Doctor Who History-Monk see, Monk Do

The Doctor is still blind, unfortunately. He gets a ‘message’ on his sonic sunglasses-a file called “Extremis”.

Shortly thereafter, representatives of the Vatican, including the pope, visit him, asking him to investigate a strange book, the Veritas-a book that which has driven it’s readers to suicide.

Going into the Vatican’s library, he attempts to read Veritas using a translation machine and a bit of technology, but soon finds himself attacked by bizzare corpse like “monks”. The Doctor, Bill and Nardole also discover various portals within the library leading to major world locations-but Bill and Nardole become disturbed when they can’t seem to come up with random numbers when questioned-everybody’s saying the same exact thing. All three then figure out they are in fact computer simulations, being used by the monks to plot an invasion.


However, the ‘fake’ Doctor then sends a recording of the simulation to his real self, who is sitting by the vault-and we find out who’s in it…

After his 24-year honeymoon with River Song-which ends with her being sent to the library and her final fate way back when he was the tenth Doctor, the Doctor journeys to a place where Missy is being held prisoner, presumably after she escaped from Skaro. He’s supposed to be aiding in executing her, but he only knocks her out and locks her in the vault, where he’ll keep watch over her. But now he needs her help, especially since he’s blind.

Suddenly, a giant pyramid shows up in the middle of three military zones-American, Chinese and Russian. It’s inhabited by the monks, who say that Earth will be extinct within the year, if they don’t intervene and rule over mankind. However, they don’t need to invade the regular way by force, but by asking for consent from someone. Plus they neutralize any force set against them.

Turns out this threat is a deadly virus unwittingly created by two scientists pretty much by acccident.  The Doctor is able to figure this out by process of elimination, and manages to set the lab to self-destruct. Although he’s able to save one of the scientists, he himself is locked in the lab seconds before the explosion-and can’t input the key code because he’s still blind.


However, Bill, wishing to save her friend, gives the Earth over to the control of the Monks in exchange for giving the Doctor his sight back and saving his life. Unfortunately, that gives the Monks control over the planet, and using powerful hypnosis and telepathy, lead everybody to believe they’ve been in control all along, although Bill resists. The Doctor, in the meantime, broadcasts propoganda for the monks.


Bill is finally able to reach the Doctor, but it turns out he really might be working with the monks, since he feels mankind needs their help. She shoots him, and the regeneration process begins…

….but it turns out to just be a trick to make sure Bill wasn’t under their control, and the Doctor’s still the same.


Returning to the vault, the Doctor and Bill consult with Missy, who says the Monk’s signal is controlled by various statues, but Bill was the original giver of consent so she must die to break the control.

The Doctor and co try to infiltrate Monk HQ to stop the control Monk, but the Doctor’s attempt proves futile.

Bill however, manages to defeat the Monk by overpowering it with memories of her mother. The Monks then hightail it off Earth, and with their influence gone, many people forget it ever really happened in the first place. Meanwhile, the Doctor returns to Missy in the vault, and is surprised to see her remorseful.


Image result for Missy lie of the land ending

“I keep remembering all the people I’ve killed. Every day I think of more. Being bad, being bad drowned that out. I didn’t know I even knew their names. You didn’t tell me about this bit. “

Despite her remorse, sometimes the ghosts of the past can haunt you….

Here come the drums…..


Doctor Who History-House of a Thousand Alien lice

Bill decides to move in with some of her friends into a new house-after a few false starts, they eventually get a low cost mansion-provided they stay out of the tower.


The Doctor wants to help Bill move her stuff in, but the Doctor notices something ‘off’ about the house-and then one of the tenants vanishes when playing music, and there’s a strange knocking noise. Nevertheless, Bill and co. assume it’s nothing. But then more people start vanishing-turns out they’re being consumed by tiny alien bug monsters called the “Dryads”


The Dryads-who are activated by sound, such as the Landlord’s tuning fork, feed on the building’s tenants to sustain the inhabitant of the tower, Eliza, who is actually become a wood creature. The Landlord’s memory is a bit off, and he initially thinks Eliza is his daughter, but she is in fact, his formerly terminally ill mother, who was ‘saved’ by the alien bugs

Although ‘healed’ from her illness, her body has become mostly wood and she has to stay in the house. However, she’s tired of staying in the house and costing people’s lives, so she embraces her son and they are both consumed by the bugs, restoring Bill’s friends (although not the earlier inhabitants) and destroying the mansion.

Meanwhile, the Doctor continues to keep his vigil on the vault-and we learn that the inhabitant-who plays piano-finds the story-especially about people being consumed-very exciting. Gee, I wonder who it could be?


The Doctor-bored on being stuck on Earth guarding the vault-decides to head out to space despite the objections of Nardole. They land on a mining station where oxygen is precious-worth money even-and due to an apparent malfunction-but actually programming from the company-the spacesuits (Called “Smartsuits” kill their wearers, and work to do the same to others-effectively making them a sort of zombie. The only survivors are wearing suits that are somewhat damaged.

The Doctor and the survivors try to figure out a way to save themselves, but during an attempt to escape, Martha’s suit malfunctions, and she is exposed for several seconds to the vacuum of space.



The Doctor saves her by giving her his helmet, but unfortunately as a result is partially hurt by the vacuum himself-leaving him blind.

The suit also seems to kill Bill as well, but the Doctor wires the computer to self-destruct the station, but at the last minute is able to reason with the smartsuits that their deaths and the destruction of the station would be expensive for the company controlling them, so he’s able to save them (and give the crew some needed oxygen). The TARDIS is eventually recovered, as are (apparently) the Doctor’s eyes-and the crew is dropped back at corporate HQ, for a chat with their ruthless employers.


Back on Earth, Nardole scolds the Doctor for nearly getting them all killed this time-and leaving the vault unguarded, which could have grave consequences if the inhabitant escapes. Nardole asks him to look at him, but the Doctor can’t. Although his pigment has been restored….he’s still blind!





Doctor Who History-The Master/Mistress part 3

Through the use of Captain Jack’s vortex manipulator-via a literal last minute fix from the Doctor; the Doctor and co. Are able to escape the end of the universe and return to the present day.

However, they’ve arrived a bit too late, as the Master’s “Masterplan” is already in motion-he’s gotten himself elected as prime Minister “Harold Saxon”. Using hypnotism (on a large scale via an “Archangel” network of satellites), murder, and deceit, he’s risen to high office-and even gotten married to a woman named Lucy. He also plans to initiate first contact with an alien species-The Toclafane.

The Doctor, Jack and Martha are forced to go on the run, and it’s here where the Doctor reveals the Master’s origins.

As a young time lord, the Master underwent an initiation which involved him staring into the “untempered schism”-the raw time vortex itself. Since then, the Master has heard constant drumming in his head, driving him insane. (although this wasn’t present in the earlier depictions of the character).

The Doctor and his companions however are unable to foil the Master’s plan, and the Toclafane-in fact, not aliens, but humans from the future Utopia reduced to sphere-like cyborgs-decimate the Earth. The Master then prepares to weaponize the planet to go to war with the rest of the universe. He also captures the Doctor (using Lazarus technology to make him old and feeble) and Jack, although Martha is able to escape.


Martha spends the next year trying to find a weapon that could kill the Master, but secretly, she’s actually planting the idea of the Doctor in people’s minds. Ultimately, using a mix of telepathy and the Master’s own Archangel network, the Doctor is able to defeat the Master, and also restore the world back to the point before the Toclafane invaded. Lucy however shoots her husband, and the Master refuses to regenerate, and he dies in the Doctor’s arms. The Doctor then cremates him.


However, he’s not really dead-he’s transferred his mind to a ring, and using a mix of Lucy’s DNA, some potions and the ring, a group of loyalists are able to resurrect him.

However, Lucy attempts to stop the Resurrection, and she’s halfway successful.



The Master is revived, but in a somewhat weakened state-he has an insatiable hunger, he’s even more nuts, and his skin sort of becomes translucent from time to time.


Eventually-after eluding the Doctor-he’s captured by businessman Joshua Naismith, who wants his knowledge to refine the Immortality gate, a piece of alien technology that can heal wounds. However, he rewrites the program so that every person on the planet-minus the Doctor, Wilf and his granddaughter Donna-are turned into a clone of the Master-and he once again plans to use Earth to take over the universe.

However the Time Lord high council use this moment to break out of a “Time lock” during the Time War-turns out they sent the drumming into the Master’s head in the first place, as a sort of ‘homing beacon’ to return. Once they do, they plan to pretty much rip apart reality and ascend to higher consciousness. When they arrive-led by Lord President Rassilon-they undo the Master’s work, leaving only the “prime” Master. After a tense standoff between the Doctor, Master, and Rassilon-in which the Doctor destroys the link binding the Time Lords to our reality-The Master then turns on Rassilon after he threatens the Doctor, vanishing into the void-and presumably returning to Gallifrey in the process.


However, that’s not the end of the Master’s story. Shortly thereafter, all the incarnations of the Doctor team up, and find an alternate way of saving Gallifrey and the Time Lords, by sending them to another dimension. After the Doctor experiences another regeneration, a mysterious woman named “Missy” greets those who have died during the Doctor’s adventures, in a mysterious courtyard, presumably “Heaven”.


However, “Heaven” is in fact the Nethersphere, a piece of time lord technology called the Matrix, which Missy is in fact using to build an army of concealed Cybermen. She plans to turn all of Earth’s dead-and then the living-into Cybermen. When the Doctor uncovers her plan, she reveals her true nature-That “Missy” is short for Mistress-and that since she is now female, she couldn’t keep calling herself “The Master”. She in fact wants to give the Doctor the Cyberarmy, as a ‘present’ so they can be friends again.


Although Missy is captured by UNIT, she’s soon able to escape, zapping the Doctor’s friend, Osgood, in the process. She also reveals that she set up the Doctor and his companion, Clara, in the first place.


The Doctor however refuses the army, and gives the control to Clara’s Cyberized boyfriend Danny, who then uses it to command and destroy the other Cybermen. The Doctor is unable to kill Missy, but a still-lingering Cyberman does it for him-a resurrected Brigadiar Gordon Lethbridge Stuart-who zaps his old enemy.


But is that really the end of the Master/Missy? Not by a long shot….as I’ll explore in my next article.

Doctor Who History-Smile, you’re on Thin ice!

The Doctor takes Bill on her first future trip-what looks like a future Earth colony. Except there appear to be no humans around, and the colony is inhabited by small, fly-like maintenance robots called the “Vardy” (who also make up the Colony structure) and their interface “Emojibots”.

The Doctor soon realizes that the Vardy have killed the first group of colonists and are using their bones as fertilizer for the plants. Investigating further, he begins to discover that the colony ship isn’t coming, but has already landed-and that these robots-due to a flaw in their programming designed to keep the colonists happy-misinterpreted grief-in this case the death of the colony’s leader-as a plaque to be wiped out and sterilized.


When the second wave of colonists awaken, they begin to discover that the first wave are dead, and try to take up arms against the robots. However, the Doctor is able to re-set their programming, and urges the colonists and the Vardy to live in peace.

The Doctor tries to return to the vault, but instead winds up in the frost fair in 1814-on top of the Thames river in London. Despite not ending up where he’s supposed to be (again) he and Bill decide to enjoy the festivities. However, unbeknownst to them, there’s something lurking under the ice…

However, both Bill and the Doctor begin to notice strange green lights underneath the ice, and find out they’re deadly when a young street urchin is killed. After being disturbed by the Doctor’s moral relativism at the time-as this is the first death she’s witnessed-she then talks her into discovering what the creature is.



Turns out it’s a whale like creature-with a group of symbiotic fish around it creating the lights-that is eating people-and it’s waste material-which has extraordinary fuel properties-is being collected and exploited by the fair organizer, Lord Sutcliffe. Despite the Doctor’s attempts to persuade Sutcliffe to stop-first by punching him for making a rude remark to Bill, and then by an impassioned speech….


Sutcliffe doesn’t listen and attempts to kill the Doctor and Bill with an explosive device , but the Doctor rigs the device to instead free the creature, allowing it to leave the Thames and go out to sea. Sutcliffe falls into the cracking ice and deaths. He also-with some clever forgery-gives the street urchins Sutcliffe’s inheritance.

Returning to the present, the Doctor is reprimanded by Nardole, who said he should’ve kept his vow to keep any eye on the vault. Nardole is disturbed when he checks on the vault, and it knocks a few times….


Doctor Who history-the master/Missy part two


The Master later resurfaces as he’s put on trial for the Daleks for his “evil crimes” (this is not elaborated on, really, as the Daleks aren’t exactly innocent either.) he’s then “exterminated” and his ashes are retrieved by the second Doctor, but this isn’t any ordinary urn-The Master has somehow preserved his essence in some slimy goo.-slimy goo which then escapes and sabotages the TARDIS console, causing the Doctor to go through a series of events that lead to another regeneration.


The Master’s slime form then escapes and posesses an EMT, Bruce.


However, the Master’s possession make’s Bruce’s eyes somewhat strange, and he has to cover up using sunglasses. He then enlists the help of a local youth-Chang Lee-and deceiving him, puts in motion a plan to steal the Doctor’s regenerations (once again using the eye of harmony), as the Bruce body is technically ‘dead’ and prone to decay.


When he finally captures the newly-regenerated Doctor, he dons a Time Lordish garb.


However, the Doctor is able to defeat the Master once again, and he falls into the Eye of Harmony where he apparentally dies….but this is the Master we’re talking about…

The Time War erupts-a huge conflict across space and time featuring the Time Lords battling the Daleks. The Doctor is forced to take drastic measures-regenerating into a new, harder incarnation-

….and the Master is also resurrected (and presumably given fresh regenerations), as the Time Lords feel his ruthless nature will make him the perfect warrior against the Daleks. However, when he witnesses the Daleks conquer something called the “Cruciform”, he panics, using the Chameleon arch to disguise his body as mind as human. It’s so perfect a disguise he has no knowledge of his former evil nature-but something does remain-His intelligence, and also the sound of drumming in his head. His essence remains in a fog watch.

“Yana” (Short for You Are Not Alone) eventually becomes an elderly, kindly scientist trying to help the last humans at the end of the universe escape to a rumored paradise-the so-called “Utopia”. However, the arrival of the Doctor and his companions tips him off to the watch, and soon “Yana”‘s true nature asserts itself as his memories come floating back from the watch.


Killing his scientist friend, and attempting to trap the Doctor and his friends, he also takes control of the TARDIS. However, he’s fatally shot by his assistant, causing him to regenerate into a more youthful state, not unlike the Doctor’s current incarnation.


Next: Harold Saxon, The End of Time, and “Who is Missy?”

Doctor who villain Focus-The Master/The Mistress Part One-Classic series

Clara: Since when do you care about the Doctor?

Missy: Since always. Since the Cloister Wars. Since the night he stole the moon and the President’s wife. Since he was a little girl. One of those was a lie, can you guess which one?

Clara: He’s not your friend. You keep trying to kill him.

Missy: He keeps trying to kill me. Sort of our texting. Been at it for ages.

Clara: Mmm, must be love.



Missy: Oh, don’t be disgusting. We’re Time Lords, not animals. Try, Nano-brain, to rise above the reproductive frenzy of your noisy little food chain and contemplate friendship.



This series of articles will deal with certain Doctor Who monsters. First up, we’ve got the Master, the Doctor’s Time Lord arch-enemy, and ironically, perhaps his best friend from the same species at the same time. For the sake of simplicity, I will be limiting this to his TV appearances instead of novels/comics/audios.

The Master first appears in season 8’s opener, Terror of the Autons (1971), which quickly established his character-his evil schemes-including questionable alliances with fellow enemies of the Doctor and various other hostile aliens; his satanic beard, his frequent use of aliases and disguises, his deadly shrinking ray (although Delgado didn’t use it as much as his successors) and his penchant for hypnotism-and also, his relationship with the Doctor.

The Master appeared in every single story of season 8, until he was captured by UNIT at the end of “The Daemons”, a story in which he tried to gain power from a devil-like alien.

He next appears in “The Sea Devils” where he says he’s reformed (although he’s still in jail) but is in fact brewing another plot with the “Sea Devils” aquatic relatives of the Silurians (From Pertwee’s first season). He gets into a fencing match with the Doctor, and expresses confusion and amusement at “The clangers” a British children’s show, mistaking the stop-motion animated mice for an alien species. At the end, he escapes to fight another day, in particular the story “The Time Monster”.

He next appears in Frontier In Space, where he’s working with the Daleks and employing his hypnotism abilities on a wider scale to trick Earth and an alien race-the Draconians-into an interstellar war so they’ll destroy each other and he and the Daleks can take over what’s left.


This would mark Delgado’s final appearance in the series, as he died in a car accident. A serial that would end the third Doctor’s era in a confrontation with the Master-“The Final Game”-was shelved as a result, and replaced with “Planet of the Spiders”. However, this would not be the end of the Master.


The Master next appears in “The Deadly Assassin” played by Peter Pratt,where he manipulates events on Gallifrey-the Doctor’s homeworld-to try to gain access to the power of the Eye of Harmony. Here, the Master appears in a corpse-like state, as he’s used up his regenerations and is clinging to life just barely. He hopes to use the eye to give him a new regeneration cycle, but the Doctor thwarts his plans.

The Master next appears in “The Keeper of Traaken” where he’s disguised his TARDIS as a “Melkur” a living statue, and uses it to control politics on the planet so he can gain the planet’s power source to once again regain his regenerations. Although he’s shown as merely the Melkur in the first few scenes, he is eventually revealed in his corpse-like state again (although with less bulgy eyes and painted on teeth).

Although he’s defeated once again, he uses his remaining powers to meld with Tremas (Get it?) an ally of the Doctor’s during the adventure.


This turns him into a more youthful version of Tremas, but also gives him his signature ‘bearded’ look back.


The Master-once again using his shrinking ray-then tries to manipulate the Doctor into going into Logopolis, where his messing around with their systems there nearly causes the universe to collapse. Briefly teaming up with the Doctor, he’s able to stop the collapse, but soon reverts back to his evil ways, with his actions killing the Fourth Doctor.

He then immediately causes problems for the newly regenerated Doctor by making a deadly trap for him in “Castrovalva”. In this, “Time Flight” and “King’s Demons” he continues to use various disguises to further his schemes.

In the Five Doctors, he is sent by the Time Lords to rescue various incarnations of the Doctor from the Death Zone. Of course, he’s not trusted by them, and forms a partnership with the Cybermen, before literally shooting them in the back.

He then next appears in “Planet of Fire”, where he’s shrunk himself and is using the android Kamelion-used in his scheme in “King’s Demons”-as a proxy to help gain the power of the planet’s flames so he can re-grow himself. However at the end of the story he appears to burn up and die.

However, he’s back in the Sixth Doctor era, teaming up with female evil time lady the Rani.

He then appears in the next season’s “Trial of a Time Lord”, where he reveals the truth about the Doctor’s innocence in the trial. Of course he wants to do so to fufill his own ends.

The Master next appears in the final story of the classic series, “Survival”, where he’s stuck on a Cheetah planet and is slowly becoming one of them, with fangs and teeth. He uses a turned person to return to Earth and attempts to kill the Doctor and also capture the TARDIS. The two engage in a brutal duel, with the Doctor almost turning into a Cheetah person himself before relealizing that violence isn’t going to work. The Master nearly kills him but the Doctor is able to teleport to Earth in time, and the Master’s fate is unknown…


But as they state in the story:

The Master: It seems we must always meet again.

The Doctor: They do say opposites attract.

Doctor who History: A Time For Heroes

The Doctor has settled down once again into semi-retirement-this time, for the past half-century he and his companion, Nardole have been teaching at a British university, but in actually, it’s a cover for a mysterious vault he’s guarding nearby. However, through his informative, poetic lectures, he’s attracted the attention of a local woman, Bill, and she, has in turn, attracted his attention, and he begins to tutor her.


Image result for Pilot doctor who

Bill, at a local club, also attracts the attention of a woman who appears to have a ‘star’ in her eye-Heather-and vice versa. However, Heather is alarmed by a mysterious oil puddle on the campus.

Also, Bill notices the Doctor apparently in a reflection of a picture of her mother, oddly enough. (He pulled a similar, slightly creepy stunt with Clara way back).

She also stumbles upon the vault. 

When Bill meets Heather again later on, Heather seems to be oddly dripping water. It appears the oil has possessed her and is using her as it’s “Pilot”. As the creature tries to attack the Doctor and Bill, he introduces her to the TARDIS, and the two head first to the vault, where they’re followed by the Oil/Heather wherever it seems to be going, even in Australia on the other side of the world, or in an alien planet in the future.


The Doctor figures out their might be a way to stop the organism-have it meet some “old friends” of his. Yep, Daleks, in a middle of a confict with their old enemies the Movellans.


The oil also possesses the Dalek, but the Doctor and Bill recognize the Dalek eye having Heather’s star. She then briefly melds with Heather-realizing it was her that Heather/Oil was chasing all along-urging her to let her go despite their fondness for each other. The Oil Heather then dissipates.

Back in the present, the Doctor is about to mind-wipe Bill, but after she protests, he decides not to go through with it, although he’s reluctant to bring her on his companion, as he has a promise to watch the vault. But eventually he relents, and his travels begin anew with his two companions….

However, trouble is coming. And it has a familiar face he’s not seen in a while.

Or should I say, faces….