Doctor Who History: Revolution of the Daleks

Centuries ago, a recon Dalek was destroyed and it’s mutant parts scattered across the globe. However, it was able to eventually re-assemble itself due to an accidental discovery, and rebuild itself out of scrap and metal work after taking a human captive. However, the Doctor and her companions were able to defeat it.

Leaked Photos of Revolution of the Daleks Gives Closer Look at New Dalek  Design – The Doctor Who Companion

However, while the mutant was destroyed and it’s casing was ruined, enough of the melted casing survived. It’s ambushed on route and taken away.

Later, Jack Robertson (From the Spiders story) and Leo Ragazzi show off a “defense drone” capable of crowd control with gas, sonic disrupters and other abilities to the technology secretary, Jo Patterson. It kind of looks very, very familiar. Jo wants the units mass produced immediately. Especially since she has political ambitions of her own.

James Johnson on Twitter: "#DoctorWho #Daleks Honestly really looking  forward to how the new government's 'Defence Drone' is going to be used in  Revolution of the Daleks, expecting some excellent commentary given

Meanwhile, the Doctor is in prison after being taken into custody by the Judoon after the Cybermen/Master/Timeless Child thing, where she sort of has a daily routine. It’s possible she’s been there for decades, but still has her “Fam” of companions on her mind.

Revolution of the Daleks: who rescues the Doctor from prison?

As for the “Fam”, they’re using the spare TARDIS, disguised as a house, as a sort of base to look for clues to the Doctor, although Ryan and Graham have mostly given up waiting, Yaz still has hope. They’ve got some news though. Video of the ‘defense drone’ has gone viral, and they know that Robertson + what is definitely a Dalek is bad news. (although it’s never made clear why people don’t remember the Daleks; although it might have something to do with the history-erasing cracks from Matt Smith’s seasons which erased their “Stolen Earth” invasion, but I thought those were fixed?)They confront Robertson, but are quickly chased away by his security team.

Meanwhile, the Doctor is suddenly freed from prison by Captain Jack, who has commited his own crimes and has been waiting to get close enough to the Doctor’s cell to spring her using a “breakout ball” and his vortex manipulator which he managed to smuggle in. They transport to the dormant TARDIS, which very quickly reactives and sets course for the “fam”-although ten months later (Their present time) then she intended.

Doctor Who boss reveals why New Year's Day episode reduced him to tears  ahead of major cast shake-up

After their reunion-in which the Doctor is brought up to date, things are moving ahead with the ‘defense drones’ but not in a way Robertson intended-Leo has cloned the remnants of the mutant too, creating a Dalek mutant. Worse, the mutant has been plugged onto the neural net of the company. Although Leo is told to destroy it by Robertson, the Cloned recon Dalek then gains control of Leo.

The Doctor and the companions confront Robertson together, where Robertson tries to assure her he’s just making mass produced drones with no organic component. However, she’s already detected Dalek mutant DNA in an indoor farm in Osaka, where she’s sent Yaz and Jack.

Revolution of the Daleks: new information from Doctor Who Magazine

However, this is a farm for Dalek mutants, which they try to destroy. Joined by the Doctor, Robertson and the others, the Dalek controlling Leo sees the group, where it’s revealed he’s made some modifications to the defense drones-and the mutants all teleport to the mass produced drones, which are deployed around the UK at security checkpoints and at the new prime minister-Jo Patterson’s-inagural adress.

Doctor Who Profile: Harriet Walter - Blogtor Who

Of course, they do what Daleks do and start exterminating everyone.

The Daleks Kill the Prime Minister & Take Control - Doctor Who Revolution  Of The Daleks Clip - YouTube

The Doctor figures the only way to fight fire is with fire, so she sends a signal out to the original Daleks, who send a Death Squad (Their main difference is a ‘claw’ instead of a plunger arm). A brief civil war erupts in which the new Daleks are destroyed.

Doctor Who Holiday Special's Two Dalek Types Explained

Robertson tries to barder a deal with the Daleks by letting them know the Doctor’s around while Jack and the companions plant explosives to destroy the saucer. Robertson is quickly saved as well before the ship is destroyed.

REVIEW: Doctor Who - 'Revolution of the Daleks' - Blogtor Who

The Doctor then goads the remaining Daleks to follow her into the TARDIS. However, turns out she’s just a hologram, the TARDIS is the spare made to resemble her own, and she’s collapsed the dimensions of the ships and sending it to the void, taking care of the Death Squad Daleks.

Doctor Who on BBC America on Twitter: "Have you hugged your fam today?  #DoctorWho… "

Now with earth saved once again,it’s time for goodbyes. Jack pays a short visit to his friend Gwen from Torchwood (Well, off screen). But Ryan and Graham, having gotten a taste of normal again in the last few months, decide that they kind of liked things that way and decide to leave the Doctor and Yaz behind, although it’s strongly hinted they’ll still do some adventuring (as the Doctor loans them her psychic papers).

However, a new companion awaits….

Doctor Who Season 13 Casts John Bishop as New Companion

Ghost of Tsushima-Games in Review

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, but I’m back again with another video game review. This time, it’s “Ghosts of Tsushima”. This game, along with “Last of us 2” was widely regarded by many gamers over the Summer, although GOT was not part of an established franchise.

“Ghost of Tsushima” takes place in a sort of pseudo-historical era of 13th century of Japan, when there was an attempted Mongol invasion of the mainland, which started on Tsushima but due to heavy storms did not succeed. However, for the purposes of the game and entertainment, GOT tells a slightly different story. It’s also somewhat inspired by the “romanticism” of Samurai, something we see in the Kurosawa films; indeed, there’s a black and white option for the game called the Kurosawa mode.

GameSpot on Twitter: "This Ghost of Tsushima freebie is available for a  limited time only… "

You play as Jin Sakai, a disciple of your uncle Lord Shimura, both are who are among the Samurai on the island to repel the Mongol invaders. However, the defense is a failure, and your uncle-the leader of your clan-is captured. Although you recover from the initial invasion and make an attempt to confront the leader of the invaders, things don’t quite work out.

Humiliated and humbled, Jin seeks the help of those he might’ve looked down on before-Thieves, Sake traders, warrior monks and Ronins to help stage a counterattack and rescue of his Uncle. Among them are Yana, a thief with a troubled past, and her brother, Taka; the Sake maker Kenji, who uses his selling Sake to the invaders to help Jin get through enemy lines, but he also creates many of his own problems; Master Archer Sensei Ishikawa who helps Sakai learn his craft while also seeking Sakai’s support in tracking down a Rogue student; Lady Masako, a middle-aged warrior woman who has lost almost everything; and your conflicted Ronin friend Ryuzo. He also begins to learn new techniques and approaches, some of which aren’t quite the Samurai way he was trained.

Jin Sakai drinks Sake with Yuna - Ghost of Tsushima - YouTube

He also gains a reputation as a “ghost”-not only because he survived an attack by the Mongols twice, but also because of his newfound interest in stealth-which is unfortunately not your Uncles’ Samurai way, who believes you should look all enemies in the eye (This is one game that actually kind of shames you for using stealth; which has been a major game mechanic of popular titles).

“Ghosts” plays a bit like Assassins’ Creed or Witcher, with many activities in addition to main story missions; and also an ability/skill tree like many of those games. Combat is somewhat complex-certain sword stances that are used work against different types of enemies-which range from weak Bandits to heavily armed Mongols with shields. Even some of the lighter-armored enemies can pose a challenge; archers have range on their side and often are out of reach (although Jin can arm himself with a bow himself), and Ronins/straw hats might look like they have no armor but can deflect/parry a number of blows.

Ghost of Tsushima - Stance List and Guide ‒ SAMURAI GAMERS

Like those games there’s a lot to collect too-not only upgrades-both useful or merely cosmetic (“Vanity gear”) to your weapons and armor (as well as different sets of armor itself) but flags, artifacts, writings etc. On occasion, Jin can boost his health or gain items by composing a haiku or relaxing at a hot spring.

Ghost of Tsushima: All Hot Spring Locations - Push Square

The game also has, on occasion, Sakai trying to solve mysteries like the Witcher and AC. However, Jin doesn’t have much of a ‘second sight’ (although he can use one to detect enemies), so it’s pretty much up to the player to follow clues by following prompts, footprints, or-fairly unique to this game-where the wind blows, as the Wind is pretty much the clues to your destination (except for certain shrine missions where you follow a Fox).

Although maybe not as geographically diverse as some other games-Tsushima is mainly composed of farmland and small towns with a slightly snowier frozen area, the game still looks great. Plus it’s a nice break from some overcrowded open worlds we occasionally see these days (Looking at you, Cyberpunk 2077).

Ghost of Tsushima Open World Begins Explore Map fields near lake izuhara -  YouTube

While it doesn’t exactly bring much new or revolutionary to the table in terms of gameplay, GOT is still very much a solid open-world actioner, with memorable characters, great graphics, and a gripping story.

Last of Us 2 main review *spoilers*

I apologize for being a bit late on this one. The game is a lot to digest 🙂 Anyway, Last of Us 2 deals with the direct consequences of Joel’s actions in the last game. Sure, he saved Ellie from almost certain death; but at the same time he condemned the human race to no hope for a cure; it’s a conundrum brought up, for instance, in the Star Trek movies, do the needs of the many out way the needs of the few, or vice versa? Or to put it another way, what goes around comes around-anyway-For Joel, the answer is fatal.

Although Ellie and Joel are still at odds with each other over Joel’s revelations, there are signs of healing. However, when Joel and Ellie are both out on patrol, Abby-the daughter of the surgeon Joel killed to rescue Ellie, who has been plotting her revenge for years-has finally tracked him down.

Ellie-who has fallen for a fellow survivor, Dina-manages to catch up with Joel and Abby, only to witness his horrifying execution at the hands of Abby.

The Last of Us Part 2 - SPOILERS - Abby KILLS Joel // Why Abby Did It -  YouTube

After the incident-where Ellie and Joel’s brother Tommy are spared-they decide to head to Seattle to kill Joel’s killers, and Dina also tags along for the ride (Jessie also follows later). Abby and her group return to the Washington Liberation Front, a sort of evolution of the Fireflies, which is in a war with another faction, a religious cult known as the Seraphites.

Last of Us 2' deadnaming prompts outcry from LGBTQ+ community

However, things get complicated when Abby befriends two Sereaphite exile siblings, Lev and Yara, which starts to damage her reputation with the WLF. She starts to form a protective bond with them, similar in some ways to Joel’s relationship with Ellie, and this shows some of the softer aspects of the character, which makes the player question who is the real villain in the game (Or if there’s any real hero?) Ellie meanwhile kills many of the WLF, including many of Abby’s friends, which only makes things worse, and her desire for revenge for Joel is starting to affect her relationship with Dina. (We also see these WLF members from Abby’s POV, making many of them more sympathetic, such as a girl who seems to be just be doing guard duty and playing video games-until she gets into Ellie’s way) I’ll stop with the gameplay summary and get into more of the gameplay.

Seattle | The Last of Us Wiki | Fandom

Although “Last of us 2” is largely linear and not really an open world sandbox, like the last two Uncharted games there are fairly wide open areas, such as the first part of the Seattle section of the game. These in part mostly have collectibles as well as optional dialogues, some of which lighten up the game’s dark mood. The graphics are naturally an improvement as well, with life-life motion capture. It’s worth noting that Ellie, who in the previous game kind of looked a bit too much like Ellen Page, now more closely resembles her voice/mo-cap actress Ashley Johnson.

Ellen Page Didn't Appreciate The Last of Us' Ellie Looking Like Her
File:AshleyJohnson cropped.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Why The Last of Us Part 2 Is Actually a Story About Love Conquering Hate |  Den of Geek

The game also does well with the scenery, with the ruins of Seattle a mix of flora overtaking what’s left of the city, but also flooded in part from the nearby Pacific. There’s also a couple of missions set inside museums that are full of fun Easter eggs, once again dampening the game’s darkness.

The Last of Us 2: How to Complete the "Looks Good On You" Achievement

The gameplay is largely similar to the original game, although with a heavier emphasis on melee combat, especially when dealing with human opponents (The zombies aren’t quite that easy to take down that way). Crafting and modifying weapons also is important, as well as conserving ammo, especially when dealing with the harder enemies such as the more mutated creatures.

The Last Of Us Part 2: "It's Meant To Be Unsettling," Co-Director Says -  GameSpot
The Last of Us Part II's combat is deeper with improved AI -

Last of us 2 also of course uses stealth mechanics, which are a must when dealing with certain zombies who can sense sound or sudden movement, or if you don’t want to get into really bad odds when dealing with armed opponents.

The game also has wide-ranging “accessibility modes” for those who want a more casual/easier experience. Of course there’s also harder modes. Also like with most ND games, you can unlock a series of filters in the game which alter’s the games sounds and graphics.

The Last of Us Part II's first major update adds visual effects, cheats,  and permadeath - The Verge

Overall, TLOU2 is a worthy successor to the original, with several philosophical questions about the nature of revenge/violence, great graphics and gameplay. Granted, some of the subject matter might not be for everyone-not only the massive amounts of violence and generally depressing storyline but certain social issues the games addresses (Which I’d rather not get into) although a few of these were present in the original game as well. Some might also not like the loss of Joel, the character you played for the majority of the original (although there is a small amount of Joel playability during the beginning). It’s pretty much up to the own customer’s discretion.

Last of Us 2-Years go by *spoilers*

Doubt begins to grow in Ellie’s mind, despite Joel’s foster-fathership and his excuses. When he gives her a birthday present via a visit to Wyoming’s dinosaur museum, it’s somewhat tempered by the graffiti left by one person-that the Fireflies are “liars”.

Ellie Finds Out That Joel Lied about Fireflies Last Of Us 2 - YouTube

Some years later, Joel and Tommy take Ellie on another expedition, this time to get some extra cords for her guitar and test her sniping skills. At the end of this, she discovers the corpses (One infected, one dead) who left the Jackson community. Her faith in Joel’s excuse continues to fall.

The Last of Us 2 Collectibles Guide Chapter 3: Seattle Day 2 ...

Finally, she returns to Salt Lake City, and when she does, she finds the truth-recorded in tapes left behind-that Joel destroyed-and killed many men-any hope of any cure…

THE LAST OF US Part 2 - Joel saves Ellie (TLOU Flashback) @ 4K ...

….Just to save her, his surrogate daughter.

Ellie isn’t having it. She’s disgusted and says she and Joel are done.

The Last of Us Part 2 - Joel Tells Ellie the Truth about the ...

But that’s far from the end of it…..

Video Games in Review: Last of Us 2 *spoilers* Part One-Last of Us One Recap.

The original Last of Us was of 2013’s most acclaimed games on the Playstation 3 (It was also later ported to the PS4 a year later). Although it featured the well-worn trope of a zombie apocalypse, this one didn’t focus on the Undead but rather on the concept of a mutant strain of Cordyceps fungus-a parasitic fungi known to infect insects and use them almost like zombies-infecting human populations and turn them basically into feral creatures (As the infection goes on, they start to look less human too as well).

The Last Of Us - Sarah Death Scene ᴴᴰ [60FPS] - YouTube

In the first stage of this apocalypse, a man named Joel Miller lost his daughter due to crossfire during the initial chaos. Years later Joel, mostly a broken man, lives in Boston doing dirty jobs for the Fireflies, an insurgent group opposed to the state of Martial law that exists in some communities in the USA, such as Boston (Outside, but much of the USA is now in ruins due to the outbreak and the gradual downfall of society, but there are scattered settlements as well as anarchy-sort of like “The Walking Dead”)

HBO's The Last Of Us Casting: 10 Actors Who Would Be Perfect To ...

One Day, Joel is given a job to safely escort 14-year old Ellie from Boston to Salt Lake City. Ellie is no ordinary teenager though-she is somehow immune to the virus. Even if she breaths in spores or gets bitten she will not turn into a mushroom zombie. Therefore, she has the ‘cure’.

who to play Joel and Ellie in the HBO series? - cinema

Although the two initially don’t get along-Joel for instance, is scared of getting attached-they start to bond as they face off not only against the zombies, but against scavengers, slavers, and even non-zombie cannibals. They also meet up with Joel’s brother Tommy, and his wife Maria, who run a mostly safe settlement in Jackson, Wyoming

Joel and Tommy brother reunion cutscene The Last of Us - YouTube

By the time they’ve reached Salt lake City Joel has taken Ellie as mostly a surrogate daughter. However, he learns that in order to get the cure for the virus, Ellie must die and have her brain examined to create the vaccine.

The Last Of Us: Joel Kill Surgeon To Save Ellie (And That Surgeon ...

Joel isn’t having it. He’s not going through that loss again. He rampages through the hospital, killing fireflies including the surgeon who was going to operate on her, and the woman who sent him on the mission in the first place, Marlene.

The Last of Us - Joel prevents Ellies surgery & Ending - YouTube

When Ellie awakes, Joel lies to her, tells her that there are more immune people and that they didn’t need her after all. The two return to Jackson, but Ellie clearly is not buying Joel’s explanation.

The Road vs The Last of Us Ending - SPOILERS - YouTube

Both Joel’s lie-and more importantly, the death of the surgeon-will now have massive consequences……

Video games in review: Final Fantasy 7 remake

Final Fantasy 7 (Well, the PC port)-the seventh entry in a series of (mostly) self-contained action-RPGS-is what mainly got me interested in Anime. Although not anime “per se” the big-eyed style and Japanese origins of the franchise did eventually lead me to check out some anime in the late 90’s, starting with Bubblegum Crisis (Which, like FF7, shares a great deal of Cyberpunk influence copied somewhat from the Terminator and Blade Runner franchises but with it’s own flourishes added in) and eventually working my way to more mainstream stuff (Ghibli, Gundam, Evangelion etc.) by the time anime had a large American presence in the early 00’s (It’s popularity in the states has had it’s ups and downs since then).

Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4 is cheaper than ever - The Verge

But anyway, FF7 was a huge hit back then for the PlayStation system. Although Final Fantasy games had been released before in America, several of them never did get a North American release. This caused two of the SNES titles, Final Fantasy IV and VI, to be renamed II and III. However, FF7 was released with it’s proper title, perhaps confusing some at the time (Eventually, FF4 and FF6 were re-released with their proper titles and also, the ‘lost’ FFs also eventually were released to American audiences).

Although FF6 had a Cyberpunk feel already. FF7 added pre-rendered backgrounds and 3D characters, although still in the “Super deformed” style of the other games, although the battle scenes and many of the cutscenes would feature more realistically proportioned characters.


Why the original Final Fantasy 7 remains essential, even after the ...

Final Fantasy VII: Leveling Your Characters -

The story itself is extremely complicated- a mix of “ancient aliens”, lost civilizations, foggy memories and stolen identity, cyberpunk, and a sort of enviormental message. Basically mercenary Cloud, an ex-member of the Shinra company’s Soldier division-Shinra being pretty much the company pretty much in charge of the city of Midgar (A techno-metropolis divided between upper-class “plates” over lower-level “slums”, using the planet’s energy-“Mako” to charge their reactors-is hired by an old friend to assist her group in sabotaging the reactors and ending Shinra’s hold over the city. Cloud is also haunted by his past. But things get much more complicated, especially when a mysterious flower girl-Aerith-arrives on the scene-and one of Cloud’s old Soldier comrades, Sephiroth, literally begins to haunt him.

However, as with all things, FF7, despite being fondly remembered, got dated, and demand came for a remake. A sequel animation, Advent Children, was eventually released but people wanted the real thing. And hence we have Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Although the original FF7 has gone through a few ports and remasters, FF7 remake is really from the ground-up, but does it’s best to retain the designs and spirit of the original game, although the anime stylings are largely abandoned in favor of more realistic-looking mo-capped characters like most modern games. Although Cloud’s hair is still exactly the same. Also, the ballooned text dialogue of the original game now has a full voice cast. Although Cloud still is often a man of few words, especially compared to the rest of his crew.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Sells Over Five Million Copies - GameSpot

The combat system in particular is no longer turn based but very similar to Final Fantasy 15, with the option to switch between different characters in combat (although sometimes not all characters are available). Action is slowed down but not halted entirely for characters to select certain attacks, items etc.

The somewhat goofy sense of humor in the original is also kept in, most notably in the Wall market section of the game (Although *some* of it has been toned down a bit, although raised in some other areas). There’s even some goofy minigames like dancing and pushups (although the original did have some of that too).

Final Fantasy VII Remake: How Wall Market and The Honeybee Inn Was ...

However, the game also subverts expectations of the original FF7, with an almost literal “game changer”  with the mysterious Whispers, who seem to want things to remain on some pre-established course (the original game’s continuity/canon?) but hint that some things are about to change.

Why Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Controversial Ending Is GENIUS

The game takes pretty much entirely in Midgar, only really adapting that part of the game, but it also expands it beyond that with more guests, side characters, secrets, and collectibles, expanding what takes probably only a few hours in the original game to a nearly forty hour experience in 2020 and well worth the money. Midgar is also seen to be far more crowded than it appeared in the original game as well, with multiple characters chattering in the background than just a few 3D models in the original.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake review: Back again to define another ...





Assassin’s Creed:The Origins

In 2016, an Assassins’ Creed movie came out with Michael Fassbender. However, this was not an adaptation of any of the games, but an original story with a setup similar to many of the earlier games, but a side story of sorts as Abstergo captures a modern day Assasin (Callum Lynch, played by Michael Fassbender) who relives the life of his ancestor Aquilar (From the spanish inquisition)  in order for Abstergo to find an apple. It also brings back the CEO of Abstergo, Alan Rikkin, a minor character from the first game, ending a bit of a dangling thread.


Assassin's Creed' Review: Michael Fassbender in a Video-game Dud ...

Instead of the fairly simple VR interface from the other films, the Animus is a weird crane device in addition to the usual stuff.

The Assassin's Creed movie's Animus is built inside a Templar ...


Game-wise, a year later we’re given an origin story. In the present, despite the shakeups to their organization in the movie and the comic series, Abstergo’s still up to no good, still looking for pieces of Eden. This time in Egypt. They’ve got an employee, Layla Hassan, who has developed a way for the Animus to get the genetic memories of mummies. She taps into the genetic memory of Bayek, a Medjay (A sort of desert ranger), whose adventures are tied to the very origins of the Brotherhood (Although not quite the beginning beginning, as the next game will illustrate).



The setting is Ptolemaic (Greek) Egypt, where history is at a crossroads as Rome starts to get involved during the era of Julius Caesar.


Assassin's Creed Origins - GameSpot


Children Can Always Make Bayek Smile In Assassin's Creed: Origins

Bayek is training his son, Khemu, to become a Medjay as well. However, both are captured by masked men who want to have Bayek open a mysterious vault using one of the apples. However, Bayek manages to struggle free, but in the ensuing melee, Bayek accidentally stabs his son.

Assassin's Creed Origins - Bayek + Aya Speaking Last Time & Birth ...



Bayek and his wife each go on separate quests of revenge. Bayek uses force and his Medjay skills to track down the men and women responsible-like all Templars (Here known as the Order of the Ancients), many in positions of power-while Aya’s moves are more subtle and political, eventually allying herself with Cleopatra, and getting involved in the Roman civil war between Caesar and his former co-ruler, Pompey.

Assassin's Creed Origins' promiscuous Cleopatra is just plain ...

However, eventually Bayek and Aya realized they’ve been duped and that Cleopatra and Caesar are part of the Order. Also Flavius and Septimus, two members of the Order, try to unlock the vault from the beginning of the game. Bayek heads to Siwa-which is being ruled by the power of the apple-to stop Flavius, while Aya takes care of Septimus and yes, Caesar in Rome. Et Tu, Aya?

Bayek and Aya form the ‘Hidden ones” an early form of the Assasin brotherhood, although this leaves them estranged. They also get inspiration for the symbol of the order in an imprint on a sand left by an eagle skull.


Assassin's Creed Origins — My (Spoiler Heavy) Thoughts On The ...


There are of course, two expansions. The Hidden Ones deals with the early days of the brotherhood. Bayek learns that his fight is far from over-that the Order still stands and now is causing trouble in the Sinai. He plans in particular to eventually expand the Brotherhood even more. Aya also becomes Amunet, a legendary Assassin herself venerated later by Ezio’s brotherhood, while Bayek is somewhat lost more to history.


Assassin's Creed Origins - How to Start The Hidden Ones DLC ...

In The Curse of the Pharoahs, Bayek finds himself dealing with what appear to be dead pharaohs, but are more or less illusions created by more pieces of Eden used by an evil priestess. He also journeys to the Egyptian heaven and hell, often encountering phantoms of old pharoahs.


Assassin's Creed® Origins - The Curse Of The Pharaohs on Steam


Meanwhile, in the present, Layla Hassan quits Abstergo after they try to kill her off for misusing the Animus, but she’s saved by the Assassins who recruit her into the modern day order-led by William Miles, no less.

Assassin's Creed Origins - Meeting William Miles Assassin Outside ...

AC Origins decides to change up the formula a bit. The control system is largely different, and the skill and levels retained from Syndicate are even more RPG like. Bayek can also use charged attacks. Eagle vision has also been revamped by using an actual eagle companion to scope out the surrounding area, instead of a darkened ‘detective’ mode. Armor and weapons are also utilized somewhat differently, and shields and arrows are also way more important than they were before. There are also charged attacks Bayek can use.

Assassins Creed Origins Naval Combat Gameplay - YouTube

Naval combat also returns, although it’s somewhat similar to III in that it’s generally more linear than the open world battles of Black Flag and Rogue and you play as Aya (Aya also has some stand alone missions but most of the game is definitely Bayek’s). However, the next game will make up for that.





Assasins’s Creed-European Syndicate

In the present, Abstergo continues it’s attempt to clone an Isu, this time seeking the Shroud of Eden.  Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane try to figure out what they’re up to, but barely escape after being found out by Berg and De Costa.


Assassin's Creed® Syndicate Rebecca crane and shawn hastings get ...

Meanwhile, the Helix user (The player) goes into the past to find out where the Shroud Of Eden is located. The time is the Industrial Revolution, and the characters are Evie and Jacob Frye, twin siblings.

Jacob & Evie Frye. Frye twins. Assassin's Creed Syndicate ...

The two discover that the Assassin Brotherhood in London is in dire straits, and also that a powerful piece of Eden (Shroud) is located there after stopping a Templar trying to harnass the power of the apple. The Templar Grand Master, Crawford Starrick, has much of London under Templar control using his ties to industry and other ventures, and naturally also seeks the Shroud.

There, they meet the leader of the Brotherhood, Indian Henry Green (Who takes a liking to Evie and vice versa). The twins work on a strategy. Evie will search for the shroud with Henry Green, while Jacob will primarily work on bringing London’s  gangs under his control as “The Rooks”. They also come in contact with many historical people-Charles Darwin and Dickens, Marx, Florence Nightingale, Frederrick Aberline,Alexander Graham Bell, PM Benjamin Disrali,and of course, Queen Victoria.

Jayadeep Mir | Assassin's Creed Wiki | Fandom


Along the way, they deal not only with extra Templar conspiracies-including a mind-altering drug called “Soothing syrup”, robbing the bank of England, and attempts to shake up the politics of the time. Evie also finds clues to the location of the shroud in the old Kenway estate and other London landmarks. She also develops a relationship with Henry, and a rivalry with Templar second-in-command Lucy Thorne, who steals the key to the Shroud. Also, Jacob’s acts complicate Evie’s in a few ways, causing a bit of a rift between Brother and sister (and also with Green, when Evie starts to become detached to focus on her mission).

It all culminates at Buckingham Palace, where Starrick manages to find the vault containing the Shroud despite the best efforts of Evie, Jacob and Green.


Wallpaper : Assassin's Creed, audience, Evie Frye, Starrick, stage ...

However, together they are able to overpower Starrick, even with the powers of the Shroud managing to heal him. They decide to just leave the Shroud in the vault.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide: Sequences 7-9 with tips and tricks

They also get honored by Queen Elisabeth for their efforts. But the story doesn’t end there….

9 Brilliantly British Things in Assassin's Creed Syndicate | Kotaku UK

They help a young Arthur Conan Doyle solve a particular bit of Crimes in “The Dreadful Crimes”, a weird series of interconnected capers which ultimately lead to a attempt to steal the Queen’s scepter.

The Dreadful Crimes | Assassin's Creed Wiki | Fandom

Then help exiled maharajah Duleep Singh against a templar plot in the Last Maharajah…


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However, the most consequential of their adventures involves Jack The Ripper. Twenty years later, Jacob, investigating the Ripper’s murders, is himself ambushed by the Ripper, injured and imprisoned. Evie, now married to Henry Green, returns to England to help track the Ripper down, using new techniques she learned in India.


It turns out the Ripper is in fact, a former Assassin, a mentally deranged student of Jacob who went nuts (Basically, Darth Vader to Jack’s Obi-Wan Kenobi). The game allows you to play not only as the older Evie, but also as Jack in some placements. Eventually Evie tracks down and kills Jack, rescuing her brother but tells Aberline that nobody must ever know of Jack’s link to the Assassins


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Finally, a helix rift-and the help of the Juno A.I-in the main game brings the action to World War I, where you play as Jacob’s assistant, Lydia, who deals with a Templar plot around the time involving yet another Sage. It’s revealed that Evie and Jacob are also still hanging around, although probably quite elderly at this point.

Let's live the memory of Lydia Frye Grand-Daughter of Jacob Frye ...

Meanwhile, back in the present, Abstergo manages to get their hands on the Shroud, despite Shaun and Rebecca’s best efforts…..

…..And then the whole plotline is pretty much dropped, as AC Origins and Odyssey decide to take things in a different direction with their modern day story. Well, at least in video game form. The plotline is resolved in a comic book instead.

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Gameplay-wise, AC Syndicate plays a bit like it’s predecessor (skill trees, similar weapons), but with some major changes. #1 there’s  a grappling hook which helps with some of the taller structures.Assassin's Creed Syndicate Gameplay - Grappling Hook - YouTube

Second is the Rook gangs you can recruit, which can be used as distractions/ co-fighters etc. similar to the way you could summon Assassins in some of the other games.

Horse-drawn carriages also play a substantial role in the game, as opposed to just using horses or the occasional carriage-related mission in the earlier games. They can also be stolen, which has led some to label the game “GTA: Assassins’s Creed).ArtStation - Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Carriages - Textures ...



Like several of the other games, there’s a “hub” with various mementos, ways of generating income etc. This one’s a Train hideout. It’s used in a few missions here and there too.

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After the somewhat bleak and chaotic world of Unity, the game’s also far more lighter and ‘fun’ than it’s predecessor (apart from the Jack The Ripper expansion, for obvious reasons).


Next: AC hits the big screen-and it’s canon!(Sorta). Plus, we finally learn the origins of the order itself in Ancient Egypt and Greece…and we have a new protagonist as well.








Assassin’s Creed Part IV-European Unity

Now we move to Assassin’s Creed Unity. The first game developed for current-gen systems, the game returns to the European setting, this time in France (mostly Paris). However, the game is somewhat infamous for heavy glitches at launch, including a “No face” one. Nevertheless  the game includes graphical and gameplay updates, although the sailing aspects of III,  Black Flag and Rogue are non-existent, as instead we have the crowded city streets of the French Revolution in Paris.

Assassin's Creed Unity's glitches are awful, but also kind of ...


In the Middle ages, between Assassin’s Creed I and II,  The Templar Jacques De Molay is killed, creating a major setback for the group….but not before he and an associate manage to hide a sword and book.


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In the present, Abstergo is now trying to retrieve Isu DNA. They already have the body of one saga; now they need another. An Assassin leader, Bishop, wants you to track down the whereabouts of the body using a Helix Animus. Occasionally, you’ll also slip into Helix glitches which will take you to other eras of French history, and even meet a familiar lady under construction and get a chance to climb the Eiffel tower too, although these have nothing to do with the Arno part of the story.Assassin's Creed: Unity | Climbing The Statue Of Liberty [60FPS ...

And in the 19th century, Shay Cormac has just killed Charles Dorian. His son, Arno, is taken to the care of Templar Grand Master De La Sarre, whose daughter, Elise, he has just met.

Years pass. Arno and Elise fall in love, but Arno is unaware of the whole hidden war going on. Arno, doing chores for De La Sarre, gets a note but decides to just leave it under De La Sarre’s door and visit a party Elise is attending (Unbeknownst to him it’s her initiation into the Templar order).

1k my precious baby aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Assassin's Creed Unity arno ...

After leaving her to return, Arno accidentally stumbles on De La Sarre, who has been killed! He is then taken to the Bastille in Paris.

At the Bastille, Arno is able to see strange writings on the wall, and makes the acquaintance of Pierre Belec, an Assassin, who knows what happens to his father and begins to train Arno in the ways of an Assassin.

Assassin's Creed Unity: une vidéo d'Arno dans la Bastille dévoilée ...

They eventually escape during the storming of the Bastille. Returning to Versailles and meeting with Elise, Arno  discovers that the note he slipped under the door would’ve warned her father about his death. It turns out that the people who killed him were part of a Templar faction led by a mysterious figure.

Arno joins the brotherhood-who are somewhat skeptical of him given his relationship with a Templar woman and his motives for revenge,  but accept him anyway.

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Meanwhile, the French Revolution is now underway. Along with Eloise’s help (although she is obviously not trusted by the Brotherhood), as well as figures of the time like Napoleon Bonaparte and Marquis De Sade, Arno hunts down the Templars involved in the conspiracy. It turns out Le Barre wanted a treaty/parley with the Assassins, and that was why he was killed.

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Assassin's Creed: Unity - Marquis de Sade - YouTube

Eventually he also encounters Francois Thomas-Germain, who although posing as an ally of Arno at first, is actually the French Templar grand master who ordered De La Sarre’s murder. He’s also a Sage, one of the Isu reincarnations of Juno’s husband.

However, an internal schism is developing with the brotherhood itself. Bellec kills the leader of the Assassin council (In part because he disagreed with his methods, but also to frame Eloise), causing Arno to kill him in return. Later, he messes up an attempt at getting Germain in order to save Eloise, and gets kicked out of the Brotherhood. For a few months he goes on a bender, but eventually is convinced to come back, as now France is in the grips of the Reign of Terror.

After dealing with Robespierre,  Arno and Eloise track down Germain who is now seized a Piece of Eden-the powerful Sword of Eden, which Molay was hiding.

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Overcome with settling the score with Germain, Eloise attacks him but she is unfortunately killed during the battle. Arno brutally kills Germain but leaves his body in the crypt.

Assassins Creed Unity: Death of Elise HD (Saddest Moment in Gaming ...

Years later, he returns to get the skeleton of Germain, and then puts his skull in the Paris catacombs, where it’s among thousands and would be incredibly difficult for the Templars/Abstergo to find.

Later, Arno, although sort of still an Assassin (In the DLC “Dead Kings”), is still in mourning for Eloise. Marquis De Sade contacts him in Franciade, where he receives word of a new Piece of Eden underneath an Isu temple in the city-this one being an Apple. Arno is able to retrieve the apple, and sends it to Egypt for safekeeping as he suspects his old friend Napoleon is after it for his own ends. Although Arno’s attempt is ultimately in vain-Napoleon gets the apple when he later has his own Egypt campaign-as revealed in earlier games.

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Assassin’s Creed Part III-Gone sailin’

From here, the games kind of take a more sailing open world kind of gameplay, and serve as prequels to III, while continuing parts of the story in the present, and introducing a new, third faction into the war-the clones of Juno’s husband, Aita, known as “sages”-whose ultimate goal is the Resurrection of the Evil Isu turned A.I.

Using DNA from Desmond’s remains, Abstergo is now using it to relive the experiences of Edward Kenway, father of Haytham and grandfather of Connor. While Abstergo “entertainment” claims to want it as research for a feature film, it’s really so they can uncover the observatory; a massive Isu surveillance device.

Edward-having left his home in England for a life of adventure in the Carribean-kind of stumbles unto things accidentally, after getting shipwrecked with an Assassin defecting to the Templars, Duncan Walpole. Edward kills him and takes his identity and his purpose.

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He meets with the Templars in Havana, Cuba, unknowingly also compromising the Assasins based in the Carribean while doing so. He learns they’re after a sage-the real life pirate Bartholeow Roberts, or “Black Bart”, the key to the observatory’s location. Eventually the Templars find out Edward’s true identity but he’s able to escape and steal a ship, and with the help of several other pirates, tries to set up a “pirate utopia” in Nassau. He also secures a ship-the Jackdaw- and quartermaster/first mate, Adewale.

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However, even trying to stick to piracy, he still founds himself caught in the conflict; one of his pirate compatriots, James Kidd (In fact a disguised Mary Read) is a member of the Assassin’s brotherhood herself, and she tries to help turn his life around. His Pirate utopia also collapses, as many of his friends-such as Blackbeard, Jack Ratham, Anne and Mary-are captured, defect, or are killed by the Templars or just the regular British. Eventually, Edward finds the observatory along with Black Bart, but he betrays him and they end up captured and imprisoned for his crimes. (After going after Bart, Kenway kills him but also destroys his body, as a clone he could be used for nefarious purposes by the Templars).

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - Legendary Ship Battle - HMS Prince ...

He escapes with Mary Read and Anne Bonney with help from the Assasins, but Mary dies giving birth. After a while of being in a drunken stupor, Edward decides to formally join the Assassins.  While Adewale decides to train under them, Edward is joined by Anne Bonney as his new first mate.

The Surprisingly Beautiful Ending Of 'Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag'

He decides to seal the observatory after finishing off the last of the Templar order. However, he has a surprise waiting for him-his daughter, Jennifer. Turns out his wife passed away in the years since, but he has offspring he was unaware of. Kenway returns to England, eventually supporting the English Assassins.  He eventually remarries and has a son, Haytham….


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Meanwhile, in the present, the player character-an anonymous individual-is tasked by a mysterious man named John-who turns out to be the modern day Sage-to hack Abstergo’s systems. This is with the goal of downloading Juno into a new host body, but she isn’t ready yet for some reason. John is then killed by Abstergo, but unlike his predecessor, his body is held. The player is then approached by Shaun and Rebecca-who were undercover at Abstergo-to join their brotherhood.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Meeting Shaun and Rebecca - YouTube

Meanwhile, in the past, things don’t go too well for Edward. He’s killed by the Templars, his daughter kidnapped and his son warped into joining the order, eventually rising to be it’s Grand Master.

Adewalde has his own adventure in the DLC “Freedom Cry”, where he battles the Templar control of the slave trade in Haiti. He also gets his own ship, the Experto Crede, as the Jackdaw was sunk sometime prior. It plays similarly to Black Flag, but with more missions to liberate slaves and new weapons and combat skills.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Freedom Cry (2013)

Eventually, Adewalde’s exploits bring him back to the American colonial order, after an Earthquake in Haiti involving an Isu temple. The Assassin’s including a fairly new recruit-Shay Cormac-attempt to find another one of these temples. Thus begins “Assassin’s Creed: Rogue” which has the same basic style as it’s predecessor, although with some small changes to weapons and gameplay.

Thoughts: Assassin's Creed – Rogue | The Scientific Gamer

It’s also set in the North Atlantic instead of the South Atlantic this time, with more icy locations (Thankfully, the Morrigan can be equipped with ice-breaking rams and is easier to fit through icebergs since it’s smaller than the Jackdaw).


Assassin's Creed Rogue: Shay Cormac and Benjamin Franklin (With ...

As an Assassin, Shay works with his colleagues-including a younger Achilles-as well as notable historical figures like Benjamin track down the other Isu temples similar to the one in Haiti. He finds one in Lisbon, but this causes another Earthquake. Believing that the Assassins’s attempt to control these sites is causing the death of innocents by causing the Earthquakes, Shay quits the Order, and getting a ship of his own-the Morrigan-eventually becomes a member of the Templars, who are now involved heavily in the Seven Years war between the British and the French. He also meets Haytham, who at this time is of course doing his whole thing with the Temple near New York (Where a great deal of the game is also set)

Assassin's Creed Rogue (PC) - Become a Templar (Shay Patrick ...

Eventually Shay is tasked with taking down his old compatriots, including, unfortunately, Adewale (What really stings is that Adewale is killed with help from Haytham, his former captain’s son). Assassin's Creed: Rogue - Adewale's Death Scene [HD] - YouTube

Eventually, this leads to the Artic where another potentially destructive temple/artifact is found and triggers yet another earthquake. Soon, Achilles is the last one left of the Colonial order, but Shay asks for Mercy and Haytham decides to cripple him by shooting his legs instead. However, Haytham’s mercy of course will become his own undoing, as Achilles eventually becomes an Obi-Wan Kenobi of sorts to Haytham’s son, Connor, who will help to restore the colonial-and eventually American-order and eventually the Templars there as well.Achilles Davenport | Assassin's Creed Wiki | Fandom


In the modern day, the player character “Numbskull” is another Abstergo employee, but apparentally the Shay simulation is causing a virus in Abstergo’s computers. You also meet  Juhani Otso Berg (Abstergo’s new “Fixer”) and Violet De Costa, who play a role in later games. They’ve used this simulation, in part, to demoralize the Assassins and say that their side wasn’t so great either. Eventually they uncover another Shay Memory, this one set a few decades later, when Benjamin Franklin is ambassador to France and Shay is still searching out Precursor artifacts to get them before the Assassins do.

Ben Franklin and Shay Cormac in Paris (With images) | Assassins ...

Eventually, Shay’s mission brings him to kill Assassin Charles Dorian in Versailles.

Shay kills Arno's Father Charles Dorian - YouTube

….and thus starts another saga, one that will put an Assassin and a Templar-in a troubled romance-in Unity against a common foe during the French Revolution. (Although Shay leaves the stage at this point, pretty much)

Meanwhile, after solving the virus and using it to try to demoralize the modern Asassins, the player is given the option to join the Templar/Abstergo….or ELSE!


Assassin's Creed Rogue Abstergo Animus Walkthrough Final - YouTube


Next: Unity and Syndicate, as the action heads back to Europe-and the next generation of systems. Also, what are the sages up to?