Doctor Who History: Doctor Ruth

Ruth is a tour guide in Birmingham, living with her husband Clayton, living a fairly normal existence handing out maps and stuff.


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Normal that is, until the Judoon decide to pay a visit, looking for a fugitive, . They quickly blockade the city and start screening for non-humans.


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Meanwhile, the Doctor’s still trying to figure out the mystery of the Timeless child, and assume the Master has probably escaped by now. She notices the Judoon landing and her and the companions go to figure out what’s going on. Although then Graham is then ‘beamed up’ by a familiar face.


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It’s Captain Jack, and he’s back! Although he’s being pursued by aliens he stole a spaceship from (again) and mistakenly believes Graham is the Doctor.


The Doctor, using psychic paper and her usual knowledge of how the Judoon operate, attempts to stall the Judoon who are closing in on on Ruth and Lee’s apartment. Lee covers their escape, telling Ruth to go to the lighthouse where she grew up and to “break the glass” via text.


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The Judoon’s contractor, Gat, recognizes Lee, who has kept a sentimental medallion from his planet. He’s then executed by the Judoon. The Doctor and Ruth take sanctuary in a Cathedral, but are soon tracked down. However there somehow Ruth rips off the horns of a Judoon, and starts making combat moves that aren’t ordinary somehow….as almost as if it were some hidden instinct, forcing their retreat. Meanwhile, Yaz and Ryan are also accidentally beamed by Jack, who tells them to beware of a lone Cyberman before getting transported by nanomachines. Also, he’s quite looking forward to meeting the new female Doctor, and excited that she has three companions this time.

The Doctor and Ruth travel to the lighthouse.  There, the Doctor notices something peculiar about the nearby gravestones, which are supposed to hold her parents. However, it has something far more disturbing to the Doctor: Her TARDIS.


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Inside, Ruth breaks the glass. It causes the usual Time-lordy energy to flow into her.


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Ruth exits the lighthouse and reveals to the bewildered Doctor that she is….the Doctor. They then teleport to the TARDIS….which resembles earlier incarnations of the ship in it’s console design.


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Turns out Ruth was a human persona created by the chameleon arch in order to hide, much like “John Smith” and “Yana” in earlier years. But there’s more of a mystery here. The current Doctor doesn’t remember ever being the Ruth Doctor, and vice versa.


The two Doctors beam up to the Judoon ship, where they confront Gat, who was sent from Gallifrey to retrieve the Ruth Doctor, who was also her former employee. However, the current Doctor reveals that Gallifrey is destroyed, and this causes Gat to act recklessly, shooting herself with a reversed Judoon weapon. The Doctor is somewhat surprised by Ruth’s methods, seeing them as uncharacteristic of her persona, who usually only uses weapons as a last resort.


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Eventually the current Doctor and her companions are reunited, and the Doctor is once again left with disturbing questions about who and what she really is. The companions-who also tell her about Jack-say they’ll face whatever is coming together.


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However, at that point, a new adventure beckons-Praxeus!

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Doctor Who History-Time’s Orphan

The Doctor and co. stop by the resort Tranquilty Spa for a relaxing vacation. Or so they think.

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However, things (of course) turn out not to be what they seem. Ryan catches a weird parasitic virus, although a non-lethal one, from a snack machine. During his recovery he meets a young woman named Bella.

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However, there’s a quick drill due to some form of perimeter breach, and the Doctor discovers a well-armed security room. The Doctor discovers there’s a shield protecting the colony….from….something. Except it’s broken, and something which quickly makes it’s presence known, killing many of the guests.  The Doctor manages to repair the shield, but soon the truth comes out. Tranquilty spa is mostly a hologram, surrounded by a barren wasteland and it’s inhabitants, the Dregs. Also, one of the guests, an elderly man named Benni, is outside in the wasteland. The gang try to rescue him in a vehicle, but unfortunately it’s too late for him and the vehicle gets trashed, forcing the gang to get back to the safe part of the resort by using the tunnels.


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It’s in the tunnels the truth about why the shield failed is revealed-Bella is the daughter of the resort’s owner, Kane, who Kane left behind to run the spa in hopes of somehow terraforming the planet. So she sabotaged the spa. Bella transport with Ryan back to Spa to finish the job of destroying her mother’s dream.

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Another disturbing truth is discovered. Orphan 55 is actually a future Earth, ruined by pollution/radiation, and the Dregs are devolved humans. The big clue is that they’re in a Russian bunker, as well as the race memory of the Dregs the Doctor unearths using her mental powers.

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Eventually people make it back to the spa, where the transporter is fixed and the survivors evacuate, except for Bella and Kane who remain behind to fight the Dregs (and are presumably killed). Although the companions are disturbed by this future, the Doctor tells them it’s only a possible timeline.


Next, the group travel to 1903, the height of America’s “gilded age” when new technologies are being harnessed at the turn of the century, leading from the frontier times of the previous century to the more technically advanced and industrialized 20th. Among those in this age are Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Tesla’s ideas are grand but he doesn’t quite have the popular support Edison does. One night at his Niagra falls lab, he comes across a strange glowing orb.

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However, somebody’s out to get it, and tries to kill Edison and his assistant.  They’re rescued by the Doctor and his companions who head to NYC onboard a train, although they are chased again by the villain, who they barely escape by detaching a car.

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The bad guys, disguised as humans are also keeping an eye on Thomas Edison, and kill most of his factory workers. Edison takes refuge with the Doctor and his rival, and the two of course visit the TARDIS.

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It’s soon discovered that the aliens, the Scorpion-like Skithra, want Tesla’s help as an engineer for their broken down ship-or else. They recognized Tesla’s wireless transmissions, hence why they needed his help.

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Tesla is able to escape, and with his rival Thomas Edison warning people to get off the streets (Blaming the disturbance on Tesla’s “Death ray”) as the space scorpions attack, Tesla and the Doctor fire up his Wardenclyffe tower into a weapon that stuns the alien ship, causing them to leave.

With Earth-and Tesla-safe. The Doctor tells his companions that unfortunately Tesla’s fame would not be realized during his life, although many of his ideas eventually find development in the modern world.


Next: Fugitive of the Judoon….and maybe a big secret at long last revealed.


Doctor Who History: Spyfall

All around the world, spies are being killed off by strange, luminescent aliens, with their DNA being messed up as a result. So MI6 decides to call in some alien experts: The Doctor and his companions, as Torchwood and UNIT are pretty much disbanded or unavailable.

Despite a booby-trapped car trying to kill them, they eventually make it and are met by “C” who suspects that these incidents have something to do with David Barton, a billionaire tech CEO of the Vor company. After giving them some fancy gadgets such as laser shoes, computer scanners and a spy camera, C is quickly killed by a mysterious assailant.

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The Doctor and crew go into two teams. The Doctor and Graham meet with former MI6 agent O, an expert in extraterrestrials who she’d met once before, in Australia, while Yaz and Ryan take on Barton, discovering some oddities such as his DNA being only 93% human.

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Eventually both teams run into the Aliens, who kill O’s security crew although the Doctor is able to capture one and ward off the others with the house’s surprising defenses. However, one of the aliens attacks Yaz and transports her to a strange dimension, although she eventually winds up in Australia when the captured alien-apparently bent on crossing over and conquering our world-swaps places with her.

The Doctor, O and the companions decide to crash Barton’s birthday party, also doing a bit of gambling. The Doctor does her usual confronting of the villain and telling him that she’s going to stop him monologue.

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Barton decides to quickly leave and go to his private jet, so the Doctor and co pursue them in motorcycles.

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Eventually boarding the jet, the Doctor quickly notices a comment by O saying he’s not a good sprinter when his file says he was top of the class. O lets the facade drop-first by pointing out that his house is flying outside the now airborne jet-spinning in the usual hovering…of a TARDIS.

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Yep, the Master is back, having taken the identity of O (It’s unclear where this is in his personal timeline, as the last time we saw him/her he was Missy and contemplating redemption, only to get fatally shot by her former “Harold Saxon” version). Not only that he shrinks people again, including the original O. He’s working with the aliens and Barton, who he’s transported away and left an explosive device in his place which soon activates. The Aliens then surround the Doctor and take her to another dimension, but not before the Master tells her everything she knows is a lie-and leave the companions to their doom.

However, due to some timey-wimey stuff later, the Doctor manages to give them a way to survive with some tools and an in-flight video. So they manage to land relatively safely in their cockpitless plane.

The Doctor gets stuck in the other dimension until he encounters a 19th century woman.  She takes the Doctor with her when one of the aliens show up, and she’s transferred to an invention convention in 1834 London. Turns out she’s actually Ada Lovelace, one of the inventors of the old computer along with Charles Babbage.

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The Master however has detected this in his TARDIS and shows up with shrinking device again. Murdering several people in attendance and forcing the Doctor to kneel.

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Ada, using a steam gun, manages to stun the Master enough for the Doctor and her to escape to Babbage’s house, where there’s a mysterious figurine machine similar to one Barton owns-or perhaps the very same one.

Meanwhile, in the present, Barton uses his social media abilities to make Graham, Yaz and Ryan public enemy #1, although they eventually manage to evade that by taking refuge in a under construction housing development. There, they kind of wonder what’s up with the Doctor and her enemy-Who is she anyway? Doctor Who?

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The Doctor activates the figurine, summoning the Aliens, the Kassavin, and she uses it to try to get back to the present. She doesn’t quite make it, instead winding up in War torn World War II. Naturally, the Master follows her there too, posing as a Nazi officer. She takes refuge with another historical figure, Noor Khan, a British female spy. Using Noor’s morse device, the Doctor uses the tone of the Sound of Drums to get his attention  to meet at the Eiffel Tower and figure out what he’s really up to.


Image result for The Master nazi Doctor who Spyfall"

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There the two have a chat. The Master doesn’t really have much of a stake in the Kassavin invasion-where it turns out they’ve been “spying” on our civilization in several time periods including the one’s she’s visited-he’s doing this mainly to get the Doctor’s attention. Turns out, Gallifrey’s been destroyed again, for some reason. The Doctor however, manages to escape the Master by weakening his perception filter keeping the Nazis from looking too much into them, and also faking a message to the British about he’s a spy working for them. He’s then captured while the Doctor and the two women steal his TARDIS.

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Meanwhile, Graham and co. capture Barton’s car by using Graham’s laser shoes to attack his men. They’re taking to a hanger with the figurine which is serving as a gateway for the Aliens to invade through tech devices. The Master-having spent seventy years on Earth since he had no TARDIS, arrives, but then so does the Doctor, who popped back in 1834 and sabotaged the device with Charles Babagge’s help.

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She also reveals that she recorded her conversation about the Master not caring much for the Kassavin-which makes them not too thrilled so they decide to keep the Master in their dimension for now.


Image result for SPyfall part 2"

She then goes and prepares the plane thing in the past so that Graham and co. are saved.

However, something’s still bothering her-what the Master said about Gallifrey.  She goes there and the Capital is in smoking ruins. So much for Gallifrey Falls no more.


Image result for Gallifrey destroyed"

But there’s even more shocks to come. A pre-recorded hologram from the Master shows up in the TARDIS, where he reveals that he destroyed Gallifrey-after discovering something about a mysterious “Timeless child”, something the Doctor had heard about before during the race to her TARDIS in “The Ghost Monument”. Apparently Gallifrey’s founding fathers (presumably Rassilon and Omega) had some big secret which shakes the foundation of their civilization/origins, and it drew the Master even more nuts.


Image result for Timelss child"


Badly shaken by all this, the Doctor decides to tell her more about her background-her status as a time lord, her home planet, and her relationship with the Master….before setting up on new adventures-and eventually perhaps, discovering what these revelations will mean.

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Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Review Part two

Lando tells them where to find the ship containing the Wayfinder, and also that he and Luke were looking for it themselves. While Han is usually paired with Lando in most Star Wars stuff for obvious reasons we never quite saw a lot of Luke and Lando hanging out together outside of the Expanded Universe material that’s set between ESB and ROTJ, where Han was out of the picture. It’d be kind of cool to have some future Disney novel, comic, or even video game fill in the blanks about Luke & Lando planet hopping to find Jedi artifacts and clues about the Sith.

When asked to help out the resistance, Lando is reluctant, saying his flying days are over. However there’s apparently cut stuff from the movie that says Lando has suffered a family tragedy-His baby daughter was kidnapped and introduced into the First Order’s Stormtrooper corps. This’ll become relevant later.


This leads to a chase scene that’s a fun little thing with flying Stormtroopers where the characters all say “They fly now!”. Although Flying Clonetroopers are seen in the Clone Wars and various other Star Wars stuff I don’t think we’ve really seen any flying Stormtroopers in the films apart from the EU. There’s also a new Stormtrooper vehicle that’s a mix between a treaded vehicle and a speeder bike.

After the final Stormtrooper dies in a sort of goofy way, the group slips into some quicksand near a ship that Rey thinks looks awfully familiar. Thankfully, this scene isn’t as goofy as another quicksand scene from another somewhat diminished Lucasfilm film series….although Finn does seem to say he’s always wanted to tell Rey something.

Turns out there’s a bottom, a cave system. There, they find what’s left of the Sith hunter- a skeleton-and a dagger. Unfortunately it’s written in some archaic Sith langauge that C-3PO can’t translate since the Old Republic senate presumably banned the language or something.

We soon find the predator of the Sith guy-a giant snake monster. ROS continues the tradition-although one kind of lacking in “Revenge of the Sith” and “Last Jedi”-of the heroes being threatened by hostile local wildlife-The Dianoga in Star Wars, the Wampa in ESB, The Rancor *and* the Sarlacc in ROTJ, The trio of sea monsters in TPM, the arena monsters in AOTC, AND the Raktars in TFA. Phew.

Thankfully Rey is able to tame the savage beast by healing it’s wound and they get out of the cave, but the First Order is nearby with the Knights of Ren, Kylo himself and a bunch of Stormtoopers. The crew powers up the Sith Hunter’s ship and we’re introduced to a new droid, D-0, who use to work for him but is fairly docile itself, although not quite fond of people considering who his master was.

However, Chewie gets captured, and then Kylo shows up with his new TIE fighter, the Whisper which is more or less souped up TIE interceptor, almost a bit of a downgrade from the Silencer from Last Jedi, with a more standard “eyeball” middle. Especially since Rey makes quick work of it, destroying the wings.



Ren of course recovers but now they have a force tug of war over a troop transport apparently containing Chewie. If you recall in the Last Jedi, that didn’t go too well for the old Skywalker lightsaber (although Rey was obviously able to fix it).

This doesn’t go too well either as Rey uses force lightning (a bit of a clue what’s coming) which destroys the transport and Chewie.

In the original, Legends Expanded Universe, Chewbacca dies during the opening acts of the Yuzzhan Vong war in “Vector Prime”, something done by the new publishers at the time (Del Rey) to show that the Vong were a very serious, game-changing threat.

However, we soon see a scene on the Star Destroyer, where it turns out Chewbacca is alive, there was just some last minute switch or something. It’s pretty much the same fake out “Raiders of the Lost Ark” pulled with Marion and the Basket chase, although in that movie, Indiana found out Marion was alive at the same time the audience did, whereas here Hux (and presumably Ren) know Chewie is alive. Too bad we never do get any sort of interaction between Ren and Chewie apart from him shooting Ren in the first movie. I mean, obviously the two probably knew each other, and would Chewie forgive Ren for Han’s death?



Next: Kimiji, where fears are awakened, destinies are foretold, and secrets are at long last revealed (including Poe’s)-That’s from the ESB special edition trailer BTW 🙂





THE RISE OF SKYWALKER-thoughts *spoilers* part one

The Rise of Skywalker is supposed to be the final film in “The Skywalker saga” of episodes 1-9 (although we’ve heard that before). Presumably, there will be other, non-saga films at some point in the future (earliest possibly being 2022) but for now, that’s a wrap.


RISE takes the curious step of revealing that, like his plan in the prequels and plot to ensnare the rebels in ROTJ, it was Palpatine all along, more or less-or at least the Snoke/Ren part of the First Order. The “Aftermath” novels which are considered part of the Disney canon seem to state that it’s mainly got it’s start as an Imperial remnant that fled into deep space and hid, rebuilding, and was mostly led by a former Grand Admiral and General Hux’s father. How Snoke & Ren fit in isn’t really explained (Although there’s a current comic series out there trying ), although the movie does reveal and imply that Palpatine created Snoke, and perhaps trained him as well. It’s unclear what Palpatine’s plans were had Snoke survived TLJ.

Although TLJ pretty much inferred that the First Order had more or less reconquered a chunk of the galaxy thanks in part to destroying the Republic capitol world, Palpatine offers to give them more ships-Imperial Star Destroyers fitted with superlaser/Death star style weapons. He also wants Rey dead…sort of. Oh yeah, and he’s got a secret about her too.


Funny thing is, apart from the obvious weapon change, they’re pretty much the same type of Star Destroyer first seen in “A New Hope” but also in “Rogue One” and “Solo”. Disney must really like the design.

Image result for Imperial I star destroyerImage result for Imperial I star destroyer

Image result for Imperial I star destroyer solo

Image result for Sith fleet

“Empire” redesigned the ship in a few ways, but the most notable is the smaller tower on top of the bridge, which is given a more streamlined, lass radar-ish look.

Image result for Imperial I star destroyer solo

The Sith fleet also seems to have it’s own uniform designs, TIE fighters and Stormtroopers, although it’s a bit unclear if these are just First Order troops transferred over or people from this new Sith planet, Exegol. We don’t learn much about these residents apart that they dress up like Palpatine himself and talk in a language very similar to Darth Maul’s music in The Phantom Menace.

Image result for Sith troopers

Despite being pumped up in merchandise, the Sith troopers don’t really make much of an impression. Neither surprisingly are the Knights of Ren, who reappear here. Rogue One’s Deathtroopers gave more of an effort (and have now shown up in the Mandalorian as well).

Palpatine returns in a scene that’s pretty much the reason why the film was given an epilepsy warning. After this pretty dark opening, we’re back with the Falcon, where Poe, Finn, R2-D2, Chewbacca and a resistance alien of some kind are getting some intel from a First Order mole  via a horned alien. (Who later winds up on the Supreme council’s table…minus his body).

Here we get the film’s first major action scene. In general, the ship gets a lot more to do here than it did in The Last Jedi, where it was largely just parked on Ach-To until the end of the film. We’re also given a new hyperspace trick, “hyperspace skipping” where the ship makes a few hyper jumps.

Related image

The TIE fighters also jump, something we’ve never seen in the films-the dialogue in “Star Wars” when the Falcon first encounter them at Alderaan’s debris seems to imply that TIEs are “short-range”, so the first order probably souped them up a bit.

After their little adventure we see Rey, who is Jedi training with Leia. Carrie Fisher died in 2016 and never filmed anything for Rise of Skywalker, however Abrams used what footage he could use from TFA and TLJ and somehow made it work with no obvious problems. It’s actually way more convincing than the partially CG-ed Tarkin and Leia in Rogue One.

Image result for Leia rise of skywalker

Poe and co. arrive with the bad news: Palpatine is definitely back. We also see Rey actually have a conversation with Poe who she’s mad at for damaging the falcon with the skipping, but Poe hits back with BB8 being accidentally damaged during her Jedi training sessions. There’s a bit more bickering between the three in this film; whereas we only saw a bit of that in TFA with Rey and Finn, here they’re pretty much all kind of bickering,  somewhat similar to the Luke, Han and Leia dynamic in the very first movie (and some parts of the prequels between Obi-Wan and Anakin) Here we’re also introduced to Dominic Moyhagen’s Resistance character, who’s not given much development but a line about Sith magic and cloning or something which I found kind of funny, considering one of his other famous roles, which also involved a thought-dead Dark Lord rising again to finish what he started-he just needs one more thing to do it….

Related image

Rey, from her reading of the Jedi lore, figures there’s only one way to get to the Sith planet-items called the “Wayfinder”-one of which captured by Ren already-and another on some other planet-Pannasos-that Luke was apparently looking for, but didn’t find.

Curiously, the Wayfinder prop is a glowing pyramid that very strongly resembles the “Holocron”. Holocrons were small holographic devices introduced in the 1991 comic series DARK EMPIRE, and are meant as teaching devices to Jedi and Sith. Although DE was later erased from canon (although a lot of DE’s plot points are shared by this film!) the holocrons showed up in Clone Wars and Rebels. While the Jedi Crons are normally cubes, the Sith ones are pyramids. Although in this case, the Wayfinders are really just plug-ins for ships, and don’t do any hologram stuff.



Image result for Sith holocron

We get a nice scene with the three main heroes-along with Chewie and Threepio-decide to head on the Falcon together to find the Wayfinder. In particular there’s this nice exchange between 3PO and R2D2 where he calls him his best friend. The two actually haven’t had much interaction in the last two movies-R2 didn’t reactivate until the end of The Force Awakens, and then he was off to Ach-To while 3PO stayed with the fleet pretty much. They’re separated again here, but still it’s better than a lot of what we got with the duo in the last two films.


Image result for C3PO and R2D2 rise of best friend

Panassa is yet another desert planet, something there seems to be an abundance of in Disney’s take on the Star Wars galaxy (Although Geonosis from Lucas’s prequel trilogy was kind of a desert planet too, although more Mars-ish)

Image result for Rise of skywalker desert planet


We get another scene with Kylo, who is now back with the Knights of Ren (It’s not really explained anymore about what they are, or where they were during Last Jedi) although one Stormtrooper says “Cool!”. Ren decides to put his old helmet back together.

Related image

He meets with the supreme council about the new Sith fleet, which includes the returning general Hux, some nameless First Order generals and a new, really loyal bad guy, Allegiant general Pryde, a veteran of the original Empire, so naturally he likes the idea that the First Order is getting his old leader back. Ren and Hux of course still don’t get along, and Ren of course is not pleased about the spy news. He also force chokes AND levitates a voice of dissent (not Hux).


Image result for Allegiant general pryde

Passsana is having a celebration that happens every 42 years (a nod to how long Star Wars has been going on itself). It’s being held by the Aki-Aki, who sort of an elephant/walrus type alien species. It’s an interesting and colorful scene, although of course it complicates their search for the Wayfinder.

Image result for Aki-Aki Star wars

Here, Ren goes into a force bond with Rey, talking a bit more about how he knows about her parents. To find out where she is, he rips off her necklace(!) Yep, the force can teleport physical stuff now.

Granted, it’s not entirely without setup. Ren’s wet hand in TLJ, although it can possibly be interpreted as tears by some, could also be spray from Ach-To.

Related image

After the Bond ends, a Stormtrooper shows up but is quickly impaled in the visor by an arrow by a mysterious masked man, who beckons the heroes into his vehicle. Turns out to be….wait…this is interesting…Lando!

Image result for lando rise of skywalker leopard

Next: Continuing the breakdown of the story, my thoughts, trivia etc. as Rey begins to uncover secrets about her past, Poe gets secrets found about his past, and we get a fake-out “death”,


Neon Genesis Evangelion: An Overview

In 1995, Hideaki Anno, a well-known anime creator known for “Wings of Hommenaise” “Gunbuster” and “Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water” created the series NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. The series became a huge hit, although one in part that’s often perplexed/confused viewers and inspired much debate ever since.


It’s the year 2014, which we’re a bit beyond now in real life of course. A teen, Shinji Ikari, has arrived at Tokyo-3-the rest of Tokyo being partially flooded by some catastrophe, to visit his estranged father, Gendo.


Image result for Evangelion episode 1


Meanwhile, artillery, tanks, and combat helicopters await….something. Suddenly, a massive monster emerges, impervious to all that is thrown at it, and only minorly damaged by a small nuclear device.


Related image

Amidst the chaos, Shinji is rescued by Misato Katsuragi, one of her father’s employees, and taken to an underground base, the “Geofront”.

Image result for Misato episode 1

Turns out Shinji’s father works for the mysterious organization NERV, which is tasked with defeating these mysterious monsters, called “Angels”. To do that, they need Shinji’s help, as for some reason he’s the only one that can ‘sync’ to the robot.


Image result for Evangelion 01 episode 1


After some difficulty, the angel is defeated, but more are coming.

Sounds a bit like your typical mecha series, right?  Teen gets into robot, becomes it’s pilot, fights monsters or other mecha. Well, not quite.


Image result for Shinji depressed

For starters, although other mecha shows deal with angst a great deal, Evangelion touches it up another notch. Shinji-and many other characters-have severe abatement issues, with pretty much every character having lost a parent or significant other. Shinji’s mother-and Gendo’s wife-dissiapeared  while running a test on Eva-01 (and it’s strongly implied that Eva-01 contains her soul). Other incidents in the series also depresses Shinji-and others-greatly. This was due, in part, that Anno was suffering from depression himself. This is one of the aspects of Evangelion that’s definitely not for everyone, as well as the usual concern some might have about it’s content (It’s actually fairly gory for an anime TV show, which often prompted complaints in it’s home country).

Second, there’s NERV and it’s parent organization, SEELE. Much like the mysterious syndicate in the X-FILES, NERVE and SEELE have their own agenda, although it’s one that’s generally known mostly to the higher-ups and not the regular crew like Misato. It involves the true nature of the Evangelions-it’s made clear from pretty much the first episode that they’re not technically robots-the angels,  and something called the “Human instrumentality project”. Plus they’ve got what appears to be some form of angel in the basement.


Image result for Gendo ikari


Evangelion also involves a great deal of symbolism-crosses, terms (Angels, Lillith, Dead Sea scrolls, even the title itself etc) although it’s mainly been stated that this doesn’t really mean too much, as the actual story is more kind of based on the “progenitor race/Ancient aliens” concept, although this is really not something really stated in the series.

Image result for Evangelion symbols

Here’s a rough attempt to explain it, as it’s still very complicated. Basically, two alien creatures-Lilith and Adam (Some more symbolism there)-sent from an alien civilization as seeds of life-crashed on Earth, the same planet, when only one was supposed to be there. Lilith managed to subdue Adam though, and created life which eventually became humankind. Adam remained dormant in Antartica for millennia.

So basically, it’s sort of like the Prometheus/2001: A Space Odyssey thing with echoes of “The Thing”


Image result for Prometheus

Image result for Katsuragi expedition

Related image

Until he was woken up, and experimented upon. This ended up  pretty badly, destroying Antartica (including Misato’s father), explaining why some of the seas are red, Tokyo is partially underwater. The event is known as “Second Impact”, with Lillith and Adam’s first arrival being known as “First Impact”.

Image result for Adam evangelion

Adam’s revival, 15 years later, triggers the Angel incursions into Tokyo, with the Angels trying to trigger third impact by invading the Geofront (Which is in fact, Lillith’s vessel) so they can become the dominant lifeform. Or something like that.


Each Angel is almost completely different, and pretty much requires a totally different strategy every single time to defeat it. For instance, Ramiel had to be shot at from a distance using a giant rifle powered by most of Japan due to it’s laser and shield radius, while others could be fought hand to hand, it often had to be done with different ways, such as the splitting angel Israfel, in which Shinji and Asuka had to train to synchronize their attacks.

Image result for Evangelion angels



Getting back to the rest of the series, Shinji is eventually joined by two other pilots, Rei and Asuka.


Image result for Asuka and Rei

Rei is quiet, withdrawn, has very limited accommodations and emotions. She’s also the pilot of the Evangelion prototype. She also bears an uncanny resemblance to Shinji’s mother. Coincidence? Of course not, but I don’t want to get into too much spoiler material than I already have.


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Asuka is the polar opposite. She’s loud, brash, often arrogant, and doesn’t have much patience for Shinji or Rei, although the two eventually start to develop more of a friendship. She pilots the EVA-02 which is somewhat more advanced than Shinji’s model, which is the only the “Test type”. However, Asuka has her own demons.

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The show of course has many supporting characters. There’s Dr. Katsuragi, who, although she works with Misato, clearly has secrets of her own. Misato herself becomes Shinji’s guardian and mother figure for most of the show. Her ex-boyfriend Kaji-a sort of double agent trying to figure out what’s really going on with NERV-also adds a bit of mystery. There’s the three Nerv officers who pretty much are minor characters but do have some depths. There’s Shinji’s classmates Toji and Kensuke, who often add the show’s comic relief, along with Misato’s penguin Pen-Pen.

Now the series itself ended with two weird episodes that were mostly just narration over still images, sketches, and narration. This confused many fans, to say the least.

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Eventually however, two movies were made. The first Death/Rebirth is mostly a recap. The Second, End of Evangelion, has a more detailed-and better animated-finale to the series. Although spectacular, it’s not for the squeamish, partially because of these guys, the Mass produced Evangelions:


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Who made a bizarre toy appearance in the Robin Williams drama One Hour Photo (Robin Williams himself was an Evangelion fan).

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Evan after that, Evangelion didn’t truly end. Manga adaptations, and tons of merchandise are still made to this day.

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There’s evan a Schick razor promotion! “Shave impact”

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There’s even rides. One at Universal Japan!


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Not only that, there are three other movies, with the fourth on the way. These movies, called the “Rebirth” series, feature updated animation, but also take the series in a divergent direction from the TV series, featuring new Evangelions, a new pilot (Mari) Angels and story twists. Three have been made, with a fourth and final film in production.


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Spider-man to leave the MCU? Thoughts *Spoilers for Far From Home*

So apparently the film rights to Spider-Man have diverted back to Sony Pictures, who was previously in a deal with Marvel studios to feature Spider-Man in their “Marvel cinematic universe”. This was, I think, in part, due to the “Amazing Spider-Man” films not being a huge success. While the films featured an OK Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and Emma Stone as a great Gwen Stacy, the films largely suffered from a weird plot decision, focusing on Peter Parker’s deceased parents (Which has at points been brought up in the comic, but not quite in this fashion) and their role in his origin story. The second film-which featured three villains on top of all this,the romance, *and* an attempt to introduce a Sinister Six spin-off, pretty much flopped.


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So Sony made a deal with Marvel to reintroduce the character with Tom Holland. This Spider-Man was somewhat made different from Sony’s, with no real attempt to explain his origin or what happened with Uncle Ben. He was also sort of mentored by Iron Man, who occasionally upgraded Peter’s suit.

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This version made his debut in Captain America: Civil War, starred in both Avengers Infinity saga films, and two solo films (although Iron Man showed up in Homecoming, with his “bodyguard” Happy Hogan also playing a fairly large role in both films).

The films also mainly brought Spider-Man out of New York City, with him showing up in Washington and later across Europe. Spider-Man’s supporting cast was also a bit shaken up. While Aunt May was still around (although notably far less elderly) Peter’s classmates and supporting staff were shuffled around a bit, with Ned Leeds replacing Harry Osborn as the best friend, Betty Brant being a fellow classmate, no Gwen in sight, Mary Jane becoming Michelle Jones and Liz Allen-only a short lived interest in the comics (and later being Harry Osborn’s wife)-being the love interest in the first movie. Although Flash Thompson remained consistent as Peter’s bully, but also paradoxically a huge fan of Spider-Man.

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Until recently, Peter’s Daily Bugle job and foil J. Jonah Jameson were left out of things as well-with of course, “Far From Home” ending on a cliffhanger with Jonah exposing Spider-Man’s identity due to some doctored footage from Mysterio. Now, we might never know what happens next (Perhaps, MCU Spidey just got arrested, maybe some future Marvel project will make some jokeingly vague reference to that without saying Spider-Man or Parker).

So why in part did this happen? Although some of the details are a bit foggy Sony seems to say that because there’s so many other things Marvel’s/Feige’s doing that it’ll delay Spider-Man III and that wasn’t part of the deal, although this is still a developing story.

There’s another factor to consider, Sony’s been somewhat more sucessful on their own with the Spider-Man brand as of late. While it cooperated with Disney/Marvel for the Tom Holland film, they were still able to make their own independent films based on the Spider-man mythos but without any MCU references….and surprisingly, both were big hits.

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“Venom” took Spider-Man’s involvement in his origin out of it’s storyline, instead focusing on the alien origins of Brock’s suit and his sort of vigilante stance rather than his vengeance (Granted, the character’s pretty much been that way since the mid 90’s). Despite mixed reviews it made a great deal of money.

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Another big success for Sony was the “Into the Spider-Verse” movie, which featured Miles Morales, the former second “Ultimate Spider-Man” (Now part of the regular Marvel comics universe) in an adventure that also had several elements from the comic’s “Spider-verse” crossover (minus Morlun and his family of Spider-Vampires). The unique animation style, self-parody and fun story also led to a massive success.

Sony is also now filming “Morbius”, which, like “Venom” features a Spider-Man affiliated character who is a vigilante. In this case, a Vampire one (although quite different from Blade).

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Although not in production, “Silver and Black” is also being developed, featuring frequent Spider-Man guest stars (and romantic interests) Silver Sable and Black Cat (Black Cat was “sort of” shown in Amazing Spider-Man II as Osborn employee Felicia, played by future “Rogue one” star Felcitiy Jones).

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In addition to all this, Sony scored a huge hit with the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game which I’ve talked about before. Although the gaming division is quite different from the movie division, Sony did buy the studio which made the game just the day before…

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So perhaps Sony is a bit more confident in their handling of the license then they were back in 2014.



So what happens with Spider-man now? *technically* they can still do something, perhaps even with Holland, but it can’t have anything to do with the MCU, which might be difficult since the solo films were pretty much heavily tied in with the Iron Man mythos (….and “Far From Home” likewise dealt a lot with plot threads from “Endgame”). Again, this is all still new and perhaps they can make a new deal which will allow Spidey to remain in the MCU. However, I won’t be surprised if we get a fourth take/third reboot in the near future.

However, until then, looks like this is the current state of things….

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