue FOXHOUND unit, Big Boss’s remains being sought as the ransom and the fact that he resembled the FOXHOUND leader intriqued Snake-and likewise, Campbell revealed he’d release the ‘dirt’ on his files if he didn’t participate. Snake’s main mission was to rescue two hostages-Darpa Chief Donald Anderson (The former SIGINT) and Kenneth Baker, ARMSTECH president.

Getting his hair cut and dyed so he wouldn’t be mistaken for Liquid, Snake then infiltrated Shadow Moses from underwater. In addition to Campbell and Naomi Hunter, he was given technical and moral support by Mei Ling, Natasha Romenko and Master Miller..However, he soon discovered that Campbell-and mission Doctor Naomi-hadn’t been telling him the whole truth-Snake had been given a virus by Naomi-FOXDIE-designed to target the members of the rogue Foxhound unit (and possibly Snake himself); and also Shadow Moses was the testing ground for a new model Metal Gear-Metal Gear REX.



His initial mission failed when FOXDIE killed both Donald Anderson and Kenneth Baker (although in the first case, it was actually Decoy Octopus, who was misleading Snake in order to get him to actually activate Metal Gear REX). However, he was soon able to rescue other captives-Hal Emmerich, or Otacon, and Campbell’s “niece” (actually daughter) Meryl Silverburgh. He also had an ongoing semi-alliance with a  Cyborg Ninja-actually the cybernetically resurrected Grey Fox-who helped him but also craved one final fight with his former friend and rival.


Taking on the members of FOXHOUND in combat, as well as the genome army, Snake made his way through the base, and finally reached the Metal Gear after a long trial, including Meryl getting badly wounded and captured by Sniper Wolf. He finally reached REX’s hanger, but unexpectedly, instead of deactivating the Gear, he *activated* it, having been tricked by “Miller” who was in fact Liquid Snake in disguise. He also learned he had largely been a pawn used by Defense secretary Jim Houseman, and part of his mission was to cover up the existence of REX, the rogue FOXHOUND and the genome army.

Liquid also had a startling revelation about Solid Snake’s past-not only were they the sons of Big Boss, but they were the product of the Les Infant Terribles project, an attempt to clone the legendary soldier. Liquid then boarded the Metal Gear, and faced off against his brother, with Grey Fox aiding Snake in destroying the Radome, leaving Liquid more vulnerable.

Solid Snake was able to disable the gear, but the resulting explosion knocked him out. He woke up to face his brother again, on top of the unit and holding Meryl captive.


The two got into a tense fistfight, and Liquid fell off the gear, severely injured. Snake then rescued Meryl and the two escaped Shadow Moses….but Liquid wasn’t quite dead yet.

After a chase in the jeep, which ended up with both crashing, Liquid Snake finally succumbed to FOXDIE.

After that, Snake and Meryl found a jetski nearby, and Solid Snake wondered if he could now pursue a new life, a new purpose, perhaps a life with Meryl by his side. He also revealed his real name: David.

Unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want….as Snake would soon find out-and he would become further entangled in his father’s legacy.

Metal Gear Profiles-Big Boss part V

About a decade passes. Big Boss-as both Venom and himself-becomes even more of a legend. At some point, he returns to lead FOXHOUND, while developing Outer Heaven in South Africa with Venom. He also became a benefactor to the war-orphaned girls who would grow up to be Naomi Hunter and Sniper Wolf; and a friend of Frank Jaeger (Who possibly knew him as far as the San Hierenymo inccident). While Big Boss was publicly leading Foxhound, the identity of the leader of Outer Heaven remained a mystery.


During his leadership of FOXHOUND, Big Boss came across his cloned son, David, who was a rookie in the unit (Venom had an encounter with Eli, his brother, earlier on). At some point, Big Boss commissioned development of a new Metal Gear-the TX-55-which could hold two nuclear weapons, although it was smaller and squatter than it’s predecessors. He captured the scientist Dr. Madnar and his family to develop the device.


Eventually, Metal Gear neared completion. A member of FOXHOUND-Frank Jaeger-code named Gray Fox-was sent into Outer Heaven to investigate. Before he was captured, he sent of a transmission warning of the Metal Gear.


In his capacity as FOXHOUND leader, Big Boss sent David-now codenamed Solid Snake-into Outer Heaven, hoping he would fail the mission or give false intel. However, Solid Snake performed above Big Boss’s expectations, rescuing Fox and destroying the Metal Gear before it could be deployed as well. In an attempt to make him fail, Big Boss started to give him false information and orders, such as to abandon the mission. But Solid Snake pressed on, and then confronted the leader of Outer Heaven, Big Boss’s “phantom” Venom Snake, and killed him.

Image result for Metal Gear TX-55


After the defeat of Big Boss and destruction of the main Outer Heaven fortress, the county itself was destroyed in multiple air strikes (possibly ordered by the Patriots who still viewed Big Boss as an enemy, and his outer heaven counter to their world order), killing a large number of it’s civilian population, as well as those who had rebelled against Big Boss. However, Big Boss managed to evacuate many, who then devoted themselves to him. He also swore he’d meet Solid Snake again.

Presumed dead, Big Boss built up “Zanzibar Land”, possibly close to Tselinoyarsk…in a way, Big Boss had become like Volgin before him-a warmonger with a deadly nuclear weapon. With Madnar, Grey Fox, and former rebel leader Schneider now serving under him, he commissioned the development of a new Metal Gear-Metal Gear D. In order to create further conflict, he kidnapped the developer of a revolutionary algae called OILIX (in an attempt perhaps at a monopoly), and raided several nuclear sites using the fully operational Metal gear-to give Zanzibar band a leg up in nuclear power-and presumabely as ammo for D.




FOXHOUND-now led by Colonel Campbell-brought Solid Snake out of retirement, and sent him to Zanzibar land where he quickly learned the truth-and also was shocked about the loyalty of his former comrades to Big Boss. Nevertheless, he destroyed the new Metal Gear, and then finally confronted Big Boss, who outlined his somewhat more twisted vision of a nation for soldiers-but also a world in perpetual conflict so those soldiers would always be needed. He also revealed that he was Solid Snake’s father.


Snake-who had lost most of his equipment during the battle with the Metal Gear-was able to improvise a flamethrower with just a lighter and aerosol.


Seems familiar, doesn’t it? Plus this was a snake he was killing, to boot.

This left Big Boss heavily injured but still somewhat alive. Once again in a coma, the Patriots identified his “soldier genes” and used them to treat some soldiers to give them abilities similar to this, the “Next Generation Special Forces”, or Genome army. However, this caused unfortunate side effects, such as mutations. When he took over Shadow Moses, Liquid Snake wanted to procure the body of his father to help cure the mutations of the army, who were brainwashed or served Liquid willingly.

Big Boss’s body however-it’s DNA code, to be precise-also held another secret, a way to access the Patriot’s mainframe (The Patriots themselves had gained far greater control at this point, and had created a “War Economy” somewhat similar to Big Boss’s own vision) His body was eventually recovered by his former lover Eva thanks to the help of Raiden, and she managed to repair it in part using Liquid and Solidus’s body. The remaining parts of Solidus remained useful however-the DNA of Solidus was pretty much identical to Big Boss (although it was still a fast aging Clone) and could be used to access the system just as easily. It also served as another decoy-and once Liquid Ocelot was able to use it to access the Sons of the Patiots system, he destroyed it…and everyone assumed that Big Boss was dead for good.

But when Solid Snake finally defeated the Patriots AI, Big Boss was revived, and able to finally find Patriots leader Zero, now in a vegatative state, his location a secret hidden using the AIs. He took Zero with him to Arlington cemetery, where he met Solid Snake/David….not to fight, but to explain how this whole mess with the Patriots started, that he and Zero had been wrong about the boss’s will…that it meant not a world of perpetual war or a world of information control, but to respect the will of others and one’s self.


Standing in front of her tombstone, he once again saluted, as he had fifty years before.

He also ended the life of Zero as well, cutting off his life support and choking him, ending the Patriots. However, he quickly got the FOXDIE virus from Solid Snake, which had been used to target specific enemies of the Patriots (But, to Solid Snake’s relief would not become a non-specific epidemic as he feared). As he lay dying, he shared one final smoke with his son, and told him to spend his remaining months not as a Snake, wasting his life fighting, but a man.



“This is good, isn’t it?”-he says, and Big Boss-hero, villain, legend-passed.